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ISBN: 1841958328
Author: fante-john
Language: English
Publisher: Canongate Books Ltd.; New Ed edition (2007)
Pages: 224
Category: Contemporary
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.5
Votes: 353
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So here then is Wait Until Spring, Bandini, John Fante’s first novel. It is the beginning of the literary saga of Arturo Bandini. The book stands by itself for its excellence. To quote my main man: . o long as lips can read, and eyes can see, so long lives this and this gives life to thee’.

So here then is Wait Until Spring, Bandini, John Fante’s first novel. Chapter One. He came along, kicking the deep snow.

Wait Until Spring, Bandini book. See a Problem? We’d love your help. He came along, kicking the snow  .

John Fante is such name and 'Wait Until Spring, Bandini' is a book for you - Fante is hardly (undeservedly so) a household name, and you're in for a suprise in the magnitude of first time reading JD Salinger back in the high school. This is prose at it's most compact, yet as passionate as a rare kind of love song.

John Fante r of Bandini, of his clothes somewh.

John Fante r of Bandini, of his clothes somewhere in the room. Maria opened her eyes. Federico was about to sob. August looked annoyed. We’re hungry,’ he said. Where does it hurt?’‘I’ll get up,’ she said. They heard the crack of her joints, saw the blood seep back into the white side of her face, sensed the staleness of her lips and the misery of her being.

Wait Until Spring, Bandini is a 1989 film written and directed by Dominique Deruddere, based upon the novel by John Fante. The film received the André Cavens Award for Best Film and won three Joseph Plateau Awards. The film follows the Bandini family as they struggle through hard times in 1920s Colorado

Wait Until Spring, Bandini was the title I saw when I picked up the Fante book. This unintentional repetition of phrase was enough to convince me to purchase Fante’s first Bandini book. Once I began it, I couldn’t stop reading it. It is remarkable. I was born and raised in Idaho

Wait Until Spring, Bandini was the title I saw when I picked up the Fante book. I was born and raised in Idaho. Though I now live in the East, I’m proud of my western heritage. I have read a number of books by Western American authors (Fante was born in Colorado and died in Los Angeles). I even took a class on Western American authors at my Western American school (this doesn’t mean the books were Westerns ).

Wait Until Spring, Bandini was Fante’s first novel, and was – as they didn’t say in those days – the prequel to Ask the Dust, which was published a year later

Wait Until Spring, Bandini was Fante’s first novel, and was – as they didn’t say in those days – the prequel to Ask the Dust, which was published a year later. The speedy production of the books, and their fluent readability, might fool the reader into thinking them lightweight or disposable. In fact their durability and longevity is simply proved by the fact that they are still being read and written about 70 years later. Even that is a half-truth

Wait Until Spring, Bandini. 1. Here was a disgusted man. His name was Svevo Bandini, and he lived three blocks down that street. He was cold and there were holes in his shoes.

Wait Until Spring, Bandini. That morning he had patched the holes on the inside with pieces of cardboard from a macaroni box. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

Originally published: New York : Stackpole, 1938. Svevo Bandini, an Italian immigrant, and his wife Maria and son Arturo struggle to survive another Colorado winter. I ask only once a year: please help the Internet Archive today.

Book by Fante, John


The prose in Wait Until Spring is so beautiful and evocative, but most of all brutally honest. Told in alternating points of view we get the story of an Italian-American family struggling with poverty in the early 1930's. The book deals with many themes; Catholicism, racism (people didn't have much respect for Italians back then) sexuality, pride, and of course love.

This is also a coming of age story: Arturo Bandini struggling with his conscience, his instincts as a fiery, bad-boy to cause trouble and a longing to do the right thing, constantly tortured by his Catholic beliefs and the dogma that has been fed to him.

"He wanted to be a good boy, but he was afraid to be a good boy because he was afraid his friends would call him a good boy."

And the father, Svevo: "The house was not paid for. It was his enemy, that house. It had a voice, and it was always talking to him....

It's amazing to think this book was written such a long time ago but feels so modern. I loved the beautiful, descriptive prose, and the clever sense of humor. There were many laugh out loud moments, mainly because when a writer nails the truth the way Fante does, it is both shocking and funny at the same time.

I highly recommend this book to readers of any age. Personally, I think it IS a masterpiece and just as good as Ask The Dust.
I had not heard of John Fante until a good friend remarked that I might enjoy his books. She recommended 'Wait Until Spring, Bandini' which was his first book. Now, am committed to read the rest in order. How I missed him, I can't say, but am glad to discover him.

The book took me directly back to my youth. It details the struggle, conflicts and lives of an Italian immigrant couple and their first generation American children. Although I am only half Italian and third generation at that, once I began reading it was very familiar to me.

Powerfully written and richly detailed. Set in rural Colorado rather than the teeming eastern slums as most period writing such as this is made the story real to me.
John Fante (1909 -- 1983) remains one of the least appreciated American writers. Readers often come to Fante through Charles Bukowski, who admired his work intensely. There are many similarities in mood between the two.

Fante wrote several novels and stories centering upon a character named Arturo Bandini of which "Ask the Dust" remains the best-known. Fante's first published novel, and chronologically the first about Bandini is this 1938 book, "Wait until Spring, Bandini" which tells the story of Bandini as an early adolescent and of his family. In Bukowski's novel, "Women", the primary character, Chianski, describes Fante as his "favorite writer" and says of both "Ask the Dust" and "Wait until Spring, Bandini" that they display "total emotion" and that Fante was "a very brave man".

The story is set in a small fictitious Colorado town called Rocklin and describes a poor, struggling Italian family. The father, Svevo, is a bricklayer and an Italian immigrant who struggles largely unsuccessfully to pay the mortgage, buy groceries, and care for his family together with his passions for gambling and alcohol. His wife, Maria, is deeply Catholic. Maria's mother loathes Svevo and increases the tension in the marriage. There are three children, Arturo, the oldest, 14, August, and Federico. They fight and compete, as brothers do. Arturo loves baseball and dreams of playing in the major leagues.

The book is written simply in a beautifully lyric, rhythmic prose. It reminds the reader, if a reminder is necessary, that a novel need not be ponderous and obscure to be moving and worthwhile. Fante stays within himself and his subject, with detailed scenes of the life of the Bandini family. The book is tough minded and, as Bukowski noted, painfully emotionally honest. It describes an immigrant family that lives on the edge of poverty. The Bandinis also are social outcasts. Svevo and Maria live in a state of tension and the boys are more than usually violent. Catholicism has a large role in the book, as the members of the family display varying attitudes towards their Church. The boys attend a parochial school taught by nuns and pay no fees as a result of the poverty of the family.

Sexual tension gradually becomes the predominant theme of the book. Young Arturo has a crush on an Italian girl of a poor family, Rosa, but pursues her in the clumsiest of fashions. Svevo apparently becomes involved with a wealthy, educated widow, Effie Hildegarde. The novel works towards the resolution of the passions of both father and son.

"Wait until Spring, Bandini" is unsparing in its portrayals of immigrant life in the West.It is a coming-of-age novel for readers willing to go off the beaten path in exploring American literature.

Robin Friedman
Apparently this is Fante's first published book, but not the first book he wrote.

This was the second book by Fante that I read, the first being Ask the Dust. Wait Until Spring, Bandini, is a much different type of book than Ask the Dust. I bought it on Amazon expecting another book of adventures of a struggling writer, a bachelor, and ended up plunged into a very regional (Boulder, CO) very ethnic (Eyetalian), very Catholic novel.

All in all, it was a decent book, not earth-shaking, but charming. At times I felt hatred for Arturo's father and pity for poor Arturo. I don't know to what extent the books by Fante are autobiographical, but Wait Until Spring, Bandini certainly paints a pretty bleak portrait of the character's childhood. Growing up, an outsider, a little-man, wiser than his years.

At times the Italian connection grew annoying for me. "Rosa, I love you, Rosa. Rosa, you're my girl, Rosa." I can imagine the Godfather talking this way, hard to imagine the little Italian boy.

I would particularly recommend the book to anyone living in Boulder, CO. It would be interesting to contrast the story with whatever it is like in modern days.
Wish I had read this years ago. Waiting for Spring was my intro to Fante, after that I had to see more, followed this with Ask the Dust. This is a priceless little treasure that won't be loaned out to my friends no matter how close they are to me.

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