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by Oscar Wilde

Download An Ideal Husband fb2, epub

ISBN: 1605890871
Author: Oscar Wilde
Language: English
Publisher: Quill Pen Classics (February 3, 2010)
Pages: 105
Category: Classics
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 635
Size Fb2: 1493 kb
Size ePub: 1492 kb
Size Djvu: 1647 kb
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Do you know, I am quite looking forward to meeting your clever husband, Lady Chiltern. Since he has been at the Foreign Office, he has been so much talked of in Vienna.

1. The persons of the play. Do you know, I am quite looking forward to meeting your clever husband, Lady Chiltern. They actually succeed in spelling his name right in the newspapers. That in itself is fame, on the continent. I hardly think there will be much in common between you and my husband, Mrs. Cheveley! Vicomte de nanjac.

187 quotes from An Ideal Husband: ‘To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance. See a Problem? We’d love your help. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. An Ideal Husband Quotes Showing 1-30 of 187. To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance. Oscar Wilde, An Ideal Husband.

An Ideal Husband is an 1895 stage play by Oscar Wilde that revolves around blackmail and political corruption, and touches on the themes of public and private honour. The action is set in London, in "the present", and takes place over the course of twenty-four hours. Sooner or later," Wilde notes, "we shall all have to pay for what we d. But he adds that, "No one should be entirely judged by their past.

An Ideal Husband study guide contains a biography of Oscar Wilde, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions .

An Ideal Husband study guide contains a biography of Oscar Wilde, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. At the opening of Act III Wilde introduces Phipps, the Ideal Butler, and describes the scene inside Lord Goring's house where he and Phipps discuss the relevance of his buttonhole as Goring prepares to head out for the evening. Goring receives an unexpected letter from Lady Chiltern urgently stating that she wants him, needs him, and is coming to him.

An Ideal Husband (Act 3) Lyrics. SCENE The Library in Lord Goring’s house. MRS. CHEVELEY Thank you. PHIPPS I trust the shades will be to your liking, madam

An Ideal Husband (Act 3) Lyrics. PHIPPS I trust the shades will be to your liking, madam. They are the most becoming we have.

There's a reason that Oscar Wilde is considered a classic author. He still enlightens new readers with his work and reveals facets of humanity that other authors shy away from or do not portray with the same off-handed sketch of flaws.

Thank you, Mr. Montford, I never touch supper. But I will sit beside you, and watch you. MR. MONTFORD. I don't know that I like being watched when I am eating! MRS. MARCHMONT.

Women are not meant to judge us, but to forgive us when we need forgiveness. Pardon, not punishment, is their mission. Why should you scourge him with rods for a sin done in his youth, before he knew you, before he knew himself? A man's life is of more value than a woman's

Women are not meant to judge us, but to forgive us when we need forgiveness. Why should you scourge him with rods for a sin done in his youth, before he knew you, before he knew himself? A man's life is of more value than a woman's. It has larger issues, wider scope, greater ambitions. A woman's life revolves in curves of emotions. It is upon lines of intellect that a man's life progresses. Don't make any terrible mistake, Lady Chiltern.

An Ideal Husband, written by legendary author Oscar Wilde is widely considered to be one of the greatest books of all time. This great classic will surely attract a whole new generation of readers. For many, An Ideal Husband is required reading for various courses and curriculums. And for others who simply enjoy reading timeless pieces of classic literature, this gem by Oscar Wilde is highly recommended. Published by Quill Pen Classics and beautifully produced, An Ideal Husband would make an ideal gift and it should be a part of everyone's personal library.


Upon finishing the last book I'd read, I asked my now-husband to select something for me to download onto my phone's kindle app, as I wouldn't be near a computer and able to do so myself for a few hours. He chose ironically perhaps, but he chose well.

This play delightfully explores the intricacies of what it means to "get ahead" in life: the tendency of the impatient to greedily accept terms they'd abhor in others, the moral discrepancy of selective honesty used only to serve oneself, and the premise that an ideal husband, a dutiful, faithful and ethical husband, is one likely to bore despite his merits. Overall, this is a gloriously sharp and legitimately funny glimpse into the attention starved society of both his time and ours.
Fantastic book! I do love Oscar Wilde, so there is some bias, but this is full of humor and wit and is a great little story - there's no reason I wouldn't recommend this. It's short and a quick read. This Kindle edition is great too, especially since it's free. Get it and read it!
I was surprised that I didn't like Oscar Wilde's "An Ideal Husband" more. I had seen the movie (An Ideal Husband [HD]) some years back and really liked it. This original book version, though, bothered me a bit. As is usual for the Wilde I've read, the writing is very good. But, there seems to be a bit too much of politics in it along with having a tad too much meanness in it. It's odd, since the movie is pretty close to the book. My guess is that the producers added some mitigating aspects to Mrs. Cheveley (the antagonist) and the actors lightened things up. As such, I'm rating the book at an OK 3 stars out of 5. That loss of a star is because of a personal preference, though, not because of anything technically wrong with the book. Since the book is free and fairly short, go ahead and give it a read.
Humorous, well-formatted play in it's entirety including a fine table of contents with handy links taking you to the persons of the play, scenes of the play and each of the fourth act. One I would like to see performed live one day both for its' wit and the more poignant passages like "It is always worth while asking a question, though it is not always worth while answering one." Very good ebook and I do recommend!
Surely, this is one of the most hilarious comedies ever written by anyone. Every page of the script offers up lines of pure, gracefully articulate wit. Wilde's insight is prodigious and relevant as it could have been written as easily about Wall Street as London of 1895: "Private information is practically the source of every large modern fortune." This is the playwright who, when passing through customs into Canada, was asked if he had anything to declare and replied, "Only my genius." The movie with Rupert Everett is spectacularly funny. Wilde has the ability to criticize high society so cleverly that the paradoxes he frames almost seem a compliment. "Fashion is what wears oneself. What is unfashionable is what other people wear." And this one: "Vulgarity is simply the conduct of other people." And this great truth: "Sooner or later we all have to pay for what we do." Wilde was a real genius. I strongly recommend that you read his play.
Witty, delightful, and bright; this was a charming play that made me smile and giggle. I saw the film version of "An Ideal Husband," and it was dreadful. This print version is far superior.
There is nothing to dislike. Oscar Wilde is always dependable if you want a good experience in English literature. The characters are well developed and the tone is often lightly humorous although the story has a moral. Judge not less you be judged.
Such a great short story. Full of emotion and intrigue. Written as a play, but easy to read. Don't be put off by its age. It's ideal fits modern times. The first Oliver Wilde book that I have read. I shant hope it will be the last.

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