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by Justin Cartwright

Download Masai Dreaming fb2, epub

ISBN: 0679438602
Author: Justin Cartwright
Language: English
Publisher: Random House; First Edition edition (May 30, 1995)
Category: British & Irish
Subcategory: Literature
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 103
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Cartwright has worked in advertising and has directed documentaries, films and television commercials. He managed election broadcasts, first for the Liberal Party and then the Justin Cartwright (born 1945) is a British novelist. Cartwright has worked in advertising and has directed documentaries, films and television commercials.

by. Cartwright, Justin. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

Masai Dreaming (Paperback). Justin Cartwright (author). the book works well, as a story, as a compendium of reflections on race and nationhood and as a novel with a refined and distinctive narrative voice and one marvellously complete character, the old White Kenyan, Tom Fairfax. an elegantly complex, unfailingly intelligent novel'. Lucy Hughes-Hallett, The Spectator. Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton ISBN: 9780340768365 Number of pages: 304 Weight: 218 g Dimensions: 201 x 130 x 19 mm. Justin Cartwright.

Born in South Africa, Justin Cartwright lived in Britain after studying at Trinity College, Oxford

Born in South Africa, Justin Cartwright lived in Britain after studying at Trinity College, Oxford. He worked in advertising and directed documentaries, films and television commercials, and wrote seventeen novels.

Letterman: to write a screenplay about Claudia Cohn-Casson, an anthropologist who interrupted her studies of Kenya's Masai people to return to Paris and almost certain death in a Nazi concentration camp.

1993) A novel by Justin Cartwright. Curtiz is haunted by dreams of the Masai and so travels there to write a screen-play of the life of a French anthropologist who was later to be betrayed to the Nazi's, he soon begins to be enveloped in the irony of her studies of a supposedly savage tribe when her home continent is under the heel of the Nazi's. Genre: General Fiction. Similar books by other authors.

Masai Dreaming by Justin Cartwright (Hardback, 1993). Brand new: lowest price.

Justin Cartwright is a British novelist,originally from South Africa. lt;i Look At It This Way

Haunted by his dreams of the Masai, Tim Curtiz journeys to East Africa to research and write a screenplay about the enigmatic Claudia Cohn-Casson, an early anthropologist betrayed to the SS upon her return to France during the War


It is the late 1980s. The journalist Tim Curtiz had written an article about Drancy, the centre in France from which the Nazis had deported Jews to the extermination camps. Presumably - it is never made clear - he had found during his researches that among these deportees had been Claudia Cohn-Casson, a French Jewish anthropologist who had been working for more than four years with the Masai in Northern Tanzania and who had been on the last train from Drancy to Auschwitz. The article had caught the eye of a Hollywood film producer, S.O.Letterman, who had commissioned him to write a script for a film about her.

Claudia's theory had been that it is error to think that there is a progressive evolution from the primitive to the civilized.

It is a well-crafted novel, but is one of those which moves backward and forward in time. The first mention of what happened to Claudia is in Chapter 2, in which she is in a cattle truck on the way to the camps - a vision of how barbaric a so-called civilized society can be. Eleven chapters then intervene before the next brief - and, as it turns out, cleverly misleading - mention of her fate, to be followed by many more that make no reference to it.

These chapters are taken up with Tim's arrival in Masai country, a description of its sights and smells (he is strong on smells), of Masai customs (above all, what their cattle means to them, and, crucially to this story, their code of honour which apparently forbids them to lie, whatever the consequences), a little of Masai myths and of the colonial and post-colonial history of Tanzania, and of his making enquiries with any Masai and with a couple of European old stagers who had known Claudia. In the first part of the book these chapters, in turn, are interleaved leaved with others about Tim's graphic memories of his steamy and jealous relationship, back in London, with his girl-friend Victoria.

The author also departs frequently from the Tim's narrative to tell us, in scenes which Tim would not have witnessed, about S.O.Letterman. Through Letterman we are given a take on Hollywood values and morals. He goes to Paris to choose a French actress to play Claudia, and this gives Cartwright the opportunity for descriptions of the city and for reflections about Parisians, including their reactions to the period of collaboration.

All this is told very well, but in quite a leisurely and even occasionally a repetitive manner: the central plot moves forward slowly - probably intentionally so, as there are references to the Masai not leading the rushed lives of urban Europeans - and it gathers pace only about half way through the book.

Claudia, Tim finds out, had made quite an impact, both on a young Masai and on a then young British major. She had wanted to be part of the community she was observing; but she had allowed herself to be instrumental in the intrusion of an American film crew to film a lion hunt, and that would be the trigger for all the events that follow.

Whatever Tim now learns, he is inclined to turn in his mind's eye to how it would look on film.

Eventually we learn the circumstances which led to Claudia's apparently so unaccountable return to Nazi-occupied France in 1944 (where her father was still living, wearing the yellow star but refusing to see any danger to himself). We also guess, right at the end, how Tim could have reconstructed those months between her return to France and her deportation.

Throughout the book, there are Tim's philosophical reflections about all manner of topics, from those arising out of anthropology to human relationships. I found these heavy going at times.
This beautiful and idea-filled novel is so daring in its choice of subjects and scenes that one is stunned by its cumulative effect. In what may seem at first to be an unlikely or inappropriate juxtaposition, the author contrasts the horrors of the Holocaust with the pastoral, and seemingly simple life among the Masai in Kenya. This never feels demeaning, insensitive, or inappropriate, however. By developing both these subjects, Cartwright is able to illustrate in unique and imaginative ways the wider universal issue of ethnicity as a factor in the search for justice, love, and a Universal Spirit.
On the surface this the story of journalist Tim Curtiz's search for the truth about Claudia Cohn-Casson, a French Jewish researcher of the Masai, who was betrayed to the Nazis when she returned home in the final days of World War II. Curtiz is planning to write a screenplay for an "Out of Africa"-type film to be shot in Kenya, and in his attempt to understand the "real" Claudia, he interviews both an elderly British ex-patriate, Tom Fairfax, who was Claudia's lover, and the elderly laibon of the Masai community which Claudia studied. Both men suffered great losses as a result of their contact with Claudia, something with which Tim Curtiz, also suffering a loss, can identify.
As the narrative unfolds, it seems intentionally to follow the hypnotic, circular dancing patterns of the Masai as it twists, leaps, and turns back upon itself, while gathering in the details of Claudia's life, the mystery of her disappearance, and the complications in the lives of the subordinate characters. The elasticity of Cartwright's prose is perfectly suited to this style, as he varies his sentence lengths to control the overall pace and moves from positively lyrical descriptions of the African savannah to turgidly doom-filled passages describing the cattle cars transporting Jews to the camps.
Award-winning author Cartwright deserves to have this excellent novel reprinted for U.S. distribution. Until that happens, however, interested readers might want to check it out at Amazon's site in the U.K., where it is readily available. END

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