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Download Twice As Nice: What It's Like To Be a Twin fb2, epub

by Nicole Rubel

Download Twice As Nice: What It's Like To Be a Twin fb2, epub

ISBN: 0374318360
Author: Nicole Rubel
Language: English
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR); First Edition edition (October 6, 2004)
Pages: 32
Category: Growing Up & Facts of Life
Subcategory: Kids
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 625
Size Fb2: 1236 kb
Size ePub: 1221 kb
Size Djvu: 1916 kb
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Double the funFraternal twins Bonnie and Ronnie take readers on a whirlwind tour of twinship, interspersing informative segments on everything from "Where Do Twins Come From?" to "What Are the Odds?" with amusing sections of twin riddles, advice to twins, twin interviews, and snappy answers to dumb twin questions ("Wow, am I seeing double?" "Yes, maybe you should get your eyes checked"). Also included: a retelling of the story of two of the most famous twins of all time, Jacob and Esau, and dozens of fascinating snippets about amazing twins from history and the present day, among them Castor and Pollus, Abby and Ann, and Mary-Kate and Ashley.Drawing on her own experience and thorough research, Nicole Rubel has created a book that is brimming with details, eye-popping artwork, and extensive notes on interesting Web sites and reading material.


I have five-year old boy/girl twins, and both they and I love this book. It's filled with facts and stories about twins, including the difference between fraternal and identical twins, what animals have twins, what are the best and worst things about growing up a twin (from the perspective of other twins), stories about twins, and more. The last two pages are advice for twins and parents on how to best enjoy being, and parenting, twins. A very nice offering for elementary age kids that are twins.
Early Waffle
Children's books were requested for a recent shower I attended for my niece. All the other books given were for children who enjoy listening rather than learning from the information. I didn't realize this was the type of book I was ordering but I was satisfied to have given a gift that was different from the others. I was happy with the overall transaction.
I wanted to make sure my great niece and nephew got their own copy. Hopefully, they will keep this gift forever, and read it often even after they grow up. It was a fun read for me, with great illlustrations. Well constructed.
My daughter (a fraternal 7 yr old twin) checked this book out at the library. We loved it so much I'm here ordering one for us to keep. It explained the difference in the kinds of twins in a simple way. It gave some very interesting facts & stories and some funny things too. I think anyone that knows a twin would enjoy it.
i found the book very entertaining and informative. although it is targeted for the your reader, i found it equally enjoyable as an adult. as a twin, it is still nice and intriguing to read information regarding twins and unknown facts. thoroughly recommendable
Nicole Rubin (a twin herself) offers a multiplicity of twinship facts and "factoids" from biology, history, psychology, math, and zoology (all easier to master than those words might imply!). The varied format and perspectives keeps things moving, and will appeal to a wide audience

Rubin answers scientifically-oriented questions as "Where Do Twins Come From?" and "What are the Odds" clearly and factually. However, she also presents many entertaining anecdotes and stories about twins, often of the "Gee whiz" variety: The twins separated at birth who discover astounding similarites when they meet years later, the 3,000 sets of twins (there's a photo of them) who meet annually in Twinsburg, Ohio, and famous twins such as Abigail Van BUren and Ann Landers, bad guys Reggie and ROnnie Kray, Robin and Maurice Gibb, and Mary-Kate and Ashley (too famous to need a last name).

Aside from the humor (e.g., two pages of riddles such as: Q. "What do you do if twin tigers are running towards you?" A. "Run twice as fast!"). the most important sections deal with the advantages/disadvantages of twindom, and how to deal with these, either as a twin, or as an adult caregiver. Through interviews with young twins, humorous examples, and straight-on tips, we learn that while twins MAY have a special bond, others' silly questions and expectations can be a real burden too. Kids are offered some snappy comebacks ("What's it like being a twin?" "I don't know. What's it like not being a twin), and twins (and their parents/guardians/teachers) are encouraged throughout to celebrate the special bond, but develop their individuality as well. A one-page acknowledgements page contains books and a few websites (e.g., for further exploration.

Rubin, creator of the "Rotten Ralph" series as well as many other superb books, gives us an intriguing, light, but informative book that explores the relatively rare (no pun intended) phenomenon of twinhood, while understanding and respecting the experience.

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