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by Dan Santat,Lisa Yee

Download Bobby vs. Girls (Accidentally) fb2, epub

ISBN: 054505592X
Author: Dan Santat,Lisa Yee
Language: English
Publisher: Arthur A. Levine Books (September 1, 2009)
Pages: 170
Category: Growing Up & Facts of Life
Subcategory: Kids
Rating: 4.5
Votes: 135
Size Fb2: 1716 kb
Size ePub: 1749 kb
Size Djvu: 1389 kb
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Yee, author of Millicent Min, Girl Genius, deftly navigates the dynamics of a late elementary boy/girl friendship; Bobby and Holly are both fully developed characters, and the details of their friendship (and its failures) are both thoughtful and believable. A solid ending and a strong male point of view. make this a good selection for the middle-grade se.

BOBBY VS. GIRLS (ACCIDENTALLY), the first of a new series written by Lisa Yee and illustrated by Dan Santat. Come join Lisa and Dan as they celebrate the release of their new book "Bobby vs. Girls (Accidentally) at Vroman's Book Store in Pasadena, CA this Sunday October 18th at 2PM! Bobby Vs. Girls (Accidentally). 9 October 2009 ·. Hey LA/Pasadena People. Come see Lisa Yee and Dan Santat talk/sign/act weird at the South Pasadena Chinese-American Club Moon Festival on Saturday, Oct. 10th from 10 - 2 pm at the South Pasadena Library!!! Bobby Vs. 10 September 2009 ·. A PARTY!!!

Bobby vs. Girls (Accidentally) book. With the hilarious adventures of Bobby Ellis-Chan, Lisa Yee and Caldecott Medalist Dan Santat bring their gifts for finding the funny (and the truth) in everyday situations to chapter-book readers. All of Bobby Ellis-Chan's problems in life can be summed up in one word: GIRLS. There's his sister Casey, who has a weird obsession with Bobby's goldfish, Rover. Bobby vs. by. Lisa Yee. Publication date. Arthur A. Levine Books. Best friends - Fiction, Friendship - Fiction, Schools - Fiction. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; china.

Yee really understands children's thought processes and presents them with tact and good humor. Bobby's dilemmas and adventures, however wild and out of control, remain totally believable. Readers will recognize themselves and learn some gentle lessons about relationships while they are laughing at the antics. Fourth grade was supposed to be the best year ever, but when do events ever go according to plan? Usually starting with good intentions or, at the least, blind thoughtlessness, Bobby careens from one disastrous mess to another. Part of the Bobby Series).

Dan Santat wrote and illustrated the graphic novel Sidekicks, and has also illustrated many acclaimed picture books, including The Guild of Geniuses and The Adventures of Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend, which won the Caldecott Medal. He lives in Alhambra, California, with his family.

Bobby gave his friend a weak wave, then watched the girls disappear into the crowd, leaving him holding a goldfish. Bobby sat cross-legged on his bed, reading his Encyclopedia of Dogs. The collage had a picture of them as newborns in their clear plastic cribs, next to another photo where they sat side by side in their high chairs when they were toddlers.

With the hilarious adventures of Bobby Ellis-Chan, Lisa Yee and Caldecott Medalist Dan Santat bring their gifts for finding the funny (and the truth) in everyday situations to chapter-book readers. Meet Robert Carver Ellis-Chan -- a perfectly normal fourth-grader who gets into perfectly crazy situations! Like when he was running for class president and discovered his big sister's panties (static-) clinging to the back of his sweater. Or when he got stuck to the rare sticky (and stinky) Koloff tree on a field trip. . . . Then there's his family -- busy mom, ex-pro football player dad, a bossy older sister and an adoring younger one -- and best friends (one of whom is a secret, because she's a *girl*). Life may be complicated for Bobby, but it's going to turn out just fine.


I have difficulty getting our 10 year old foster boy to read. He's behind a grade level, but this is the first book he's actually enjoyed reading. I'd actually hear him laugh reading it which was joy to my ears. Looking forward to getting some other Bobby books for him.
This book was order for my 11 year old son in order for him to complete a book report. He enjoyed the book very much.
Not my type of reading
My 3rd grade daughter read this book and liked it. I read it aloud to my 1st grade son, and he couldn't get enough of it, always asking me to read "one more chapter!"

I came across this book while volunteering in my kids' elementary school library. In the cover illustration, Bobby looked like maybe he could be Asian, and with the author's name being Lisa Yee, I decided to check it out for myself. I'm always interested in multicultural books for kids!

It took a while for Bobby's character to be fleshed out. His age (9) was not revealed until page 16, and even though we learn right away that his last name is Ellis-Chan, we don't find out for sure until page 49 that he is half Chinese. It really wasn't clear to me which parent was Chinese (it doesn't actually matter!), but I finally decided it was the mom, based on the illustration on page 164.

It's worth noting that there is zero reference to Chinese language or culture in this book, and I think that's fine. While books like those by Grace Lin, Lenore Look, and Andrea Cheng really embrace Chinese-American-ness, I think there's also a valid and important place for books in which characters just happen to be Chinese-American, and their Chinese-American-ness doesn't need to be front and center.

Besides Bobby's ethnicity, this book also embraces diversity in other ways. Mr. Ellis-Chan is a stay-at-home dad (whose former career as an NFL player is a bit over the top), and one of Bobby's friends is Indian. Also, Bobby has environmental allergies and asthma.

I really liked Bobby. He has heart and compassion. He's thoughtful and well-intentioned. He's just a real good kid.

Mostly, I like this book because it is a growing-up book about a boy suitable for lower to middle elementary grades. Children's literature is awash with growing-up stories featuring girls (e.g., Ramona Quimby, Betsy-Tacy, Little House, etc.), but there are fewer similarly themed chapter books with pictures that feature boys. So far, I've really only found Henry Huggins and Alvin Ho to be comparable. There is a sequel to this book, and I'm hoping I will like it just as much as this one.

While I do love this book, if 1/2 stars were allowed, I'd probably have given this book 4 1/2 stars, for a couple reasons. First, the book is clearly set in modern times, yet, even while trying to buck old-fashioned narrow-mindedness, it seems to reinforce it. For example, it's great that Bobby's dad is an active member of the PTA, but would modern-day PTA members really even use the term "PTA Lady"?

Also, I love the way Bobby and Holly worked out their friendship, but I wish the book had further addressed Holly's friendship with Jillian Zarr. It's understandable that Holly would want some female friends with shared interests, but Jillian Zarr was downright mean and snooty. I sort of hoped she would get some sort of comeuppance.
I have a theory. A theory about why boy v. girl books are so popular with the youngsters. It goes like this: When you're a kid you find that sometimes the only way to feel real and included in a group is to point out the other kids that (for whatever reason) cannot be included. Now kids cannot help but notice too that human beings are neatly divided into two groups: men and women. By dint of your sex you instantly belong to a group of like-gendered people. And if you band together against the other group then it's even better because you immediately have easily identifiable "enemies" and "allies". Phyllis Reynolds Naylor has gotten a lot of leverage out of this idea with her The Boys Start the War/The Girls Get Even titles. Bobby Vs. Girls is of a similar stripe, but takes place a couple years down the road. Right about at that time when you're on the cusp of puberty and that other gender is about to appear to have a lot to offer . . . but not quite yet. It's a tricky time and one that Lisa Yee manages to wrestle into some kind of shape. The kids'll laugh with this one, and some of that may be due to sheer recognition more than anything else.

Bobby and Holly are friends. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but the two take care not to advertise the fact to their OTHER friends. Every day they walk a little ways to school and every day they split up before they arrive so that no one will see them walking together. The trouble between them, however, begins when Holly starts doing all these girly activities, like straightening her hair and doing her nails. Things pretty much go downhill from there. Bobby runs again Holly for student council representative, he gets stuck to a tree, she gets her dress ruined (by him), and egged on by their respective peers the two end up in an all out war. But when push comes to shove it's hard to truly abandon your real friends. Particularly when they come through for you in the end.

When it comes to her writing there are a couple things Ms. Yee likes. She likes herself a good description, that's one thing for sure. For example, there is the moment when Bobby finds himself in the presence of his true enemy. "Jillian Zarr towered over Bobby. She was freakishly tall for someone who was nine years old. Even her pigtails looked intimidating." Another things Ms. Yee likes? Humor. I can't think of many books where boys get stuck to trees because they're in particularly huggy moods, so here's the first. Finally, Ms. Yee enjoys adding elements to her books that you may not have seen before. I mean, stop me if you've already read a middle grade novel where the stay-at-home dad is a gigantic ex-football pro who fails utterly at his domestic duties but keeps on trying no matter what. She makes the potentially embarrassing also endearing, and there's much to be said for that.

When you consider how much material stand-up comedians get from the war between the sexes, I suppose it's strange that there aren't even more middle grade novels out there examining boy/girl relationships, particularly those before hormones kick in. As far as I can tell, the average pattern of boy/girl relationships consists of them (1) being friends, (2) splitting far apart once they realize that they're different, and then (3) coming back together when they hit puberty. This book takes place in that awkward stage near the end of (2) but not so far that it's really (3). This is a story where the boys are getting one last all-male hurrah out of their systems before puberty hits them over the head and cancels out their anti-girl tendencies.

The notable thing about this book is the fact that the characters are starting fourth grade. That's not a particularly popular age category for fiction. Fifth or sixth grade and you have crushes. Second or third grade and you have a lot of early chapter book tales. Fourth grade's right in the middle and it's rare. Rare but necessary, and I was happy to read something for once that involved a series of misunderstandings without making me cringe all that often.

Another advantage of a fourth grade novel? You get some pictures. Dan Santat has generally relegated himself to full-color lush picture books like Chicken Dance or The Secret Life of Walter Kitty until now. With Bobby Vs. Girls (Accidentally) he has to limit himself to the seventeen or so spot illustrations that crop up throughout the story. Still, Santat has a good feel for the material. I appreciated that in those few scenes where you see the boys and the girls on a level piece of ground, the girls are almost always taller than the guys. Chalk that up to another detail of fourth grade living. Bobby and Holly generally have to look befuddled and angry since that's the way they act and react in the book, but Santat is careful to include plenty of scenes where they're friendly, both before an after the hostile incidents, so that you don't always have to visualize Bobby as a doofus or Holly as a shrew.

There have been a couple 2009 books about kids who hit pre-adolescence or adolescence proper and suddenly find their friendships straining. The Kind of Friends We Used to Be by Frances Roark Dowell looked at girl friendships and how two people deal with growing into different personalities. Bobby Vs. Girls is a little more basic, since it's taking that old boys vs. girls notion and tying it into how kids grow not just into different types of people, but different genders entirely. What it really reminded me of were the Minn and Jake books by Janet Wong. Same mixed-up feelings. Same misunderstandings. I'd also love to pair this with Jenny Han's Shug, since that's a book about a boy/girl friendship from the unrequited girl's p.o.v. But if you've kids looking for a fun book to read just for reading's sake, Bobby Vs. Girls (Accidentally) has much to offer both genders. And despite their differences, I'm pretty sure both boys and girls will find much to enjoy.

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