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Download From Anna fb2, epub

ISBN: 0060239123
Author: Jean Little
Language: English
Publisher: Harper & Row, Publishers; First Edition - First Printing edition (October 1, 1972)
Pages: 201
Category: Growing Up & Facts of Life
Subcategory: Kids
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 988
Size Fb2: 1801 kb
Size ePub: 1812 kb
Size Djvu: 1179 kb
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In award-winning writer Jean Little's poignant novel, From Anna, readers are sure to be touched by Anna Soldens's Moving is never easy, especially when you're a little 9-year-old girl moving from the tumult of living in Nazi Germany to Canada in the 1930s. And if you're clumsy and your older brothers and sisters all call you "Awkward Anna" as well, it's even worse.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Jean Little has always been interested in adoption, and she had a first-hand experience with it when her sister adopted two children several years ago. Anna has always been the clumsy one in the family. Somehow she can never do anything right! She bumps into tables.

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From Anna is a children's novel written by Canadian children's author Jean Little, first published in 1972. It is the story of Anna Solden, a visually impaired child who moves from Germany to Canada with her family, on the eve of Hitler's rise to power in Germany. The book is one of Jean Little's most popular works. Anna Elisabeth Solden –The title character. The youngest of five siblings and always the odd one out, Anna feels misunderstood by her family.

Jean Little is one of Canada's best-loved children's writers. She lives in Guelph, Ontario. Jean is the author of almost 50 books, including four in the Dear Canada series, and the acclaimed novel Dancing Through the Snow. Joan Sandin was born in Wisconsin, grew up in Tucson, Arizona, and lived in Stockholm, Sweden for 15 years.

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Jean Little has been a special friend of mine for many years, and I first read From Anna in the earliest years of our . What more can I say? From Anna is a lovely book. If you haven’t read it before, do, it will warm your heart.

Jean Little has been a special friend of mine for many years, and I first read From Anna in the earliest years of our friendship. I remember that I had really liked the book more than twenty-five years ago, but I was unprepared for my response to the story this time around. If you have, read it again.

With more than 200,000 books in print, Dear Canda has fast become the historical fiction series for young girls. Jean Little's latest addition is the diary of a young girl observing her world change as war rages thousands of miles away. Through the diary of 10-year-old Victoria Cope, we learn about the arrival of ragged Mary Anna, one of the thousands of impoverished British children who were sent to Canada at the beginning of the century.

Books related to From Anna. Dear Canada: A Sea of Sorrows. Dear Canada: Not a Nickel to Spare.

Anna has always been the clumsy one in the family. For Children, for Grown-Ups. com User, June 19, 2002. The plot involves the efforts of the youngest child, Anna, whose poor vision and clumsiness has made her something of an outcast, to make a place for herself in her new home and new school.

A shy and awkward girl leaves Germany with her family to begin a new life in Canada


Wonderful story about a young girl with BVI issues. Added bonus includes family's adjustment after fleeing Nazi Germany. I read this book as a child and enjoyed it even more as an adult.
This is a lovely book about a young girl who moves to Canada from Germany, is put into a special school for kids like her with vision problems, and for the first time in her life she feels that she is worth something. I read this as a child, and it impacted me a lot at the time. I recently purchased it for my own children's book collection, as well as the sequel which I have but haven't read yet.
One of my all-time favorite children's books.
To give you an idea of how amazing this book is, I read it in grade school. I am now in my mid-40s and remember it vividly. I remembered the situations, the character's name, and the setting, but oddly not the title or author. What makes it more amazing that I recalled the book is that I am a composition and literature teacher. I've likely read thousands of books - fiction and nonfiction - but this one stuck with me. The book I had included a rendering of Anna on the cover. With her thick glasses and dark hair, she looked like me! For the first time ever, I had a book in my hands where I could have been the main character. The plot especially how something challenging from within her family turned into something wonderful for her has never left me.

If you want your children to read about a smart young lady who is determined and enjoys being smart and teach them some history on the side, don't hesitate here.
I read this aloud to our kids ages 5 ,8,10 and 12, and we all loved it, adults included. It is beautifully written, uplifting story about a German family immigrating to Canada prior to WW2 to escape Nazi persecution, and the one little girl in the family who learns to overcome handicaps and find confidence in her new world . It is written from the girl's perspective, yet deals with important themes such as "freedom of thought," respecting and seeing the value in others, overcoming handicaps, adjusting to new situations, etc.. This book is a true gem and has become a beloved favorite in our family.
I have deeply loved this book since I was a little girl. It is very touching and you might even cry if you read it.

Anna Solden is the youngest of 5 children. There are the 11-year-old twins, Fritz and Frieda, older sister Gretchen, 13 and brother Rudi, 15. Anna and her family leave Germany and emigrate to Canada in 1933. Anna, then 9 wonders why she can't draw or knit like her sisters or help her brothers shovel snow or do any of the sundry household chores that need to be done. Anna's father is a very kind man who recognizes Anna's potential and encourages her every step of the way.

Once in Canada, the Solden children are given a routine physical. The doctor, aghast to learn that Anna suffers from low vision works like a soldier to get Anna enrolled in a Sight Savers class. Once there, Anna flourishes. Outfitted with eyeglasses, she sees just what she had been missing all along. She develops confidence in her newfound abilities and makes friends readily with her classmates.

Anna, still determined to prove her worth is desperate to come up with Christmas gifts for her parents and siblings. Her teacher, a very wise woman suggested that the class weave wastebaskets. They do and Anna's basket is the one that stands the straightest without even the slightest hint of a bend. Stroked further by her teacher's praise, Anna sets to work finding ways to get gifts for everyone. She writes a beautiful poem for a classmate who defended her ("Benjamin Nathaniel/Braver than Daniel"), writes a hilariously illustrated dictionary of new words she learned for another classmate and, on Christmas morning presents her parents and siblings with the basket. Shock abounds and her siblings jeer at her, saying she could not have done that basket without help.
Ever ready to fight for her, Anna's father chews out the other four children reminding them that had they not had the help and input of others, they, too, would have turned up empty handed on Christmas. Everyone relents, and Anna's gentle father springs a lovely surprise for all -- Anna had invited some guests for Christmas and he heartily endorsed her request. The guests -- Anna's teacher and doctor!

This is a masterpiece. It is a classic.

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