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by Chet Haase

Download Flex 4 Fun fb2, epub

ISBN: 0981531628
Author: Chet Haase
Language: English
Publisher: Artima Inc (September 20, 2010)
Pages: 288
Category: Software
Subcategory: IT
Rating: 4.6
Votes: 376
Size Fb2: 1818 kb
Size ePub: 1480 kb
Size Djvu: 1320 kb
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Flex 4 Fun is a tutorial on programming using the new animation and graphics capabilities of Flex 4. Flex is a popular and growing technology from Adobe for Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) and for writing applications for the ubiquitous Flash Platform. Flex 4 is the latest release, which offers new capabilities for writing richer, more custom applications. Flex 4 Fun is the only book that focuses on just those capabilities of Flex 4.The author of this authoritative book, Chet Haase, worked as a senior computer scientist on the Flex SDK team at Adobe Systems, Inc., during the Flex 4 release. He was responsible for Flex effects, and writing the next effects infrastructure and classes for Flex 4. The book is illustrated with 68 Flex 4 demo applications written exclusively for the book, as well as many code examples taken from the demo applications.


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This is really a great book. Chet has a great sense of humor, and I found myself laughing out loud at times. This is a pretty rare occurrence in a technical book. Making your Flex 4 apps look and act in interesting and helpful ways is tough, but Chet gives great examples. At first I thought the book was going to follow the creation of a single drawing program, which would have disappointed me. But that was only one example. He gives you enough code and explanation that you really get what he is talking about, before he moves on to some other neat effect. I have been doing Flex for several years and Flex 4 since it came out. I want to make better-looking applications. This book was just right for me. If you are beginner in Flex, you probably aren't really dealing with advanced effects yet, but once you do, you really should do yourself a favor and purchase this book.

If you are a Flex developer, check out his video podcast called "Code Dependent" (maybe without the space?) which you can find on iTunes.
The book begins with an excellent tutorial on the concepts of graphics and filters, which are largely foreign to developers, like myself. After reading the book, I feel like I can finally take advantage of much more of the power of the underlying Flash player when building Flex applications. And, that is key because these concepts have become very important with the latest Flex 4 features. From there, the book also dives into those Flex 4 features (e.g. skinning and animations).

Overall, I found the book enjoyable and it really help me to add a depth of understanding around the latest Flex 4 features. In addition to the technical content, Chet, the master of the pun, always makes his content fun to read.

I would highly recommend 'Flex 4 Fun' to any existing Flex developers who are getting up-to-speed on Flex 4.
Super P
I highly recommend this book to Flex developers, particularly if they do not have a Flash background. Essentially this book explains how, using the new Flex 4 framework, to access the graphical power that is available from Flash Player and bring it into your applications. The book is well written and not only gives great explanations on the effects and animation framework and 'how' to use it but also gives great hints for developers as to 'when'. The example code is clear and the downloadable code and applications are a real treasure that provide working examples as tools that you can use to explore each effect, transition and animation - a great developer asset! Well done Chet!
Chet's humor, insight, and concise examples make this a "fun" way to learn Flex. If you are just getting into Flex or haven't yet made the switch to Flex 4, then this is a great book to buy.
This book is a great tour of the functionality available in Flex, and does a terrific job of covering the basics quickly as well as get to the really fun animation stuff deeper in the SDK. It helps that the writing style manages to combine effective prose with an entertainingly witty tone. I highly recommend this to newbies and experts alike!
It is easy to read and the technical details are explained in an easy to digest manner. It's not just beginner and intermediate flex users who will find this book useful, even expert flex developers will learn some new trick of the trade.

I found this book to be very interesting.
The book is full of great ideas, and samples.
It's easy to use.
Great help if you like to create fun visual effects using Flex4.

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