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ISBN: 155821237X
Author: David Douglas Duncan
Language: English
Publisher: The Lyons Press; 1st edition (October 1, 1993)
Pages: 100
Category: Pets & Animal Care
Subcategory: Home
Rating: 4.3
Votes: 259
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David Douglas Duncan (January 23, 1916 – June 7, 2018) was an American photojournalist who is best known for his dramatic combat photographs.

David Douglas Duncan (January 23, 1916 – June 7, 2018) was an American photojournalist who is best known for his dramatic combat photographs. Duncan was born in Kansas City, Missouri, where his childhood was marked by interest in the outdoors, helping him earn the rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts at a relatively young age. A lantern-slide presentation by big-game hunter and physician Richard L. Sutton, S. .

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Through photos and text, the story of a remarkable German shepherd and the people in his life.

com's David Douglas Duncan Author Page.

Thor is the human, heartwarming story of a remarkable German shepherd's first years. Duncan says, "after a lifetime of documenting wars, historic treasures.

Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. by. David Douglas Duncan.

Book's title: Thor David Douglas Duncan. Library of Congress Control Number: 93002163. 63. /37 20. Personal Name: Duncan, David Douglas. Publication, Distribution, et. New York, NY.

The photographer David Douglas Duncan in 1969. He was among the most influential photographers of the 20th century, a Life magazine peer of Alfred Eisenstaedt, Margaret Bourke-White and Carl Mydans. Ray Fisher/The Life Images Collection, via Getty Images. They crouch in a muddy foxhole. This goddamn cigarette could be the last. There are no heroes in David Douglas Duncan’s images of war. Dark and brooding, mostly black and white, they are the stills of a legendary combat photographer, an artist with a camera, who brought home to America the poignant lives of infantrymen and fleeing civilians caught up in World War II, the Korean conflict and the war in Vietnam.

wned American photojournalist David Douglas Duncan celebrates his 100th birthday on January 23. For decades, Americans at home and abroad learned of world events as they unfolded before Duncan’s camera, first during his service as a combat photographer with th. For decades, Americans at home and abroad learned of world events as they unfolded before Duncan’s camera, first during his service as a combat photographer with the United States Marine Corps during World War II, and then through his coverage of the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and conflicts in the Middle East for Life.

Thor is the human, heartwarming story of a remarkable German shepherd's first years. It chronicles, with respect and affection, the noble, heroic world of Thor's ancestors, his immense capacity for love, his zest, his growing maturity, and what the author calls his "Olympian serenity."

David Douglas Duncan, one of the world's greatest photographers, is the author of twenty books, with sales worldwide of over two million copies. He says that "perhaps this simple story of discovery and love is my favorite."

We think readers will make Thor a favorite of theirs, too - young and old, dog-lovers, lovers of fine photography, and just about everyone else who can see more than a little magic in man's relationship to a titan of the animal kingdom. Thor may well become one of the most beloved accounts of a dog ever published. (83/4 X 111/4, 100 pages, b&w photos)


David Douglas Duncan is one of the great photojournalists of the 20th Century. Beginning in 1950 he published twenty books over his lifetime. The first one, "This is War" was about the U.S. Marines in Korea and was recognized as a classic as soon as it reached the market. His book "The Private World of Pablo Picasso" introduced that enigmatic artist's personality to the world. People were able to see the private world that the artist both shaped and functioned within. When I was growing up I was so impressed with that book-length photographic essay that I wanted to follow in D.D.D.'s steps. It impressed me every bit as much as "The Family of Man," a Museum of Modern Art exhibit catalog of many photographers that changed the direction of my professional life. Alas, this book is not in the same league as Duncan's classic coffee table photography essays that have sold an almost unbelievable 2 million plus copies. Don't be too disappointed however, that this is not anything like his classics or his wonderful illustrated memoir "Yankee Nomad."
This is a dog lover's book. Anyone who is a German Shepherd owner will especially enjoy it. Overall, I rated it five stars for the dog memoir. I rated it only three stars for a photographic essay. That's how I arrived at an over-all rating of four stars. I was somewhat disappointed in it, but still love having it for my personal book collection.
The chief reasons for my disappointment with the book are my awareness of the volume's poor layout and design and so-so text. Many of the pictures are not up to the usual standard of the famous photojournalist author-photographer. Some of the layout looks exactly like a poorly done photo album. There is even one oval shaped photograph included to make it really resemble a family snapshot album. It's a lovely image and it suffers from the oval presentation. The biggest design problem is the choice of text fonts. I suspect the book was probably printed in several different languages and the French edition was just fed into a computer to translate the text. It was a perfect example of how not to translate a book. As a result, the font and layout reminded me of an elementary school textbook from 45 years ago when that style of type was the norm. At this time in history the poorly designed text blocks actually distracted the reader from some of the really beautiful photographs. I also had a problem with the free verse. The text is a bit confusing, disjointed, missing some basic information and seems too much like a cut-and-past edit, but that too may be the result of translating the text via a computer program?
For the loyal D.D.D. fans as well as all dog lovers, this is a must for your collection. Duncan was always a dog lover and this is only the latest acknowledgment of it. "Thor" really was well named. An unusual observation, feeling, I noticed while reading the book was how interesting the homes and countryside of Southern France appeared in many of the black and white photographs. In some cases I would have liked to be able to step into the pages of the book to better explore the locales shown in the pictures. Thor lived in quite a picturesque home and mountain village. Some of the interior pictures of Thor relaxing at home in front of the fireplace while guarding his owners have a distinct Georgia O'Keefe flavor to them. Some of the bronzes shown decorating the home's interiors have a distinct Picasso feel to them. Thor seemed quite happy living in this artist environment. Like most dogs, however, home to him was were his owners were and he would have been just as happy living in an igloo.
I have always admired David Douglas Duncan's war photography. As combat veteran and (admittedly) a crazy hobbyist photographer I am always amazed at his (DDD) courage, technical skills, and artistic ability to capture those incredible combat images.
I have several of DDD's combat books but I had never seen this one about his dog Thor. As a dog lover and fan of DDD I had to have this book. Let me just say (without revealing 'the good stuff') that this is a beautiful book with a beautiful and emotional story behind it. I'll also state that I'm not sure that someone who doesn't love dogs would enjoy it as much (a loss for you, I would say. :)).
I would highly recommend this book.
Beautiful, touching photo essay of this big-hearted friend from one of the world's finest photojournalists. Glad to add this volume to my library.
Thor was one of my favorite books! When the secret of the family's uncle came out was very scary! When a wild animal keeps coming and kills the young cat that thor actually loves he is sent to the pound and the owner crys as he is taken away. It certainly made me cry after a dignified dog was thrown into the pound!
Simply the best book ever published, in my opinion. I wish I could have known Thor. It would have been an honor to share a piece of my life with such a noble being. I see so much of the dignity, the desire for solitude, the love for a family, and the good sense of Thor in my own beloved dogs, Pup and Skit. If you want to know the goodness that resides in the soul of dogs, then find a copy of this gentle book.
Mustard Forgotten
A few people reviewing this book have it confused with a novel titled Thor. This is by far my favorite book of all time, in fact, so much so, that I have 2 copies. The pictures are amazing and the love oozing from the words of the author are so touching. I could write a book just like this about my past and present "babies". God speed sweet Thor....snow dancing forever.
reviewer o.c., ca. certainly never saw or read the book. as a shepherd trainer and owner i would have to describe this a combinatin of poetry and fine art. genuinely touching. a remarkable epitaph to a dog that was loved and is missed.
Magnificent pictures. Gorgeous free verse. An animal of great dignity and joy.

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