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by Charles W. Sutherland

Download Disciples of Destruction fb2, epub

ISBN: 0879753498
Author: Charles W. Sutherland
Language: English
Publisher: Prometheus Books; 1st Edition edition (April 1, 1987)
Pages: 461
Category: World
Subcategory: History
Rating: 4.6
Votes: 245
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Disciples of Destruction book.

Disciples of Destruction book. Examines religion and the role it has played over time  .

Charles W Sutherland

Charles W Sutherland. Educated at University of Vienna (Austria), Loyola University of Chicago, London School of Economics and Political Science (England), University of Chicago.

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Charles W. Sydnor Jr's, "Soldiers of Destruction" is a wonderful piece of historical literature. This book represents Dr. Sydnor's P. Soldiers of Destruction" is a pleasure to read - well-crafted prose and flow - and contains lots of facts.

This book analyses the ramifications of organised religion and its effects on Western civilisation

What's going on in the world? Every day we hear more horror stories about the wars in the Middle East. This book analyses the ramifications of organised religion and its effects on Western civilisation. It argues that organised religion maintains the proclivities of its barbaric origins.

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This is the biography page for Charles Sutherland. Where to find Charles Sutherland online.

Genealogy for Charles W. Sutherland (1869 - 1914) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. Charles W. Sutherland in 1880 United States Federal Census. Sutherland. Collection: 1880 United States Federal Census. Birth: Circa 1870 - Missouri, United States.

In this book Charles gives his perspective on the simple church movement as a practitioner. He describes the basics of the Kingdom that Jesus preached, how to make disciples, simple church life and leadership, and the multiplication of simple church groups and networks. Marc van der Woude Dutch innovator, trend watcher, networker, founder of Simple Church Europe and publisher of Joel News International (joelnews. org), a weekly e-zine.

Examines religion and the role it has played over time. This book analyses the ramifications of organised religion and its effects on Western civilisation. It argues that organised religion maintains the proclivities of its barbaric origins.


This book is, in my opinion, more fascinating and relevant to read today in 2016 than it possibly could have been when it first was published thirty years ago. Sutherland meticulously tracks the use force to attain religious goals by the three main Abrahamic religions from their founding texts and mythologies to contemporary time. In doing so, he shows how lofty ideals have rarely prevented religious institutions and states from seizing an economic or political advantage. My favorite chapter is the final one on Marxism. The author tracks this movement from theory to revolution to the Soviet state in its death throes. During this course, it becomes apparent that the leaders of communism used tactics usually associated in history with major religions in order to maintain their position: establishing dogma and orthodoxy to consolidate their own power, engaging in wars of conquest, encouraging xenophobia, and repressing free expression of ideas, all contrary to their professed philosophy. Furthermore, the required violent struggles to bring about the conclusion of Marx's dialectical materialism and the dawning of a utopian communist society reflects the justification of other religions for holy wars and the belief that the community of righteous believers will emerge victorious in the end. This final chapter is not just a criticism of Marxism, but also shows that any ideology sufficiently popular can inspire fanaticism and the willful suspension of rationality of its followers.
Our course has not deviated much in the three decades since this book first appeared. Religious violence is alive and well. It is on the front page of newspapers and the lead on cable network shows. It is a state of affairs that could have been easily anticipated from a careful reading of this book. Its commentary is always insightful and at times prescient, especially concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Muslim terrorism, Christian fundamentalism, and the crumbling of the Soviet Union. The intervening time shows that we are still trapped in this same paradigm of at least the last two millennia. To escape from it we will need to stop turning to corrupt institutions for the answers to life's hardest questions and learn to come to grips with our own existence: material, mental, and spiritual.
I found D of D to be a very interesting and honest assessment of religious origins. Sutherland explores chronologically, from Judaism, to Christianity, to Islam, ending with Communism. The latter may seem peculiar given the scope of the discussion but it is apropos. Sutherland wants to explain why people act in a collective manner, what binds them. He also wants people to honestly examine and explore the reality behind the myths.
This is one of the two most amazing pieces of reasearch I have ever read in my life. We give our loyalty, money and even our lives without question to ancient creeds of our forefathers. I was given this book by Mr. Sutherland in Wash., DC years ago when I photographed him for it's press release, and stuck it in my book case. I had no idea what I had. Years later after a life changing experience, it appeared like magic - with all the answers I sought. Mr. Sutherland puts everything in a logical order so you can get the big picture. My copy is ragged and highlighted now - I came here in hopes of finding a new copy to buy for my daughter.

If religion cannot stand up to scrutiny, then it must be re-vamped or discarded. I did sense Mr. Sutherlands' respect for the real Jesus, who is nowhere to be seen in the 2000 year old Roman religion that stole his name.

Disciples of Destruction should be required reading for all free thinkers along with "The Unseen Hand" by RALPH EPPERSON, wich covers government in much the same way.
Mysterious Wrench
`Disciples of Destruction' is an insightful look into the specious origins of the three great religions: Christianity, Islam, and their progenitor Judaism. In the final section Sutherland also addresses Communism as a theological belief system, sharing the endemic qualities of dogmatic and fanatical belief in the face of evidence to the contrary, among many other nefarious distinctions.

Each section unfolds in essentially the same manner. First the origin myths are explained in less than flattering, but perhaps, more objective terms. The development of the belief system follows, with a focus on the creation of the religious institution and the doctrinal line. Each section is concluded with a look at the current (the book was published in 1987) state and affects of the religion on humanity, focusing mainly on the continued suffering these belief systems continue to spawn.

Religion and politics, always open to opinion and interpretation; but the great value that Sutherland brings to us in his book is an analysis that interprets the facts in a way that is consistent with general human desires, motivations and behavior, things that have remained constant throughout humanity's short history and that explain these `miraculous' events in terms that we see today (i.e. the prevalence of charlatans), and without an appeal to an outside entity. Whether trying, as one reviewer put it, to undo dogmatic programming, or simply looking for the truth (as opposed to the "truth"), as best fits the evidence, this book is a must read.
The sub-title (which Amazon unfortunately omits) reads:

"The Religious Origins of War and Terrorism"

I bought and read this book back in 1987 when it was

first published. It made for an impressive read then,

but I could not have fully appreciated what Sutherland

has to say here until recent years.

This book is more timely than ever, and helps us

understand the mind of those who perpetrate violence

in the name of religion.

I ***HIGHLY*** recommend this book to all.

Happy Holidays!

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