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by Phillip Thomas Tucker

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ISBN: 0811706524
Author: Phillip Thomas Tucker
Language: English
Publisher: Stackpole Books; 1st edition (September 1, 2001)
Pages: 224
Category: Americas
Subcategory: History
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 122
Size Fb2: 1986 kb
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Size Djvu: 1655 kb
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Phillip Thomas Tucker, P. has won international acclaim for breaking new ground in history and in authoring nearly 65 books of unique distinction.

Phillip Thomas Tucker, P. The majority of these books have an entirely "New Look" focus, including newly-published volumes of the "Harriet Tubman Series" to recognize one of the most remarkable women in the annals of American history.

After earning his PhD in 1990, he took a position as civilian historian with the Department of Defense and specialized in air force history. His previous books include George Washington’s Surprise Attack, Exodus from the Alamo, and Father of the Tuskegee Airmen, John C. Robinson. He lives in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.

One of the least-known battles of the Civil War was fought at Palmito Ranch in Cameron County, Texas, on May 13, 1865-six weeks after the Army of Northern Virginia’s surrender at Appomattox Court House. Palmito Ranch was the last Southern victory in a war that had seen the fortunes of the Confederacy steadily decline after its spectacular early success. Previous PostTargeting Abraham Lincoln: The Forgotten 1865. Next PostCivil War Chronicles. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply.

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Phillip Thomas Tucker Phillip Thomas Tucker. A Selection of the Military and History Book ClubsA startling new analysis of one of America's most glorious battles.

Phillip Thomas Tucker. Like many historical events, the American Revolution is sometimes overlooked, ignored, or minimized by historians due to being shrouded in romantic myth and stubborn stereotypes. Here historian Phillip Thomas Tucker provides an in-depth look at the events of the Battle of Trenton, weeding out fiction and legend and presenting new insights and analysis. Phillip Thomas Tucker.

Dr. Tucker is internationally renowned for his presentation of historical narratives in a manner that brings.

An award-winning historian dedicated to compiling corrected and informed works on the truth of the American experience, Phillip Thomas Tucker is a truly prolific academic whose non-fiction works on important key events in America’s story.

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Philip Thomas Tucker.

Preston Thomas Tucker (September 21, 1903 – December 26, 1956) was an American automobile entrepreneur

Preston Thomas Tucker (September 21, 1903 – December 26, 1956) was an American automobile entrepreneur. He is most remembered for his Tucker 48 sedan, initially nicknamed the "Tucker Torpedo", an automobile which introduced many features that have since become widely used in modern cars. Production of the Tucker '48 was shut down amidst scandal and controversial accusations of stock fraud on March 3, 1949.

Book by Tucker, Phillip Thomas


Great book in explaining what really happened at the last battle in Texas. I agree that it was not the last battle of the Civil War as asserted by some.
The Final Fury is a look at Palmito Ranch. Phillip Thomas Tucker calls it “The last battle of the civil war”. This battle was a victory for the Confederacy. A victory with little meaning as the Union had already taken control. I was drawn to this book out of curiosity. I was born and grew up in Texas yet I had never heard about this battle. It seems that General Lee's surrender is looked at as the end of the civil war and therefor anything that happened after is inconsequential. Tucker explores the Palmito Ranch battle in great detail. He starts with some background, discussing the many facts of an intense war. Looking at the various surrenders and events leading up to the end, Tucker paints a picture of those final months. We take a look at the Confederate troops destine for that last battle as they team up with Mexican troops. We then take a look at the Union forces comprised of whites and freed slaves. Though still holding some racism and unfounded judgments these men would learn to work together. The battle at Palmito Ranch would be a vision of diversity with Aglo, Black, Irish, Mexican, German, Tejano, and French men coming together to fight for what they believed was right. After an in depth look at the 62nd USCT we move into the final events leading up to that battle. The detailed look at Palmito Ranch has taught me more than I expected to learn. This book is well written and thoroughly researched. With all sources cited anyone who loves history or the civil war will find an abundance of material to pursue. As I read the final page I was moved by the passion I felt in those words. We see here a man who shared his passion with us. Thank you Mr. Tucker for this intriguing work of art.
I found the story to be informative, Since my Great grandfather was there with the 34th Indiana the story helped "flesh things out" for me.
Reviewing the very last battle of the Civil War has merit, if only for historical documentation. This author has covered what was essentially an extended skirmish that occurred at an obscure location on the Rio Grande between Brownsville, Texas and the Gulf of Mexico. The battle occurred six weeks after General Lee's surrender at Appomattox. Ironies abound and the author touches on them in the narrative. There are innumerable footnotes, indicating the author attempted original research and accuracy. The maps were helpful in orienting the reader. Some photographs of soldiers appear in the middle but strangely only a few were mentioned in the narrative, leaving the reader to wonder why the others were included. Unfortunately, my advice is avoid this book.

Where was the editor? Every other paragraph is repetitive, as if the author was trying to stretch a few pages to eke out his 160 page book. It is extremely trying and irritating to read. The book has numerous typographical errors, misspells and the like. Annoyingly, a concise well constructed sentence or paragraph will be immediately followed by a jarring construction that makes you wonder if the author was assisted by a grade school ghost writer.

Probably the story doesn't have enough bulk to be told in any forum larger than an essay. This last event of the Civil War is documented for posterity but not very attractively.
"The Final Fury" tells the story of the American Civil War's final battlefield, a forgotten one near Brownsville, Texas, though author Phillip Thomas Tucker doesn't do much to lift it out of its obscurity. In fact, you might put down "The Final Fury" feeling like you knew less than when you picked it up.

Wars usually end messily, and the American Civil War was no exception. There was no formal, final surrender; Lee's color-striking at Appomattox Court House only ended the war for one Confederate fighting force. While the government moved out of Richmond, other Rebel forces remained, dormant but unbowed, including Kirby Smith's Trans-Mississippi force which was the last but one to give up. Before that happened, there was minor fighting with Union troops, culminating at Palmito Ranch on the Rio Grande in Texas.

A Union colonel trying to gain some 11th-hour glory led a combined force of Indiana and free black infantry as well as "Yankee Texas" cavalry to Brownsville, tangling at Palmito Ranch with a similarly irregular Confederate force led by John Ford, not the director, but a similarly rough-hewn fellow upon whom Tucker showers much approbation.

The battle was more of an engagement, and a one-sided rout at that. Unfortunately, Tucker feels the need to pad this thing out well past the breaking point. With little in the way of first-hand accounts to draw from, Tucker offers much supposition and endless repetition of facts that weren't that key the first dozen times he mentioned them. He varies the casualty count on both sides with amnesiac imprecision, describing the mortal wounding of a Confederate soldier on one page, then suggesting a few pages later that no Rebels were killed at all. He trots out tortured "ironies," such as the battle ended with a shot being fired eastward just as happened at Fort Sumter, the first battle, and that both were Confederate victories.

But unlike Sumter, Palmito Ranch didn't change much of anything, and the central problem for Tucker may be the insignificance of his story. Even Bruce Catton would have had his hands full trying to make a silk purse of this. But Tucker, though his intentions seem good, has little to say and a frightfully bad way of saying it.

Toward the end of the book, Tucker, whose Rebel sympathies are obvious though balanced, suggests the possibility that some Union troops, in particular the Texas riders, were shot after surrendering to their brother Texans. That might have made a more interesting basis for a book than the engagement itself, but instead the idea is merely raised with the vague comment people still find human remains around the battle site. It's the one time one wishes Palmito Ranch had the services of a better historian.

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