Download HAVING TWINS fb2, epub

by Elizabeth Noble

Download HAVING TWINS fb2, epub

ISBN: 0395291402
Author: Elizabeth Noble
Language: English
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin (September 24, 1980)
Pages: 240
Category: Women's Health
Subcategory: Health
Rating: 4.2
Votes: 357
Size Fb2: 1666 kb
Size ePub: 1563 kb
Size Djvu: 1555 kb
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Elizabeth Noble was born and raised in Australia, where she completed studies in physiotherapy, philosophy, and .

Elizabeth Noble was born and raised in Australia, where she completed studies in physiotherapy, philosophy, and anthropology. She was an American Field Service Exchange Student to Tucson, AZ in 1961. In 1973 after living abroad, she returned to the USA and founded the Section on Women's Health of the American Physical Therapy Association. Her interest in psychology led her to write Primal Connections: How our Experiences from Conception to Birth Influence our Emotions, Behavior and Health and Childbirth with Insight.

About Elizabeth Noble: Elizabeth Noble was born and raised in Australia, where she completed studies in physiotherapy .

About Elizabeth Noble: Elizabeth Noble was born and raised in Australia, where she completed studies in physiotherapy, philosophy, and anthropology. A fierce advocate for the rights of children, she wrote Having Your Baby by Donor Insemination and The Joy of Being a Boy.

Considers the special concerns of prospective multiple-birth parents show more.

Having Twins And More is the original source parents consult for guidance through the multiple birth experience. ISBN13: 9780618138739.

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Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Having Twins - and More: Every Parent's Guide to Pregnancy, Birth and Early Childhood by Elizabeth Noble, . Having Twins - And More : A Parent's Guide to Multiple Pregnancy, Birth, and Early Childhood, Paperback by Noble, Elizabeth; Sorger, Leo; Keith, Louis (FRW), ISBN 0618138730, ISBN-13 9780618138739, Brand New, Free P&P in the UK Considers the needs of prospective multiple-birth parents. Read full description.

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Considers the special concerns of prospective multiple-birth parents


Quite old and outdated. Had to laugh at some things in this book. Please go with a newer version from this century:-)
I read this book while I was pregnant with my twin daughters and found it incredibly depressing and scary. It was filled with morbid quotes from parents who had a bad outcome, along the lines of, "when not even one of the triplets lived, I went out and got drunk," and seemed to dwell on every possible problem and complication to the point that I was quite stressed and anxious when in fact, my twins were born naturally, five days before the predicted due date, had none of the complications this horrible book made me worry about, and were in excellent health. In fact, I so dislike the book that I go out of my way to warn expectant parents of twins to avoid it. In addition, the dietary advice is ridiculous and it's impossible for even a hearty eater to consume the massive amounts of food this writer claims are necessary to having a healthy baby. So, unless you like being scared, I recommend against buying this book.
This book was originally written in 1980 and, although a few chapters were added in 1991, it still reads like the early 80s - a time when a woman really could "fail" childbirth! If you are looking for an excuse to gain 50-60 (or even 70!) lbs or an excuse to never drink another glass of milk (according to the author, the idea that milk is good for you is just a myth propagated by the highly government subsidized dairy farmers), then this book could be for you. On the other hand, if you're on bedrest, considering using an epidural or even (gasp) a c-section, this book will try to make you feel bad about it.
Then there are the chapters about the long term psychological effect of having to share a womb. If you believe, as the author does, that you can remember back to the day you implanted as a little embryo in your mothers womb, then you might think there's something to this. I just had to laugh.
The author cites a lot of conflicting studies about twins and draws whatever conclusions she wants from them. All in all, I didn't get any of the practical advise I was looking for.
When I was having twins, this book was my bible. I loved it! I found it to be very informative. While I had a wonderful obstetrician in attendance, it was nice to have something to fill in the blanks when he was not available. Being inquisitive by nature, this book fit the bill. I read it from cover to cover. I found it to have a common sense approach to the process of having twins.

I tended to follow its advice and found it very reassuring. Its dietary recommendations were sound. I followed them, as they were not inconsistent with my doctor's own. I felt good throughout my pregnancy and was very happy to be having twins. When they were born, my son weighed in at 7 lbs. 2 oz., and my daughter weighed in at 6 lbs. 6 oz.

The book really gives one all the information about having twins that one could ever want: the good, the bad, and the ugly. It is a reality based book. Were my daughter having twins, I would give her a copy of this book.
As a childbirth educator I have reviewed numerous books on birth and can only strongly recommend this book for my students/clients carrying multiples. While every other developed country in the world knows the benefits of hormone-free meats and animal products and evidence-based maternity care, we Americans still suffer under our unrestrained capitalistic model of care. Yes, the author, Eliz. Noble, recommends organic and natural foods and yes, vegetarianism. Food corporations began giving them to animals in the 70's--not for our benefit--but for their's. Faster growth and more production. The American Cancer Society recognizes that vegetarianism is the most effective way to avoid most cancers. But Noble says if vegetarianism isn't for you--go organic. It is also the TRUTH that our bodies have not changed in the last 35 years, but how OBs treat women certainly have. What mainstream Americans consider "in their best interest" advice from their OBs is often actually "liability-risk care" and not "evidence-based care". Noble cites studies and evidence-based care and this is simply too difficult for most mainstream Americans to hear. That's why, out of the 26 placings of developed countries, we rank #25 in maternal mortality and #21 in infant mortality. That's bad, very, very, very bad. For the truth that other developed countries know, read this book.
I bought this book back in 1991 when it was just published, and I was pregnant with twins. My twins are now 9 years old, and I have not seen a book since then that is as informative and emotionally holistic as Elizabeth Noble's HAVING TWINS. I followed her advice for weight gain and protein intake as well as whatever other advice I was able to accomodate. My twins were born 1 week AFTER their due date and 7 lbs 2oz and 7 lbs 4 oz. I guess you could say it really worked!
I felt the chapter on the death of a twin was completely appropriate. I appreciated being able to talk about that possibility and make plans for "what if." The chapter is tastefully written with deep respect for the reader. I found it extremely moving and useful.
I am just about to buy this book and give it to a friend of mine who is pregnant with triplets - super twins. If I had been able to find a better book, I would have bought it, but the writing and advice in Elizabeth Noble's book is as good today as it was 9 years ago when I bought it for myself.


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