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by Simon R. Green

Download MISTWORLD fb2, epub

ISBN: 0575053720
Author: Simon R. Green
Language: English
Publisher: GOLLANCZ; First British Edition edition (1992)
Pages: 256
Category: Science Fiction
Subcategory: Fantasy
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 344
Size Fb2: 1786 kb
Size ePub: 1618 kb
Size Djvu: 1714 kb
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Home Simon R. Green Mistworld. As an Outlaw planet, Mistworld was cut off from Empire trade, and high tech was limited to what the smugglers could bring in on their infrequent visits.

Home Simon R. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22. MISTWORLD. A computer's memory crystal thus became far more tempting loot than any diamond or ruby. Cat didn't know what information the crystal held, and didn't care.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Shielded from Imperial attack by the powerful espers who have sought refuge there, Mistworld-the haven for outlaws.

This is a complete bibliography by English space opera and fantasy author Simon R. Green. Most of Green's works take place within the same fictional realm, encompassing multiple realities which characters inhabit, or in some cases move between. Although cross-series use of characters or settings is frequently limited to passing mentions or brief cameo appearances, a number of Green's stories have prominently featured characters from other works in a manner that is significant to the plot.

With her husband, Sergeant Michael Gunn, Topaz does what she can to keep the crooks who run Mistworld in check.

Read Mistworld, by Simon . reen online on Bookmate – An outlaw planet becomes the target of a shadowy, deadly forceLong before the start of a galactic rebellion, Mistworld is just another rebel pl. With her husband, Sergeant Michael Gunn, Topaz does what she can to keep the crooks who run Mistworld in check. But when the corrupt Empire devises an unprecedented scheme to attack the ESP shield that guards Mistworld, Topaz is the only one who can save the planet from being overrun. An enemy fleet lurks just off world-but it is the enemies at home whom Topaz and Gunn should fear the most. Space Opera Military Sci-fi Sci-fi & Fantasy.

Other books by Simon R. Beyond the blue moon. A computer’s memory crystal thus became far more tempting loot than any diamond or ruby. Cat didn’t know what information the crystal held, and didn’t care.

Green moves his plot at top speed, and his characters are alive and his background solid. Baird Searles in Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine on Mistworld. Be sure to enjoy the other Prelude/Twilight of the Empire novels Ghostworld and Hellworld, and the entire Deathstalker series, all from New York Times bestselling author Simon R.

Green, Simon R. Much as he appreciated good living and luxury, he resented having his nose rubbed in it. There was something decidedly smug in the office’s ostentatious display of wealth. The sign over the modestly. plain front door had said simply BLACKSMITH, but Jamie doubted that anyone who worked in this luxurious office would know an anvil if they fell over it. He sighed, leant back in his recliner chair, and tried to look as though he was used to such comforts. He surreptitiously trailed his fingers across the slick, shining surface of the chair’s arms.

Read unlimited books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. The day would come when it would be a key world in Owen Deathstalker’s Rebellion. Now, it’s as it’s always been, a world on the edge of the Empire, a lawless one, shielded from the outside by powerful ESPers. A world where Leon Vertue can run his body bank, where a burglar like Cat has more to fear from other thieves than the Empress’ justice, a world where Investigator Topaz is determined to make her mark. Green moves his plot at top speed, and his characters are alive and his background solid.

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Mistworld is a mix of good and mediocre. The plot, backstory, and setting are handled well by Green, and the dialogue is ok. However, Mistworld is weighed down by relatively mundane characters that are extremely single-faceted cutouts with simplistic motivations. Green's use of names is also somewhat offputting--there are no normal names but then again there aren't any interesting ones either--everyone is named things like Steele, Topaz, Cat, and Dinky (ok, not the last one), usually with the name somehow matching either a character trait or their job.

It's by no means terrible and I made it to the end, which is something in itself, but I am really not sure whether I'll read any further works by this writer.
Well done. An interesting new world is created here, with full-blown characters. I liked this, a lot.
So it is a fun novel with an interesting world view and almost-relatable characters. The author's writing style didn't really resonate with me, but it minimally detracted from the fun of it.

So, yes, I'd be looking forward to part 2.
interesting idea about a planet's geography and climate, coruption and back stabbing and an evil empire on the horizon all make for an interesting read, enjooyed this book very much,
Have been a Simon R. Green fan for years. Have ready many of his various "worlds" from the Droods to Nightside and many more. If you like Dresden give Green a try, similar.
I purchased this series on a whim and haven't been disappointed (sure, I've only read the first book, but still...). Green builds strong, complex characters and a fast-paced narrative, quickly pulling the reader in and keeping hold.
Enjoyed the book a great deal. Once I got into reading Mistworld it was hard to put it down. I recommend it.
Captured my interest but not enough to buy the rest of the series The plot and setting seemed pretty generic