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by Ian McDonald

Download Terminal Cafe fb2, epub

ISBN: 055357261X
Author: Ian McDonald
Language: English
Publisher: Spectra (September 1, 1995)
Pages: 10
Category: Science Fiction
Subcategory: Fantasy
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 155
Size Fb2: 1941 kb
Size ePub: 1355 kb
Size Djvu: 1843 kb
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. It is a few decades after a revolutionary technology has given humans the ability to resurrect the dead

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. It is a few decades after a revolutionary technology has given humans the ability to resurrect the dead. The ever-increasing population of the risen dead is segregated into areas called necrovilles. Here they have created a wild culture.

I expected to love this book. I'm a fan of Ian McDonald

I expected to love this book. I'm a fan of Ian McDonald. Brasyl, Cyberabad Days and River of Gods are all prominent on my bookshelves and I love his ability to spin a complex, interesting SF story set in different and fascinating cultural contexts. I've recommended Cyberabad Days in particular to many people as a great set of SF short stories, full of brilliant ideas and rich with the sights, smells, and cultural quirks of the subcontinent.

Ian McDonald is an award-winning author of science fiction and fantasy from the UK.

Ian McDonald (born 1960) is a British science fiction novelist, living in Belfast. Ian McDonald was born in 1960, in Manchester, to a Scottish father and Irish mother. He moved to Belfast when he was five and has lived there ever since

Used availability for Ian McDonald's Terminal Cafe.

Used availability for Ian McDonald's Terminal Cafe. November 1994 : USA Hardback. September 1995 : USA Paperback.


TENDELEO'S STORY Ian McDonald. Here's a powerful, compassionate, and darkly lyrical story of a young girl's coming-of-age in a future Africa that is literally being eaten by an alien invader, and, after passing through that invader's alien guts, as it were, is being trans-formed into something rich and strange and totally unexpected. British author Ian McDonald is an ambitious and daring writer with a wide range and an impressive amount of talent. His other books include the novels Out on Blue Six and Hearts, Hands and Voices, Terminal Cafe, Sacrifice of Fools and the acclaimed Evolution's Shore, and two collec-tions of his short fiction, Empire Dreams and Speaking in Tongues.

McDonald (The Broken Land, 1992, et. juxtaposes the story of a group of young friends who gather annually in a. .McDonald's lush prose paints a vivid and credible Armageddon. World-building SF that's punk, funky, and frightening: a fantastic acid trip to the end of the world. juxtaposes the story of a group of young friends who gather annually in a celebratory night of the living dead against a literal clash of life and death as the army of the reborn wages war against their mortal enemies.

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Decades after a technological discovery enables the dead to come back to life, the realms of the living and the undead are separated by strict boundaries, and a restless artist decides to explore an ultimate challenge. Reprint.


Nano-scale machinery, tiny robots and computers built on a molecular level by the millions, will feasibly be able to "grow" intelligent
metal, reshape bone structures, and reanimate the dead. Science Fiction writers are getting brain hemorrhages as they try to predict
life with these little guys.

Ian McDonald has done an amazing thing-- with "Terminal Cafe" he's created a wholly plausible world of Dinosaur hunts, men who
add wings to their bodies, gene-tweaked monkies that are as common as pigeons, collapsible automobiles, decay, dystopia, AI
jurisprudence, monstrous corporations, re-animated dead and the coolest hookers you could ever imagine.

"Terminal Cafe" follows the adventures of a group of old friends as they make their way to their annual getogether at the Terminal
Cafe. The POV rotates between them, offering a grand-scale view of life in the near future.

One friend goes on a Hunt, where he stalks and is stalked by people mounted on gigantic Tyranosaur knock-offs. Another friend
rescues an undead prostitute, and finds he has a lot in common with her. Still another friend gets entangled in a chase complete with
a lycanthropy club-- gene-tweaked guys who change into werewolfs. There's the friend who is a lawyer, who has a client that the
biggest Megacorp in the world wants to silence. Finally, there's the friend who gets embroiled in a kind of Independence Day for the
dead-- when all the ressurected return from forced labor in the asteroid belt and assault Earth in a bid for freedom.

Heavily grounded in the latest fiction about the Internet, biotechnology and nanotechnology, and with a strong understanding of
human nature, "Terminal Cafe" assumes a strong understanding of technology and genre standards. It is a powerful novel, deftly
written, with a new fantastic wonder on every page and a cast of characters that can hardly process it all.
Imagine waking up, and realizing that you are dead? In the world created here by McDonald, nanotechnolgy has led to a method for reanimating dead people. Unfortunately, those reincarnated get to spend eternity as a vast slave/labor class, supporting the world of the living.
Needless to say, this sets up a predictable scenario of rebellion. However, where that scenario goes is unpredictable and, in my opinion, quite interesting. Author McDonald has created a lush "dead" culture, and most of the story takes place in the Necroville of Tijuana on the night before and day of "Day of the Dead." The main characters are a group of artists who meet in the titular cafe annually on this holiday to catch up with each other.
The details and substory lines grow and expand for the first half of the book, making it a bit hard to keep everyone and all their actions sorted out. For the second half, it begins an ever-tightening spiral, pulling all the details and characters back together until their final reunion.
Cyberpunk flavor without being too self-referential of the genre. The language has a lot of Spanish influences due to the setting and it provides a nice mix of feelings and expressions.
Ian Mcdonald seems to have an uncanny understanding of the human condition, of the primal urges and fears that drive us. If you changed the rules which govern life and death, which govern the very evolution of the human race, what will come of those urges and fears? That to me is the central question of Terminal Cafe. Once you've been dead, of what are you afraid? Nothing. If you can manipulate flesh and machine with equal ease, what could you be? Anything. One of my Top 5 favorite SF novels. Ian McDonald stands head and shoulders above the crowd of SF authors.
This was a very hard book to get into and I must have tried to read it on 4 or 5 separate occasions before getting beyond the third chapter. The only reason I kept trying is because I love Ian McDonald's other works so much. (Out on Blue Six is my favorite.) Every time I tried however, I got a little deeper in and then all of a sudden - WHAM!- I was hooked and lost in the this crazy story and I left VERY IMPRESSED. This book showed me things I had never seen and gave me a whole new pseudo scientific vocabulary. :-) I just want to say this book is worth any and all effort it takes to read it and once you catch its crazy rhythm it will take you on an unstoppable trip through unimaginably strange situations and you won't want the fun to end.
The book was all right, a good bathroom read to pass time, but it could have been better. There was a lot going on, but not enough explanation, the story had potential to be much more.
I have to say this is not a great book. The Sci-fCincinnatii book club read this book this month and most of us were unable to complete it. It didn't have any defenders in the group. He doesn't provide a clear description of the world. There are many different plots and characters that make it very hard to tell what is going on. A lot of the text just doesn't make any sense. The writing has a very poetic style. Lots of alliteration even some haikus. The downside of that is that it makes it very hard to read.
Of all of Ian McDonald's novels -- which I love -- this is the only one I simply couldn't bear. Molasses from beginning to wherever it was I gave up.
(I always wanted to say that.) At once repulsive and enthralling, this book is a must-read for those who are not too easily offended. Reminded me of Varley's Steel Beach, though much darker.

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