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by Philip G Henley

Download To The Survivors fb2, epub

ISBN: 0957574967
Author: Philip G Henley
Language: English
Publisher: Phenweb Publishing (October 7, 2017)
Pages: 494
Category: Science Fiction
Subcategory: Fantasy
Rating: 4.3
Votes: 412
Size Fb2: 1368 kb
Size ePub: 1667 kb
Size Djvu: 1336 kb
Other formats: lit txt mobi mbr

About Philip G. Henley: Philip G Henley spent nearly eighteen years in the Royal Air Force before entering the civilian corporate . Discover new books on Goodreads. See if your friends have read any of Philip G. Henley's books.

About Philip G. Henley: Philip G Henley spent nearly eighteen years in the Royal Air Force before entering the civilian corporate world  . Philip G. Henley’s Followers (45).

To The Survivors book. An apocalypse threatens human kind  . He specialises in IT, Programmes and Projects in a variety of industries. Philip lives with his wife Lisa in Hampshire in the UK.

Philip G. Henley’s most popular book is To The Survivors. An Agent's Demise (An Agent, by. Henley (Goodreads Author). The World of Fives (The Observer, by.

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Paperback, 494 Pages. This is a story about surviving. Lulu Sales Rank: 333187.

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about this book: A virus threatens and then overwhelms humanity and mammals. Starting from the disease's discovery and the Government's reactions and plans, the story takes us through the first few months and then onwards into how the survivors cope. They try to rebuild some aspects of society but reject others. There are very few of them and their first task is to find each other and then learn to live with each other all the while the fear of succumbing to the illness sits in the background

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An apocalypse threatens human kind. A highly infectious, lethal, genetic, virus is detected that attacks mankind and mammals. The Government must act, and whilst the authorities struggle to find a cure, they have to plan for the worst. As the disease spreads it is not clear how many will, or will not, survive, nor what the survivors will have to do to live. They will have to cope with their grief and loneliness before they can attempt to rebuild society. They will need to find water, food, shelter, and power and then face the other threats to their survival. If they survive, there may be hope for human kind. If they survive


To The Survivors
First let me get the bad out of the way because I would feel dishonest if I didn't point out to potential readers the terrible editing and writing. The author seems to use commas in a whole different manner than what would be considered normal. I myself have been accused of missing commas but in this book they are either too few or too many depending upon the author's whims.

At first I thought it was perhaps some long lost British style but I soon put that notion out of my mind. Most sentences are missing at least one comma and sometimes periods, and I've never seen semicolons used like this actual sentence from the book: "I doubt that; look sit; tell me; how?"

Another big problem is the style of constantly telling things: Gary, Joe, and Liam went here. Val, and Kelly and Cass went there and did something. etc. etc. There are often so many characters involved it's hard to keep track.

Now if you can get past that (and I did) you will find a heart warming story of survival told in the simplest terms, about people who I grew to love. It's been a long, long time since I shed a tear over a story, but the character Hanna did it for me. There were long sections I had to stop reading because my eyes were full of tears.

Some reviewers criticized that humans wouldn't act this way. I'm willing to hope they would. Certainly maybe in England they would? In any case it was so refreshing to read about good hearted human beings like Gary (my new idol) trying to survive and help his fellow man - without zombies, vampires or aliens getting in the way.

Despite it's considerable flaws, I loved this book for its humanity..
The first 14% (kindle count) was boring. Goes into minute detail of the governments response to the plague. Really felt like I wouldn't enjoy this one. Surprisingly I did. It never really picks up the pace though. It is not filled with drama or nail biting action like most in this genre. The cast seems to have all essentials or they find and/or can make them. They never really seem desperate for anything except in rare cases when they run into other survivors. This felt unrealistic to me. There were some editing errors but not too troublesome.

However if you go into this understanding it's not typical for this genre you can probably enjoy it.

Typical equals a raft ride down the Colorado river while this one is a tube ride down a slow moving stream. Both fun just depends what you are in the mood for.
I found the beginning to be a little slow going, detailing the scientific and government response to the discovery of a new virus that affects all mammals. When we meet Gary, who is living in an energy producing home alone after the death of both his parents, is where the story starts to get very engrossing. Gary eventually ventures out of his home and meets fellow survivors, and what follows is how they try to survive and to re-build the population. I loved that it carried forward for another generation (and a good number of years). I found myself immersed in this world and caring deeply about the people in this world, and had many late nights where I just couldn't put down the Kindle. Some editing would make this rise from a 4-star to a 5-star review.
When I was searching for new reading I almost didn't purchase this one - the length, the sample, and the basic premise frankly didn't enthuse me. I was totally wrong!

The first part of the book kind of drags in my opinion with a lot of governmental and scientific explanations that almost had me quit reading. The writing is strong enough though that the plot continued to engage my interest and I powered through. The entire rest of the book is in turns fascinating, heartbreaking, creative, honest and fully engaging. The characters are real, honest and in most cases likeable. The social solutions presented for the circumstances are practical and common sense.

The book doesn't end with rainbows and fairy tales, nor does it destroy all hope. In my opinion it is a very realistic book, one of the very few in this genre that I have found.

There are no zombies. There are no political/religious drums. There are no highly trained SEAL/SAS members coming to save the day. In fact, survivors survive quite a while before they find the government's solution.

This is not light reading. If you're looking for a "thinking man's" book, give this one a try, Mr. Henley is a truly gifted and insightful author.
This is an excellent book that kept my attention from the start. The only gripe I might have is that by the end, there were enough characters that I was having trouble remembering who a few of them were.
Like everyone else, I'm hoping the author doesn't stop with this book. I'd like to know what the future holds for the survivors.

I highly recommend this book.
While the writing is a bit clunky in places and there seems to be a cut and paste went wrong with chapter heading replacing some words later in the book, this is a well thought out novel.
If you are into reading books about authors dreaming about all the weapons they can have and how they can become another Rambo and save the world look elsewhere. This is about a realistic situation with people whose characters have good and bad sides as per normal.
Good value for money.
First, editing is worse I've ever seen. I constantly had to re-read to make something make sense.second,I really had to suspend my belief on this one.I want to believe man kind would be as this author writes.but again, we only have limited experience on catastrophic events to compare to what he writes.and last, some times he wrote events way too fast while next, way too slow. all that said, not the best but certainly not the worse.
Don't let the beginning of this book fool you! It gets sooo much better.i loved this story. I loved the characters and the lifetime of a group of people that I would hope to be part of if TSHTF! I would loooooove a continuation of the story maybe the next generation. I would give this book 10 stars if I could. Just remember the slow start is well worth the entire story! I will be watching this author.

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