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by Carmen Carter

Download Dreams of the Raven (Star Trek, No 34) fb2, epub

ISBN: 0671743562
Author: Carmen Carter
Language: English
Publisher: Pocket Books (September 1, 1991)
Category: Science Fiction
Subcategory: Fantasy
Rating: 4.5
Votes: 114
Size Fb2: 1788 kb
Size ePub: 1829 kb
Size Djvu: 1110 kb
Other formats: lit azw mbr lrf

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Dreams of the Raven book. A merchant ship's frantic .

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by Carter Carmen (Author). Enhanced Typesetting: Enabled.

Dreams Of The Raven A merchant ship's frantic . Classic Trek at its best! By Thriftbooks. com User, March 18, 2002. This is one of the better classic Trek novels from a period where it was extremely hit or miss. What I liked most about the work and think that Carter worked out very well is McCoy's emotions at being a young man, trapped in an old body in his future. STAR TREK: Dreams of the Raven.

Finding books BookSee BookSee - Download books for free. Dreams of the Raven (Star Trek, No 34). Carmen Carter. 193 Kb. Die Kinder von Hamlin.

Carmen Cecilia Carter (1954–Present) is a science fiction writer, author of several bestselling novels that take place in the Star Trek universe. Born in San Antonio, Texas on October 21, 1954, Carter was the daughter of Will Cecil and Yolanda Carter (a small press publisher, née Calderon).

A mysterious alien attack cripples both the Enterprise and Dr. McCoy! From the back cover. sends the Enterprise speeding to the rescue!

A mysterious alien attack cripples both the Enterprise and Dr.

The image you are seeing is the actual book you will be receiving, not a stock photo. I always combine shipping to help you save money. I ship within 1 day of receiving your payment

The image you are seeing is the actual book you will be receiving, not a stock photo. I ship within 1 day of receiving your payment.

Star Trek: Dreams of the Raven by Carmen Carter (Paperback, 1987). World of Books Ltd was founded in 2005, recycling books sold to us through charities either directly or indirectly.

Dreams Of The Raven

A merchant ship's frantic S.O.S sends the U.S.S. Enterprise™ speeding to the rescue! But the starships mission of mercy soon becomes a desperate struggle for survival against a nightmarish enemy Captain Kirk can neither identify nor understand, an enemy he must defeat without the aid of one of his most trusted officers.

For the Leonard McCoy Kirk knew is gone. In his place stands a stranger -- a man with no memory of his Starfleet career, his family, his friends... or the one thing James T. Kirk needs most of all. His dreams.


I prefer almost ANY of the OLDER ST TOS novels to the very recent new ones. The newest ones tend to appeal to those who are fans of DS9, and TNG with regard to plot types and character roles... it's like the new ones simply take a TNG or Voyager script, (or DS9) and substitute Kirk, Spock, McCoy, et. al into the script. I don't LIKE that at all. Way to PC for me! I like the old brash Bones McCoy, the Thick dialect speaking Chekov who sees "enemy wessels" Scotty with his thick brogue and often comic relief, Uhura with her just uplifting personality and that female touch, same with Chapel who also asserts herself quite nicely when bristled. I like the way the OLD scripts were written and too many of the new ones contain "Mea Culpas" from the "authors" of these who seem to make it their crusade to punish the old crew members for perceived wrongs in TOS scripts. For that reason I've all but given up on anything written for TOS after the 1990's. Just my opinion; but you lose that old series flavor with the new "fortified with PC dosages" versions. Now off the Soap Box and to THIS story.

A derelict Klingon vessel is found adrift in space not long after Kirk and the enterprise are victims of a surprise attack from some heretofore never seen aliens, which the Enterprise barely escapes from--but not without severe damage. It turns out the aliens (dubbed Ravens because of their rather peculiar bird-like beaks and other avian features) are a formidable foe, capable of consuming the brain of their victim, and in an audio-only communication, sound exactly like their late victim. Because of this, Kirk is confounded as to whom he can trust, and whom he cannot. If that isn't bad enough, McCoy, totally stressed out after untold hours in surgery of victims from the previous attack, is seriously injured in a follow up gravitational "bump" to the ship. McCoy recovers, but has lost all of his memories since he was a young aspiring doctor in the hills of Georgia and wanting NO part of Starfleet. Kirk is beleaguered by problems without the help of his trusted chief medical officer who--through the greater part of the story--thinks he's about 25 or so year old, and loathes the idea of being in Starfleet. The interim CMO is an adequate surgeon but totally lacking social skills and with little personality. Believe it or not, I have only told you an outline of the plot--there's lots more action in the story. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 (which is what I give most of TOS novels that aren't BULGING with nauseating political correctness), is that while it was interesting having a McCoy who thought he was still a young brash aspiring doctor--I missed a lot of that Spock/McCoy back-and-forth banter. All in all, though it's a good read, and all the Original Series fans should like this one.
happy light
Very strong story.
I really enjoyed this one, although the concept of what the aliens look like is a little hokey. It's a fast and exciting read.
Book is slow to start but is a good book. Lots of history some of which as is revised in the movies, as is common,
The Sphinx of Driz
This is a pretty solid action thriller. You've got the Enterprise crippled early on (not Voyager "Year of Hell" level of crippled, but close), McCoy gets amnesia, Kirk has to figure out how to beat aliens no one has seen before, and there's several space battles. The main strength of the novel is the tension as Kirk and the crew struggle to fix the Enterprise and stay alive, but the amnesiac McCoy stuff is way weaker and wears on you as the novel progresses. If you hate Kirk in the first two Kelvin Timeline/reboot movies, well, you'll hate amnesiac McCoy too - he's just as self-centered and a jerk to most people around him. That's not to say that some good conversations about identity don't come out of it, but until amnesiac McCoy's subplot reconnects to the Enterprise fighting alien plot, he's more of a dead weight to the story than a benefit.

That said, it's a story that actually could work better with the reboot crew, since they'd have to step up and learn from it, and honestly would've been a massive improvement over Star Trek into Darkness's actual story. If someone made a Kelvin Timeline Trek novel based on this story, I'd read it.
This book is rather poorly written; the plot devices introducing the characters to the uninitiated are rather transparent and add nothing to the story, the plot itself (the allegedly main plot involving conflict with a hostile alien race) is trite and artificial, the scene-shifts are choppy and amateurish, and the characterizations are rather two-dimensional for the most part (the exceptions being McCoy and Dr. Dyson, the romantic interest). The only thing that saved it from a one-star rating is that the subplot of McCoy losing his memory (as near as I can tell, the REAL main plot) is moderately intriguing in concept, and handled surprisingly well other than the fact that the cause of the amnesia is trite beyond words (the old bonk on the head trick) and the cure for it so heavily foreshadowed that by the time we finally get to it, it's seriously anticlimactic. This is not the worst Star Trek novel I've read; it's better (by far) than "Triangle" or "Spock Must Die", and a bit better than "Killing Time" or "Black Fire". But overall, I'd have to say that it's in the bottom 10% of all the Star Trek novels I've read.
The author uses McKoy's memory loss to explore his character deeper en go further into his history, his daughter and his choices in life. The relationship between Kirk, Spock and McKoy is shown from a different angle, because one link is missing. A warm book about a bantering friendship, with even some small romance for McKoy. If you where not a McKoy fan at the beginning (I wasn't) then you'll be one at the end. (Yep, I am)
And yes, there is also mistery in space, strange creatures with unusual powers, body snatchers, Klingons being overtaken, spacefights, and a lone space station thats a trifle to defenseless....

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