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Download Blood Cursed (Shadowfae Chronicles, Book 4) fb2, epub

by Erica Hayes

Download Blood Cursed (Shadowfae Chronicles, Book 4) fb2, epub

ISBN: 0312624719
Author: Erica Hayes
Language: English
Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks; 1 edition (August 2, 2011)
Category: Fantasy
Subcategory: Fantasy
Rating: 4.8
Votes: 490
Size Fb2: 1852 kb
Size ePub: 1391 kb
Size Djvu: 1639 kb
Other formats: doc mobi azw rtf

Set in an alternative Melbourne Unseelie nightclub scene, Ms. Hayes magical mob world of gangs, turf wars, and violence stain the pages as we sink into the muck and mire along with her characters. Deception, sex, and magic all work together to weave a seductive spell; holding you tightly in their loving embrace until you accept their will as your own.

Blood Cursed is the fourth book in Erica Hayes' thrilling paranormal fantasy series the Shadowfae Chronicles. She is the author of the Shadowfae Chronicles. She lives in Australia. Библиографические данные. Blood Cursed: A Novel of the Shadowfae Chronicles Shadowfae Chronicles (Том 4).

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Readers will thoroughly enjoy this entertaining tale of forbidden love. Erica Hayes has a great future ahead of her as a bestselling author. Hot, spicy and well rounde. wesome.

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Erica Hayes Blood Cursed (The Shadowfae Chronicles, by Erica Hayes.

You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore. When she's hired by a demon to steal a cursed magical amulet from a monstrous tower in Hell, it must be her lucky da. h. Shadowfae (The Shadowfae Chronicles, by Erica Hayes. Blood Cursed (The Shadowfae Chronicles, by Erica Hayes. To a vampire, nothing is sweeter than bloodfairy essence-and Ember is the most sought-after fairy on the underworld circuit.

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To a vampire, nothing is sweeter than bloodfairy essence—and Ember is the most sought-after fairy on the underworld circuit. Selling her blood to the highest bidder—and robbing her clients in the process—Ember has unwittingly become a target of dark and dangerous forces. Her enemies are everywhere. And if she hopes to survive, she needs protection…

Diamond is a glassfairy who, for better or worse, knows his way around the vampire underworld. Smooth as silk and tougher than trolls, Diamond is Ember’s only chance to keep her magical blood inside her body, where it belongs. But he also poses a threat to Ember, a strange kind of danger she’s never experienced before: She’s falling in love with him…

Blood Cursed is the fourth book in Erica Hayes' thrilling paranormal fantasy series the Shadowfae Chronicles.


At the Unseeling Court nightclub in Melbourne, Jasper the dark fae pimps his girlfriend Emmy to the vampires. The Undead pay exorbitant amounts of money to taste the nectar of bloodfairy juice. The bloodwhore and her pimp rob the dazed bloodsucker. However, Emmy is emotionally hurt when she sees Jasper kissing ardently another female fae.

Glassfairy Diamond the gangster takes Ember under his wings as she has something he wants. Ember stole crystals from Kane who demands their return with a catch; whoever does so must enter hell to do so, but not entering hell would prove worse. Diamond knows Ember is an expendable pawn in a gangland war, but he loves her. Ember distrusts Diamond especially since she loves him, but if she wants to live he is her only chance.

This is an interesting Australian urban romantic fantasy in which the world of Erica Hayes is a dark, gloomy and bloody as the readers tours this alternate Melbourne mob underground. The story line is fast-paced even with a need to adapt to the butchered "speechified" way Diamond talks. Fans will enjoy the latest exhilarating Shadowfae Chronicles (see Poison Kissed, Shadowfae and Shadowglass).

Harriet Klausner
Poison Kissed, book 3 of this series, is one of my favorites for 2013 (so far). I found this book (#4) good, with an intricate plot that kept me reading, but I have to admit, I found Ember to be a bit wishy-washy valley girl. Diamond was a great character, but he could have done better than a girl that had such a hard time believing in him (yeah, yeah, we get the whole low self esteem thing), I would have preferred a stringer female to pair him with. That said, this is a terrific author, and book 4's plot may pale when compared to the Poison kissed,, but it is still a good story and I love the author's writing style. NOTE: I am reading this series out of order. Although the characters cross over, their stories don't impact each others' chronologically
The is defiantly a must read series for all paranormal fans. It has it all from gritting fighting to love found, etc.
I was trying to figure out a way to write this review without sounding like a jerk, but I'm just going to write this how I feel and hope its not to offensive.
So I started this book yesterday and I really thought the description sounded interesting and was looking forward to reading about this fairy world where there are so many different types of creatures.
I couldn't get past the made up gibberish language the leading man uses the every time he speaks he even thinks in this horrible baby talk, I'm at a loss for how can you call someone a gangster mob type and then have him speak in isms I swear that was it just add ism to any word and you've got this speech down, I thought the author would explain at some point make the speech thing a part of the type of fairy he was to explain the childish activity by some drug dealing mob guy but no. Even more baffling is no one else talks this way in the book but none of the characters find his speech weird or irritating come on. This book made me want to pull my hair out the female lead is a whiny oh poor me attitude really topped my distaste for this book. I feel bad seeing as it's the only book I've read by the author but I can't imagine I will pick up anything else after reading this I didn't even finish it bought it yesterday got halfway and said screw it I'm getting my money back and returned it. This is a new thing for me cause I've never disliked a book so much that I've returned one. I usually still want to know the outcome of the book enough to push through but I couldn't stand reading about these characters for one more minute. I'm also not big on returning books cause it just feels weird like stealing, so I usually keep even the bad ones just turn them in at a used book store or something I just couldn't keep this one it had to go back even though it was only 6 dollars I couldn't bring myself to eat the money on this one.
Gosh, I only just started this book and the lead male's weird way of speaking and thinking are already annoying me so much. I've been trying to just read the words normally in my head whenever I come across them, but there are just so many of them that it's almost impossible to do. It seriously takes away from the quality of the story and makes it hard to understand at times. (ex. virusicality, weaknificality, thinkify, self-respectification)--and those are just some of the words (all found on the same page) that make him sound stupid. I wouldn't advise anyone to buy this if they like getting "lost" in a good book because you have to take yourself out of the story and concentrate pretty hard to understand Diamond.
BLOOD CURSED was the fourth (4th) book in The Shadowfae Chronicles. I have not read the previous ones but this was not an issue. Each novel does stand alone and readers will not have a problem following this story. After reading the blurb and being intrigued, it was a little disappointing with some of the language used. It was very distracting and I found myself having to reread parts of it over. Overall, it was a good read.

Rating: 3

Reviewed by: KellyR

Received from the publisher for an honest review by MY BOOK ADDICTION AND MORE

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