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by Fritz Leiber

Download Swords Against Death fb2, epub

ISBN: 0441791581
Author: Fritz Leiber
Language: English
Publisher: Ace (September 15, 1983)
Category: Fantasy
Subcategory: Fantasy
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 950
Size Fb2: 1697 kb
Size ePub: 1295 kb
Size Djvu: 1437 kb
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Swords Against Death. Swords Against Death is a fantasy short story collection by Fritz Leiber featuring his sword and sorcery heroes Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser.

Swords Against Death. Author: Fritz Leiber. The Fafhrd and Gray Mouser stories follow the lives of two larcenous but likable rogues as they adventure across the fantasy world of Nehwon.

com Contents The Circle Curse The. Book II of the "Fafhrd and Gray Mouser" series. Illustration by Rick Lacy.

Neil Gaiman Presents: the second book in Fritz Leiber's classic sword-and-sorcery series. In Swords Against Death.

Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser are two sword-and-sorcery heroes appearing in stories written by American author Fritz Leiber. They are the protagonists of what are probably Leiber's best-known stories. One of his motives in writing them was to have.

He blundered bull-like into two or three trees, and only came to a halt because he knocked himself flat against one of them. The house had ceased most of its random movements, and the whole of it was shaking like a huge dark jelly. Suddenly its forward part heaved up like a behemoth in death agony. The two smaller domes were jerked ponderously a dozen feet off the ground, as if they were the paws. The tower whipped into convulsive rigidity.

Swords Against Death, the second volume in the Lankhmar series, finds Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser beginning their real journey

Swords Against Death, the second volume in the Lankhmar series, finds Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser beginning their real journey. Their hearts altered by the loss of first true love, they embark on a long and winding path of drunken debauchery and womanizing until crossing paths with two cross wizards, Sheelba of the Eyeless Face and Ningauble of the Seven Eyes. But did they know it would make them indentured swordsman servants to their former foes, the formidable Sheelba and Ningauble? Sci-fi & Fantasy Epic Fantasy Dark Fantasy. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

Swords Against Death book.

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This is the second collection in a series about two of the more interesting characters in the history of sword-and-sorcery fiction, the giant red-haired northern barbarian Fafhrd and the quick little city-born thief clad all in grey silk The Grey Mouser. Their unlikely partnership was created by author/actor Fritz Leiber in a series of stories published in the pulps in the 50's and 60's or thereabouts. They were great stories then, and they hold up very well.

I labelled the plot of this book "predictable" because most of the stories follow similar lines: Fafhrd (pronounced "Fafhrd") and The Mouser grow weary of their tavern life in the ancient city of Lanhkmar -- a sort of predecessor of Terry Pratchett's Ankh-Morpork -- chasing wenches and involved in petty theft, or they hear of a great jewel or other treasure in some far-off kingdom, or their wizardly mentors Sheelba of the Eyeless Face and Ningauble of the Seven Eyes send them off on separate quests that usually end up in the same place. The difference is in the details.

And the details are wonderful. I'm not going to relate any of the stories here -- read the book! -- but these stories are little masterpieces of the genre, and Leiber was the creator of many of the details and set pieces which followed. The stories are funny and they are fun and occupy a place in heroic fiction very close to Robert E. Howard's Conan. They also answer a question posed by Conan: How can a hugely beefy unlettered head-bashing barbarian from the northern wastes also have developed a subtlety of mind and an inherent quickness? Conan is sometimes unbelievable for the range of his abilities. Fritz Leiber's solution: spread those qualities over two characters.

It works. These two guys work. The stories work. Read this book, hell read the whole series.
A classic of swords and sorcery by one of the best. This second volume of Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser stories actually makes for a better introduction to the pair, as it includes a number of the their best stories, and doesn't get bogged down in their meeting, or their marriages. It's just a string of swashbuckling adventures.
I recently rediscovered the Fafhrd & the Gray Mouser series, and I couldn't be happier that I did. Superbly written, totally enjoyable fantasy romps with two unforgettable characters. Strongly recommended. Some of the content is SLIGHTLY "racy" - about like a PG-13 movie nowadays.
Fritz Leiber creates a wonderful world of sorcery, theft, murder, and mystery, which excites and keeps you glued to the pages. Certainly worth the price of admission.
Reading fritz Leiber again is wonderful. Much as his tales were in the pulps of my younger days. Hope you have more of his works at the reasonable 1.99 price.
A nice collection of short stories of Fafhrd and The Gray Mouser. In the nature of short stories much is left unsaid and for the readers imagination.
honestly, i'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series. I wish i had realized this was the second book when i picked it up, but it really didn't matter when i got into it. As a sci-fi/fantasy geek, this was among the better books i've read recently. not the best, mind you, but still up there.
A collection of short stories involving Fafhrd and the Grey Mouser. Leiber has fun with the sword and sorcery genre, teasing it respectfully but still hitting all the marks.

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