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Download Mr. X Volume 1: Who is Mr. X fb2, epub

by The Hernandez Brothers,Dean Motter,Paul Rivoche

Download Mr. X Volume 1: Who is Mr. X fb2, epub

ISBN: 0743493346
Author: The Hernandez Brothers,Dean Motter,Paul Rivoche
Language: English
Publisher: I Books; Limited Ed edition (October 26, 2004)
Pages: 176
Category: Graphic Novels
Subcategory: Comics
Rating: 4.2
Votes: 318
Size Fb2: 1766 kb
Size ePub: 1827 kb
Size Djvu: 1220 kb
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Designers Dean Motter & Paul Rivoche concocted the premise of a detective working in "Fritz Lang's METROPOLIS". A slew of promotional posters set the comics world on fire anticipating the series.

Designers Dean Motter & Paul Rivoche concocted the premise of a detective working in "Fritz Lang's METROPOLIS". But before the 1st issue was ever drawn, Motter got bored with the concept, and creative disagreements saw Rivoche walk without pencilling a single issue. DESPITE this, a dense, FASCINATING, sometimes stunning, if often flawed work emerged. Under a dazzling series of covers by Rivoche & Motter, The Hernandez Bros. LOVE & ROCKETS) supplied the art for the.

Ultimately though this results in a lackluster story with plenty of mystery for the sake of mystery, macguffins and nonsensical plot twists. As someone else pointed out, the comic is called "Mister X" which phoenetically can sound like "Misdirects".

Mister X was a series of comic books first published in 1983–1990 by Canadian company Vortex Comics. Created by album and book cover designer Dean Motter, it was developed for a year in close collaboration with comic artist and illustrator Paul Rivoche, whose series of poster illustrations stirred up great interest in the project.

Mister X: The Definitive Collection, Том 2. Dean Motter, Seth . Here is volume two in the definitive three-volume graphic novel collection of the acclaimed cult classic and 2005 Eisner Award nominated series. Radiant City was built to be the dream city, a vast and beautiful metropolis, designed to fulfill the grandest aesthetic and architectural ideals. Gaiman has also co-authored a book with Terry Pratchet called "Good Omens" and wrote "Ghastly Beyond Belief" in 1985 and "Don't Panic" in 1987.

Cooke, Jon B. "Rivoche's Mr. X Files" interview with Paul Rivoche.

Around 1984, all three brothers were hired by Toronto-based publisher Vortex Comics to collaborate on a new series, Mister X. This project was based upon a character created by artist Dean Motter, and had already been in development for some time when the Hernandez brothers became involved; the book had been heavily publicized in the comics press as a forthcoming title slated. Cooke, Jon B. Comic Book Artist vol. 1, no. 15, November 2001, pages 90–99.

The first arc has the Hernandez brothers working on it; the last arc has Seth, in some of his earliest publish work.

They would include Paul Rivoche, Ty Templeton, Dave McKean and Jaime Hernandez. Was I happy with the story? Well I really enjoyed the world that Mr. X inhabits: Radiant City, a dystopian megalopolis similar to the Fritz Lang's Metropolis. The story concerns a mysterious figure who purports to be its architect (or is he?). The first arc has the Hernandez brothers working on it; the last arc has Seth, in some of his earliest publish work. And it's all some very attractive stuff.

Mister X Mister X was a series of comic books first published in. .

Mister X Mister X was a series of comic books first published in 1983–1990 by Canadian company Vortex Comics. The series published early work by comic artists who would later emerge as important alternative cartoonists, including Jaime Hernandez, Gilbert Hernandez, Mario Hernandez, Seth, Shane Oakley and D'Israeli.

Mister X Cover of issue illustrated by Paul Rivoche Publication information Publisher Vortex Comics. In 2008, Dark Horse Comics published a hardcover book titled Mister X: The Archives, collecting the Volume I run along with additional material including an introduction by Warren Ellis (Transmetropolitan), and a thesis written by Volume II writer Morgan Series background.

Mister X" is one of those comics where I know I should hunt down some collections and finally read them (after all, any comic where the Hernandez Brothers and Paul Rivoche drew the early issues has got to be worth a look), but I'm largely unfamiliar with Dean Motter's comic that put hi.

Mister X" is one of those comics where I know I should hunt down some collections and finally read them (after all, any comic where the Hernandez Brothers and Paul Rivoche drew the early issues has got to be worth a look), but I'm largely unfamiliar with Dean Motter's comic that put him on the map. With this one-shot telling a three-part story about a pharmaceutical heiress being kidnapped and Mister X hired to bring her back, it felt like as good a place as any to give it a whirl. Motter's story is a little flat, unfortunately.

inspiringoddsnsods: Mister X posters by Paul Rivoche and Jaime Hernande. The X-Men, Issue Page 1 is a great example of work by Jack Kirby. This is an incredible resource to art historians and comic book fans.

Comic Book Covers Night Club. Mister X Issue - Comic Book Cover, private collection. Mister X. What others are saying. Mister X - Nightclubs and Daydreams, Parts 4 & 5 (Issue). X-Men in Hans Kosenkranius 's Jack Kirby's Birthday Gallery Comic Art Gallery Room.

Mr. X is a mysterious megalopolis master-planner gone mad. This is a dark, moody saga of his obsession to build a dream-the ultimate city-how that dream for perfection gets twisted into something far different, and the price Mr. X pays to fix a dream that has become the perfect nightmare.

Contains a special 8-page color feature!


I was drawn to Mister X based on his look. A bald, mysterious character with dark glasses and a trenchcoat. I was quickly engulfed by the futuristic world and the city that had a cold. This collection is comprised of 3 series (Condemned, Excavations, and Razed) which tie together to tell one overall story. These are the most recent and modern stories for the character with art and story by the character's creator Dean Motter.

The stories continue to play the city with an illness and the mystery behind who is Mister X. The secondary characters are fleshed out and the lead characters from Electropolic make an appearance (Electropolis should have been part of this collection).

This is a great addition to the Mister X mythos and I highly recommend it.
Mister X The Modern Age is a continuation of the Mister X series first started in the 1980's. You don't need to read any of the previous stories to be able to read The Modern Age. In the Modern Age much like the earlier versions Mr. X is the architect of Radiant City, a metropolis that because of its architecture design has caused its citizens to go insane. Mr. X is trying to correct this and in his relentless quest never goes to sleep. The setup is interesting, much like the original series, but loses steam after the first issue. A big part of the problem is the artwork. The cover art is fantastic. It's highly detailed and captures the idea of the premise. But the interior art lacks the style and detail on the cover and didn't hold my interest. The story doesn't go deep enough into the idea of 'psychetecture' and is more of a little guy against the big corporation type plot. This is a book I was looking forward to but the execution especially in the art department gave this a lackluster feel. For die hard Mr. X fans this is still a reserved recommendation, but for new readers you would be better off seeking out the original 1984 mini series.
interactive man
Back in 1983, "Mister X" debuted on Canadian company, Vortex Comics.

Hailed for its influences from Bauhaus and Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" for its setting, Radiant City, a dystopian municipality, "Mister X" revolves around a mysterious man who is an architect to the city and how psychetecture has caused citizenry to go mad, just as he did and now he wants to repair it. And he tries to remain awake 24-hours a day through a drug called "insomnalin" in order to repair things.

And you eventually learn that things are not right in the city and wherever there is corruption or crime, Mister X will be there to fix things. And "Mister X" would receive several volumes and mini-series through 2005.

While storylines have been featured from other comic book publishers (and now collected in TPB's courtesy of Dark Horse Comics) and eventually, the character was rebooted by Dean Motter and these stories: "Mister X: Condemned" (2008), "Mister X: Eviction" issues 1-3 (2013), "Mister X: Razed" issues 1-4 (2015) along with extra stories that would be compiled in "Dean Motter's Mister X - The Modern Age" TPB available in October 2017.

The stories featured in "The Modern Age" are somewhat different compared to the '80s and '90s comic books in the fact that a story featured prominently is journalist Rosetta "Rosey" Stone and often wherever trouble finds her, Mister X is there.

And the same could be said to Mister X's girlfriend, Mercedes.

The first storyline "Condemned" revolves around corruption in the city and Mayor Ian Rand promoting a new project in Radiant City. The Academicians call it "Psychetecture", a combination of geomancy, acoustics, forced perspective and feng shui and how the design theory is proposed that the size and shape of a building could alter people's moods.

But when 150 aesthetic architects known as Vitruvians were killed in an accident, the people want justice by a huge robot that destroyed the building they were in. This was led by Zamora, a ruthless gangster who runs the underworld with the support of corrupt city officials.

Will the truth of psychetcture be revealed?

In "Eviction", the authorities want Mister X and know he is Mercedes ex-boyfriend. In order to draw him out, they capture her and sentence her to purgatory.

As Mister X tries to find ways to save her, Rosey, who is also being targeted tries to get more information on how Mister X can save her and discovers a village of orphans.

In "Razed", the storyline focuses on characters within Radiant City and a repo man who is caught up with infamous con artist, Jerome Goldfarb. Another storyline featuring the death of rabbi's in Radiant City during the Christmas holiday and rumor of zombies turning up but what does this have to do with psychetecture architect Walter Eichmanns and his wife, Consuelo.

While reading the original series is not needed, there is a lot of written dialogue throughout the different stories and it wouldn't surprise me if people had to read certain stories or panels a few times.

The artwork is cool and unique for comic books, while the storyline is helped with the addition of Rosey Stone, who brings a spunky adventurous character to the pages of "Mister X". In fact, don't be surprise of how prominent Rosey is compared to Mister X. But through Rosey's research is what helps build the storyline and she plays an important part.

While Mercedes is Mister X's loving girlfriend, who ends up being screwed over many times.

Mister X is more like the man overwatching these two women and while he's able to get a lot of work done in his rebuild, it's the two women in his life that he tends to finds himself visiting often and often trying to protect them.

Dean Motter's "Mister X: The Modern Age" TPB is a complex, smart storyline with wonderful art. Recommended!
Well this wasn't a hard cover as it was described, but it may as well have been. This type of paper or should I say composite back soft cover is among the longest lasting books you can find. Besides the cover which is especially durable, each page is slick and created with a no bleed, and super low acid content so it will last for decades if not centuries without yellowing of fading. On top of that unlike a lot of graphic novels today this is in color, basically all the pages. It appears to be one of a trilogy of works by the author, hopefully the other two are as preserved as this one.

The style seems to be of a future that was in the minds of those who envisioned the distant future in the late 1930's. From the style of automobiles to the style of televisions, picture tubes without the outer cabinet, to the building and other structure, sort of a "Metropolis" type of future, not that of "Supermans" Metropolis, but that of the famous 1927 German film by Fritz Lang. The story involves the protector of the city Mister X and it's as good as the art that is contained within the book. Apparently there was a Hard Cover edition put out limited to 500 signed copies by the author. The paperback released was probably your typical inexpensive pulp paper, while this quality is in the middle of the two and so is the price. I've no Idea if it's a limited edition, but I'd say it's very collectable. Worth the price on the cover as well. Recommended.

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