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by Jack Kirby

Download Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus, Vol. 2 fb2, epub

ISBN: 140121357X
Author: Jack Kirby
Language: English
Publisher: DC Comics; Reprint edition (August 22, 2007)
Pages: 396
Category: Graphic Novels
Subcategory: Comics
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 904
Size Fb2: 1842 kb
Size ePub: 1221 kb
Size Djvu: 1120 kb
Other formats: mbr txt azw docx

These comics spanned galaxies, from the streets of Metropolis to the far-flung worlds of New Genesis and Apokolips, as cosmic-powered heroes and villains struggled for supremacy.

Jack "King" Kirby's comics career began in 1937 and continued for nearly six decades. With partner Joe Simon, Kirby first made his mark in comics in the 1940s by drawing and/or creating numerous features for DC Comics including Captain America, the Young Allies, the Kid Commandos, Sandman, the Newsboy Legion and Manhunter. The new Omnibus is a massively better bargain.

Fourth World" is a storyline told through a metaseries of interconnecting comic book titles written and drawn by Jack Kirby, and published by DC Comics from 1970 to 1973. Although they were not marketed under this title until the August–September 1971 issues of New Gods and Forever People, the terms Fourth World and Jack Kirby's Fourth World have gained usage in the years since.

Jack Kirby was a prolific comics creator who created many American comic books and characters, particularly for Marvel Comics and DC Comics

Jack Kirby was a prolific comics creator who created many American comic books and characters, particularly for Marvel Comics and DC Comics. Sources: Comics work (interior pencil art and story) includes: Adventure Comics (Sandman) 100–102 (1942–46); (Manhunter): (1942–43); (Green Arrow) (1957). All Star Comics 19 (Sandman) (1942–43). All-Star Western (1958). The Amazing World of DC Comics (1974) (material intended for In the Days of the Mob #2).

The Jack Kirby Omnibus, Volume Two: Starring the Super Powers. My one qualm with the book is the addition of all the Super Powers issues; Jack did plot the series, but only wrote and drew the final issue. The first four had some truly atrocious art (which had the saving grace of some Alan Kupperberg inking on a few issues), and had little to do with Jack; it comes off as four issues of filler in an otherwise excellent volume. Having Kirby do the entirety of the the second series more than makes up for it, since we get Jack's take on Doctor Fate, Red Tornado, Martian Manhunter and even the modern-look Green Arrow.

Orion of the New Gods Jack Kirby DC masterpiece. Inspired by the real-world exploits of Jim Steranko, who was a magician and escape artist prior to his career in comics, Mister Miracle was created by the great Jack Kirby for his epic Fourth World saga. New Gods vol. 1 "Earth - the Doomed Dominion" (September, Jack Kirby. DC readers save a nickel in 1972 - and lose out on classic material! Stay tuned for the 100 page super spectaculars (Kirby didn't; he left for Marvel)! New Gods Series) comic books.

Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Omnibus Vol. 2. MythBank. Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Omnibus Vol. Collects. Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen 141-145, Forever People 4-6, New Gods 4-6, Mister Miracle 4-6. Media Details.

Darkseid continues plotting nefarious schemes while the New Gods, Forever People, Mr. Miracle, and other heroes battle the villain's associates.


Jack Kirby spent five years at DC Comics, from 1971 to 1975, but in that short period of time he managed to produce perhaps the single greatest explosion of creativity by any comic creator in history. At 1536 pages this is easily the largest Omnibus I own and it represents only a fraction of Kirby’s total output during that period. Collected here is his Fourth World stories including his work on Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen and his creations, Forever People, New Gods and Mister Miracle. In addition, Kirby produced OMAC, Kamandi, The Demon, Kobra and Our Fighting Forces along with other smaller projects. None of these are included in this Omnibus since they are not part of the Fourth World but Good Lord, what a workload. Mind you, Jack Kirby was doing both the art AND writing for these comics. For reasons I won’t get into, Kirby decided to return to Marvel but he left behind one of the greatest accomplishments in comic history, up there with The Watchmen.

This is the second time DC has done a Fourth World Omnibus but in the original attempt it was separated into four different books and if you try to buy them all today you’d be spending quite a bit of money. The new Omnibus is a massively better bargain. For the most part, the stories are being presented in the order in which they were published rather than grouping titles together. The book starts off with three Jimmy Olsen issues and then moves into the first issue of Forever People before moving into the first issue of New Gods. It’s a great decision since it keeps the natural narrative flow. I own most of the issues of Forever People and Mister Miracle and I’ve read reprints of New Gods but this is the first time I’ve read the Fourth World narrative all the way through. The Omnibus also fills in the gaps in my collection, for instance the Jimmy Olsen issues which started the story arc. When reading the entire storyline from the beginning it strikes you how impressive it is executed. Today, DC might do a huge crossover with a handful of writers and a dozen or so artists but Kirby did all of this by himself. It is a single vision from a single artist and the quality is spectacular.

If you have the upper body strength to lift this nearly 10-pound behemoth this is a lovely book to sit down with. DC releases a lot of Omnibuses with material that is historically significant but of middling quality. This Omnibus features one of the great comic creators at the top of his game, his magnum opus. There are a few things that lead me to believe that DC recognized that the Fourth World Omnibus was a cut above the rest. First, it uses a unique cover style rather that the standard one that DC has been using for several years in their Omnibus releases. Second, it uses a glossier paper than the other Omnibuses I own which already used high quality paper. This is clearly being released as an Omnibus above other Omnibuses and deservedly so. If you can only afford to buy one Omnibus this may be the best one to get.

Jack Kirby’s writing and art are some of the most distinctive in the history of comics. Even today, his Fourth World stories have massive repercussions in the DCU. This is the 100th anniversary of Jack Kirby (he was born in 1917) and DC has been releasing homages to his creations throughout the year. I picked up two new comics today, Bug and Mister Miracle, both creations of Jack Kirby. The $300 million dollar Justice League movie uses Steppenwolf as its main villain, a character created by Jack Kirby. (Don’t blame Kirby for how he was handled in the movie) It’s obvious that DC intends this movie to be a lead in to a confrontation with Darkseid, the main villain from Kirby’s Fourth World. The list of characters created by Jack Kirby for Marvel is stunning but this is probably his most personal and creative work. It has clearly stood the test of time and belongs in any comic fans library.
Another major editing error in a premium DC product. Again DC's response is "Tough luck, we don't guarantee our books contain all their pages."

Page 943 is a mistaken duplication of Page 864. The original page that should be at 943 is omitted.

It's too frustrating to say anything more. A $100+ book should have all its pages, even if there are 1500 of them. That's literally the least they could provide.

UPDATE: You should be able to get a replacement through your retailer. But it won't happen automatically. You should contact your retailer for instructions.
Captain America
At 11 years of age and growing up in a small Southeastern Kansas town, the access to my obsession with comics was limited to a few local grocery stores. I remember the smell of these stores to this day. A mixture of fresh fruit, cardboard boxes, and most importantly…the scent of newsprint in, what I considered to be, the best comic book collections in existence for a town with a population of about 12,000.

Marvel was my primary focus. At the heart of this love of comics was an unwavering loyalty to Jack Kirby. The Fantastic Four, The Hulk, Thor, The Avengers, Captain America, to name but a few of the masterpieces this immortal icon brought to a youthful mind seeking excitement in a format that our Black and White TV could not hope to match. Then came 1970 and Jack was gone to the evil DC.

Fortunately for me, Jack had a whole new adventure waiting in the wings…The Fourth World. Although this wasn't the initial terminology for the sweeping saga when introduced through Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen, the day I walked into Olson's grocery store, (no relation), and found issue number 1 of New Gods, there was no turning back.

Although I desperately searched for all issues of the interconnected storyline, I ended up with sporadic editions of New Gods, Mister Miracle, The Forever People, and Jimmy Olsen. Over the years I was never able to obtain all issues and felt a bit lost and incomplete. Kamandi and The Demon helped with my Kirby fix, but missing out on the fates of the characters of New Genesis and Apokolips left a void.

Then came July 1, 2017. The announcement of a pre-order for The Fourth World Omnibus! The order was placed and the wait was on!

December 12, 2017…the beast landed.

Opening the box, I swear the grocery store smell hit me like a wall. 1,536 pages of pure Kirby joy. This book could easily serve as a blunt object murder weapon, but that would be a waste of indescribable proportions! The colors are fantastic. The pages are not pinched at the spine, and every brilliant panel is easily viewed. The weight of the paper assures me that I'll be enjoying this beautiful tome for years, AND passing it on to my brainwashed offspring and theirs for the future.

The Omnibus presents the entire storyline of The Fourth World in sequential order. Jimmy Olsen, New Gods, The Forever People, and Mister Miracle all for your viewing and reading pleasure. The despicable villains like Mantis, and one of my personal favorite heroes, Forager, bring me back to all those original issue, newsprint discoveries of the 1970s. My hands will be thoroughly cleaned before each reading, but this is one sturdy volume that begs to be read, viewed, and read again.

I've taken pretty good care of my originals. I've introduced my kids to the greatness of Jack Kirby with those issues, always with a bit of concern that a page would be torn or a cover smudged. Now, with this beautiful, epic volume, I can bring grandchildren into the fold without hesitation, and pass King Kirby onto new generations who may otherwise never have experienced the power of a Mother Box or traveling through a boom tube as it was meant to be.

I would recommend The Fourth World Omnibus to any Jack Kirby fan. I predict no disappointment.

Long live The King!
Page 943 is a repeat of 864. Buyer beware
For all of you that are wondering if this is a corrected version, the answer is YES. Pages 864 and 943 are as they should be. This thing is HUGE, not your ordinary omnibus. A must have for any comic book (and especially Kirby) fan.
As the page count in this massive volume surpasses 1500, I have yet to actually read Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus. So how can I write a 5-star review for a book I have yet to read? Easy.
It's Kirby.
Kirby Unleashed.
Kirby Unbound.
The King's one-of-a-kind artistic sensibility is beautifully showcased in this Beast of a book.
I cannot wait to settle in and start reading. While I am familiar with the characters and synopsis, as I have a handful of black-and-white reprints and I'm lucky enough to own IDW's New God's Artist's Edition, I have never read the story contained in this volume in its entirety.
The construction, presentation, and design of said volume is stunning. The book looks great. It's as impressive to behold as the other-worldly concepts & characters contained therein.
This thing is awesome.

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