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Download Marvel Masterworks: Silver Surfer Vol. 1 (Reprints Silver Surfer 1-6) fb2, epub

by Stan Lee,John Buscema

Download Marvel Masterworks: Silver Surfer Vol. 1 (Reprints Silver Surfer 1-6) fb2, epub

ISBN: 0785111875
Author: Stan Lee,John Buscema
Language: English
Publisher: Marvel Entertainment Group; Second Edition, First Printing edition (August 1, 2003)
Pages: 272
Category: Graphic Novels
Subcategory: Comics
Rating: 4.2
Votes: 774
Size Fb2: 1673 kb
Size ePub: 1859 kb
Size Djvu: 1531 kb
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Silver Surfer or The Silver Surfer, is the title of several series of comic books published by Marvel Comics featuring the Silver Surfer.

Silver Surfer or The Silver Surfer, is the title of several series of comic books published by Marvel Comics featuring the Silver Surfer. The first series, formally titled The Silver Surfer, was published beginning in 1968 and was written by Stan Lee with art by John Buscema ( and Jack Kirby (.Villains introduced in the series include Mephisto in issue (Dec. 1968). Spider-Man guest-starred in issue (March 1970).

Featured Characters: Silver Surfer. Supporting Characters: Shalla-Bal. Antagonists: Overlord (Only appearance). Other Characters: Enslaved species. The Overlord's parents (Only in flashback). Locations: Earth-616. Items: Vehicles: Silver Surfer's Surfboard

Marvel Masterworks book.

Marvel Masterworks book. Marvel Masterworks: Silver Surfer Vol. 1 (Reprints Silver Surfer 1-5). 0785111875 (ISBN13: 9780785111870). John Buscema art is nice, but Stan Lee writing is like being face-raped by a collapsing empire state building, which is aggravated by the fact that the "genius" behind the creation of Silver Surfer thought it was a good idea to destroy his character's most prominent attitude as an intergalactic ambitious traveler AFTER ONE ISSUE because of a stupid and idiotic.

Temporarily out of stock. You see silver surfer change from volume one so good so bad moments. There are good cross overs I love the one with Spider-Man. Also see him fine and loose his love.

Reprints: Silver Surfer FF Annual Surfer backup story

Reprints: Silver Surfer FF Annual Surfer backup story. Vol. 15 in the Marvel Masterworks Library). Pencilled by John Buscema and Jack Kirby Introduction by Stan Lee. On Sale: MASTERWORKS LIST. The Silver Surfer series would last only 18 issues (one more Masterwork volume to you and me) but the work here quickly became the among the most ambitious that Marvel had ever produced. Since then, Marvel has tried to relaunch the book several times.

The Silver Surfer, the Sentinel of the Spaceways, has betrayed Galactus to save the Earth, but now he is trapped there! .

The Silver Surfer, the Sentinel of the Spaceways, has betrayed Galactus to save the Earth, but now he is trapped there! In his breakout series, the Silver Surfer i. .Part of the Marvel Masterworks ( Series, Marvel Masterworks: The Silver Surfer ( Series, and Silver Surfer 1968 Series).

Silver Surfer Marvel Masterworks Vol 1 Barnes & Noble TPB + Vol 2 Hardcover 2003.

Marvel Masterworks – The Silver Surfer Vol. 1 – 2 (2010) : The soaring Sentinel of the Spaceways makes a Marvel Masterworks splash with his unmatched solo series.

The Silver Surfer reads the newspaper that tells of a United Nations meeting against the threat of the Doomsday Man. He travels to the UN building and speaks with the delegates. The Silver Surfer The Silver Surfer Vol. 1 (1968 - 1970). The Silver Surfer saves the Earth once again when two meteors are about to collide above the Earth. He stops it from happening but is sent plummeting toward the planet. He travels to the surface above New York City.

GREAT origin story. Brilliant colors!


I am quickly becoming a big fan of the Marvel Masterworks series - Marvel has given a great gift to all those, like myself, who grew up with these wonderful stories, a generation who did not grow up with I-pods and computer games, among other things, we read Marvel comics for entertainment. Since those days long past, many of us probably wanted to kick ourselves for not hanging on and preserving those numerous classic issues, we now have been reprieved and rewarded thanks to the "Masterworks" series - many thanks, Marvel!

With that said, no collection would be complete without what could be considered one of Marvel's most unique characters - The Silver Surfer.

Though this volume includes only six chapters (most of the other MM series have 7-9) it is an impressive six chapters in that it tells how the Sentinel of the Spaceways came to be, what drives him and what monumental obstacles he constantly faces and most interesting to this reader, what otherworldly characters he encounters - some good, and some not so good.

In chapter 1 when he first meets the all-powerful devourer of worlds Galactus, he is introduced to the one being that he will forever be linked to, one who in numerous ways will mold his future. When he encounters the Mighty Thor in chapter 4, though he is tricked into attacking the Thunder God, he instantly sees another, like himself who is truly powerful but noble as well. And throughout nearly all the other chapters, where having been exiled and trapped behind an invisible barrier, he struggles to exist on planet Earth, where the humans fear and hate him. He finds himself overwhelmingly trying to help the very people who shun him - perhaps the Surfer sees, much like his own people from the utopian planet Zenn- La, the unrealized potential in these Earthlings and how they may one day make a paradise for themselves if guided in the right direction.

Written by Stan Lee, who presents the title character as a noble yet tormented soul who will eventually encounter life-forms of anything and everything. The art by John Buscema is fantastic - I personally, had to have this volume in my collection, for it contained the issue #4 with the iconic John Buscema cover with the Silver Surfer and Thor facing off on the rainbow bridge of Asgard.

The Silver Surfer probably lacks the more conventional heroics found in most of the other titles, and some readers may find it somewhat repetitive with the morality theme but overall it presents a fascinating character, who in time (through future volumes) will go on some of the most extravagant adventures and still remain a mysterious character who you never really know what will do next. Included are some wonderful Marvel villains; The Badoon, Mephisto, Loki and the Stranger.

A must for collectors of classic Marvel.

*Note: If you look closely on page 67 of this book, in the lower right hand panel - the alien Badoon have arrived on Earth and have made themselves invisible to walk among the earthlings undetected - it is a scene of a city street; people just walking, in the foreground there is a cop writing out a ticket, there is a mother helping her little girl blow her nose, and in the center of the illustration, toward the rear is an innocent bystander, merely walking by - he's a large man with dark hair and a goatee and smoking a pipe - if I'm not mistaken this is no doubt a cameo of none other than the artist himself "Big John" (John Buscema) the resemblance is surely there - check it out
As a longtime Silver Surfer fan, who didn't managed to keep very many issues over the years, I am delighted to find a collection such as this. I am not at all disappointed with my purchase, but will have to struggle a bit to limit my reading of this to just a few times so that I can keep it in pristine condition.

The art of this collection is exquisitely beautiful, as always with Silver Surfer stories. "Masterworks" is truly an appropriate title because both the art and storytelling are masterful, treating Stan Lee's greatest character creation (in my opinion) with the loving care a masterpiece deserves.

The stories in this book very much embody the true essence of Silver Surfer and everything that is wonderful about his saga. Please excuse any gushing in my descriptions, but I am sure that many other female Surfer fans feel the same way I do about this amazing character.

Having read the six stories in this book without pausing, I am once again mesmerized and awed by the many exceptional qualities of my favorite superhero: self-sacrifice, insight, humanity despite not being human, kindness, trusting nature, sensitivity, the ever-cool surfing the solar winds skills, quick thinking, ability to look at the big picture, amazing speed, no apparent Achilles heel (other than a trusting and kind nature), purity of motives and spirit, no human flaws such as greed or pride, compassion, tremendous power, etc. Also, his expressions are often incredibly endearing; for example, frequent expressions of surprise and delight, which contrast nicely to his normal stoicism. The unique and engaging villains are also an interesting element in these tales.

The morals and values present in these stories are highly significant. I believe kids should definitely be encouraged to read them. Parents striving to raise decent human beings, and the heroes of our future, would do well to encourage this pursuit because the lessons in this book are well worth learning.

J.H. Sweet, author of The Fairy Chronicles, and Silver Surfer fan
I read these when they first came out and they were my instant favorites--the issues featured some of Lee's best writing and art by Buscema (always great). What more could one want? You can read some of the other reviews for summaries, but issue #5 won the "Academy Award" for best comic that year and it holds up well over time.

As I re-read these issues, I was still impressed by everything, but I can also see why the series didn't last. For most comic readers of the time (perhaps today as well), the Surfer is sometimes overly preachy and the conflicts (inner and outer) are very serious with none of the humorous banter that shows up in the FF or the wise-cracking Spiderman. Though originally created by Jack Kirby, the Surfer as taken over by Lee and Buscema becomes more like the early Ditko Spiderman who can't ever get a break. However, Marvel was reaching for an older audience (hence the "expensive" 25 cent larger size), and, unfortunately, it didn't work well enough. The last few issues (in the second volume) are a disappointment as Lee drops back to a smaller comic size and lower price and introduces guest-star battles. Even so, these Surfer issues remain one of Marvel's (and Stan Lee's) brightest accomplishments.

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