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Download Alice the Fairy fb2, epub

by David Shannon

Download Alice the Fairy fb2, epub

ISBN: 0439791650
Author: David Shannon
Language: English
Publisher: Scholastic (2004)
Subcategory: No category
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 921
Size Fb2: 1340 kb
Size ePub: 1855 kb
Size Djvu: 1395 kb
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Alice the Fairy


I bought three different "Fairy" books to go with dolls I had purchased as gifts. This was by far the best of the books. The story is cute, the illustrations are colorful, and the most interesting to young (pre-reading) girls.... Ages 2-5
Delightful, charming story of a "temporary Fairy". Hardworking, she tries to overcome her novice status and do things that permanent Fairies can do. Though she has wings for flight, she can't go very high, but she can certainly go fast. Her magic abilities enable her to turn her Daddy into a horse, and she can make a plate of cookies disappear. Though she is a hard worker, and can go to Fairy School, she is content staying a temporary fairy.

Delightfully illustrated, Shannon captures the absurdity of the very young. All I have left to say is "YES DAVID!"
This grand and hilarious farce by Shannon (No David! ) is irresistible! The story is told by its star - an adorable, precocious, preschooler with a fanciful imagination who believes she's a fairy! Accordingly, her blond curls are topped with a tiara, she wears strap-on wings, and wields a magic wand. Admittedly, she's only a "Temporary" fairy because she hasn't passed all of the magic tests or attended "Advanced Fairy School" - prerequisites to "Permanent' fairyhood. Alice exuberantly demonstrates her current array of tricks in loosely drawn, humorous, child-like illustrations. This includes "changing" her dad "into a horse" (having him give her a ride on his back), making herself "disappear" (by turning off the lights or hiding under her blanket), and "turning" her "oatmeal into cake" with "fairy dust" (sugar). She even tries unsuccessfully to do advanced tricks like making her "dog float on the ceiling" or her "clothes get up off the floor and dance around and line up in the closet." She must also protect herself from the "wicked Duchess" (Mom) who once "locked [her] in the tower" (her room) and might to "poison" her with broccoli. Highly recommended for ages 2 to 6
This is just a great book - cute, well illustrated, and carrying a good message. Alice is a cute little kid who is somewhat of a smart-aleck, but you can't get mad at her. The writing is clever - I especially like Alice's references to the duchess and the poison broccoli!

I just love reading this book to my kids. You can act out what you think Alice's voice might be and it is great fun. I'd recommend this one to anyone who wants a cute children's book to read over and over again!
This was a gift for my 3-year-old niece. Named Alice. Shocker. But now she demands this book multiple times a day. Double shocker. I like to think I'm a children's book expert. But I should've been warned just how amazing of a fit this was going to be for my niece. Because I can now recite the book forwards, backwards, and sideways.

But really. There are a lot things worse than being elbow deep in adorable and super fitting David Shannon books all day. So buy this book. I'm a self-proclaimed children's book expert and I give this book my glowing stamp of approval.
Basically this book is everything that we don't want to teach our kids about food and ridiculous princess culture.
This is a very cute story- not one I remember reading growing up, but it was on my child's reading list and I'm very pleased with the purchase. Even though we got it "used" it looked brand new! This would make a great addition to any child's book collection- it is a very cute, funny, fun-to-read story!
I bought this for my daughter's third birthday, as she seems to love all things fairies. This book was no exception, she has loved it and so has her younger brother. They will both request it at bedtime. My daughter will also tell you she is a temporary fairy. I love it. I was a little concerned about the broccoli stuff in the book, but both of my kids still eat it, so no worries there.

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