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by Mary Beard

Download The Parthenon fb2, epub

ISBN: 1846683491
Author: Mary Beard
Language: English
Publisher: Profile Books Ltd.; Main edition (2010)
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Rating: 4.1
Votes: 719
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The classicist and historian Mary Beard takes us back to the fifth century . to consider the Parthenon in its original guise-as the flagship temple of imperial Athens, housing an enormous gold and ivory statue of the city's patron goddess attended by an enigmatic assembly of sculptures. In observers from Lord Byron to Sigmund Freud to Virginia Woolf it met with astonishment, rapture, poetry, even tears-and, always, recognition.

I enjoyed Mary Beard’s book on Pompeii, so when I spotted The Parthenon in a deal, I figured it’d be an interesting on.

I enjoyed Mary Beard’s book on Pompeii, so when I spotted The Parthenon in a deal, I figured it’d be an interesting one. I actually expected it to be a bit more about the Greek context of the Parthenon, rather than going into the afterlife of the building - the use as a church and a mosque, the archaeology and tourism, even the literary responses to it, which is what it actually di. With The Parthenon Mary Beard tackles one of the ancient world’s most architecturally spectacular and most popular public monuments in a style marked by mirth and bitter sarcasm.

The ruined silhouette of the Parthenon on its hill above Athens is one of the world's most famous images. Its 'looted' Elgin Marbles are a global cause celebre. Format Paperback 240 pages. Dimensions 129 x 198 x 14mm 204g.

Mary Beard’s brilliant The Parthenon should put paid to that. Her engagement with both modern and ancient worlds is impressive, as is her erudition and liveliness’ – New Scientist ‘Entertaining, informative and succinct’ – Economist. uk Designed by Peter Campbell Printed and bound.

In observers from Lord Byron to Sigmund Freud to Virginia Woolf it met with astonishment, rapture, poetry, even tears-and, always, recognition.

Appropriately, the Athena statue has been recreated in Nashville, Tennessee.

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BEARD, M.: THE PARTHENON. LONDON, 2010, viii 229 p. figuras.Encuadernacion original. Nuevo.


There is an old saying that one kills the thing one loves. Given the treatment meted out to some of the world's treasures, this certainly must have a grain of truth. Of course it is rare for humanity to recognize a world treasure during it's initial creation. The Mona Lisa was not the painting that it is now until the 19th century. This book on the Parthenon proves just how hard it is to win the acclaim of the world and just how many times we came close to losing it.

Probably no monument has had a harder time of it than the Parthenon. It has since 5th century BC been burnt, sacked, looted, converted to a Christian Church, defaced (by Christians), turned into a mosque, defaced (by Moslems), additions added and then removed, in 1687 blown up by the Venetians. The unkindest cut of all was when Lord Elgin gathered up the 5th century sculptures and carvings and shipped them off to London where they eventually found a home at the British Museum. It is all a fascinating, if sad story of the iconic monument to the glorious 5th century of Athenian history.

Mary Beard the historian of the classical age has provided and excellent synopsis of the past 2,500 years of this building's history and provides context to many of the developments which shaped its past and present. The section discussing the differences between the Athenian version of democracy (probably about 3% participating on a regular basis, much like in the early days of the US republic) and just how fleeting this concept was even as a thing exercised by elites and for elites. This is a well done addition to the "wonders of the world" series.
This is an exhaustive, fabulous treatise on one of the most venerable monuments to classical history the world has ever known. Beard takes us through the entire history of the Parthenon. She details for us its probable early use as a temple to Athena (as well as some other theories) as well as its less known utility as a Christian church and Mosque in later ages.

Along the way, Beard offers us statements concerning the Parthenon from various historical and modern personages. Some are profound, some are not. Some simply advertise their ignorance (such as the not-so-venerable Shaquille O'Neal). From the vantage points of different epochs we are able to discern how the Parthenon has been seen down through the ages.

Of course, no work on the Parthenon would be complete without examining the highly(!) controversial exploits of one Lord Elgin. As hoped, Beard delivers in giving a thorough description of all the forces at play in both England & Greece. She does not take a position on the issue, so her discussion of this sensitive topic is not apt to offend anyone. Then again, since she refrains from taking a position, perhaps that in itself WILL offend some people? I don't know.

There is also a background section on the disastrous explosion of 1687. It was caused by the Ottoman Empire using (mis-using!) the Parthenon as an arsenal. Not suprisingly, this made it a target for the Venetians can guess the rest. What is less known is that 300 people perished when the Parthenon exploded. That's an unfortunate detail that is many times overlooked in history classes. As usual, Beard does an excellent job of giving the whole story of what took place.

If you possess an interest in the Parthenon and / or ancient Greece in general, this book is a can't miss. For anyone who wishes to tour Greece (or the British museum in London), this book is highly recommended as well. Even if you only have a passing interest in history per-se, this book will give you an avenue to enjoy the Parthenon & all of its frieze and sculptoral splendor.
Simply commenting on the writing style: very well done. Follows Strunk & White's Elements of Style. Factual too. Every point is rebutted by a counter point, giving a nuianced view. I don't usually give a book five stars (see my other reviews) but this one merits it.
It's interesting learning about the Parthenon, even if its required for my art history class. Love how its easy to carry!
Must have book especially if you are going to Greece.
Good Book!

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