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Download Innocence Unveiled fb2, epub

Download Innocence Unveiled fb2, epub

ISBN: 0263867706
Language: English
Publisher: Harlequin
Subcategory: No category
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 668
Size Fb2: 1611 kb
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The payment-enough wool to keep her precious looms filled. She is a woman of lies. Sleeping under the same roof, tempted every minute to let his fingers linger on this flame-haired, reserved innocent, Renard wonders if she suspects his real reasons for being there. In a town where no one feels safe, Katrine makes him yearn for things long forbidden, but can he trust her not to betray him?

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Harlequin Historical. Current: Innocence Unveiled. On Sale: May 01, 2008. In a town where no one feels safe, Katrine makes him yearn for things long forbidden, but can he trust her not to betray him?

Evidence of Deloyar hossain Saidee unveiled- He is Innocent!

Evidence of Deloyar hossain Saidee unveiled- He is Innocent! Категория.

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Author: Landale Alys.


A very good story that contains also a lot of historical information! A story can feel like a good companion. This one is :)
When a mysterious and seductive man calling himself Renard arrived at noblewoman Katrine de Gravere's weaving shop he offered her what every weaver in Ghent needed to stave off starvation - wool - the lifeblood of the Flemish city. Due to politics good English wool had been cut off by England's King Edward as he fought to gain more land and more power against the French King Philip.

Katrine is a noblewoman whose love of weaving is all-consuming. Left by her father who now languished in an English jail, Katrine was under the care of her disreputable and harsh uncle who her told over and over again how she was an evil lustful woman, her hair the mark of the devil. Katrine had little trust for the stranger, but had sworn to keep her father's business alive so she bargained for the wool. What Katrine had not bargained for was to have the stranger move in while he was `supposed' to be bringing her three sacks of wool, nor was she expecting to fall in love with a man who kept many secrets as he tried to control the beastly passions Katrine aroused in him.

*** As a reviewer I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to read Gifford's debut, The Knave and the Maiden, as well as The Harlot's Daughter. Each book had been highly engrossing, well-written, well-researched featuring one of the leads as illegitimately born and having to deal with the stigma of their births. Using the same illegitimate theme in a totally unrelated story, Ms. Gifford is back with another highly absorbing historical with the mysterious Renard, born twelve months after his mother, the Duchess of Brabent had been widowed. (The author used artistic license as Margaret, daughter of King Edward I, had never been rumored as having any illegitimate children, whereas the duke had many. Fair play, I say!!!)

Renard was deeply portrayed as having always lived on the fringes of the nobility but having no rights to it. His cousin and best friend was King Edward II. Gifford showed how Renard was deeply affected by his illegitimacy and fought to curb his passion for Katrine. Renard wanted the power that came with the title of Bishop if he could help Edward obtain France, in doing so he would never have to bow before the king again. Yet, how could he remain celibate when all he could think of was Katrine's soft body; how could he give his soul to the church when he had already given heart and soul to Katrine?

When Katrine discovered how he had lied, she still wanted the one chance to see what it was like to be loved by a man. Katrine had given Renard her greatest gift and in her mind, which had been inundated by her crazy uncle repeatedly telling her of her unworthiness, committed the greatest sin. Even though Katrine had noble blood - was in fact a lady - her self-esteem had been torn to shreds by her maniac uncle. Katrine could not control her attraction to Renard feeling she had nothing to lose by giving herself to him, believing that he returned her sentiments. Gifford kept the emotional roller coaster continually through this story with he lied, she lied, back and forth right to the very poignant end.

Betrayals and secrets all came into play in this powerful tale of love and passion. Masterfully weaving in actual historical events with the fictional characters of Renard and Katrine, Ms. Gifford keeps the passion and adventure simmering with volatile human emotions. Gifford's passionate and creative historical scenarios work fabulously when put together by an author whose word-smith talent excels in creating amazing characters and complex relationships culminating in fabulous love stories.

Marilyn Rondeau
I was fortunate enough to download this book when it was being offered for free and now want to buy her other books, it was that good! The characters are engaging, none of the emotions nor the dialog between the main characters was contrived so it made is easy to empathize with them. The story was so well written and attention to details so precise, it was almost like watching a movie in my head! I love romance novels and I doubly appreciate a romance novel where the love scenes are focused on the emotions and feelings of the people involved and not so much on the mechanics or using dirty words to describe all the sex organs (romance is about love, people). What makes it even better is that I can learned a little history on top of it all.
Lady Katrine De Gravere is a 14th century Flemish anomaly--a noblewoman who works for her living at a weaver's trade. Renard, emissary of King Edward III of England, masquerades as a smuggler. She wants to be left in peace to create her cloth--but Flanders is under embargo and there is no wool to weave. He wants to discharge his duty to his king and earn the bishopric he's been promised.

So what are these two doing falling in love?

The writer has come through once again with a highly satisfactory story. This unlikely pair fights each other, the political climate, and their own inner demons in order to find the peace they secretly crave in each other's arms. The period detail is exceedingly well done, as in each of Gifford's previous books. It's hard to capture the "flavor" of a time period, and so many books do not succeed. This author does. I also liked the fact that her main characters this time are not earl or duchess, but folks closer to the commoners who made the middle ages work and sweat.

It also tickled my fancy in the book, where Katrine helps attend the childbed of Queen Phillippa of England. At the later baptism, his mother remarks, "All through his life, this one will be called John of Ghent. I will make sure he also knows the name of the faithful friend who stood by my side at his birth." Though it's not in the time scope of INNOCENCE UNVEILED, years later John of Ghent's lifelong love is a woman he calls Katrine (Anya Seton's superb KATHERINE tells their love story). Too clever, Ms. Gifford! Loved it.

A must-read for all lovers of medieval romance and for those who haven't tried it yet--this should be your first book.

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