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by Jerry Dzindzeleta

Download Secret Rooms Secret Compartments fb2, epub

ISBN: 0967113903
Author: Jerry Dzindzeleta
Language: English
Publisher: Jerry Dzindzeleta (November 15, 1990)
Subcategory: No category
Rating: 4.2
Votes: 158
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Only 13 left in stock (more on the way). Mr. Dzindzeleta belabors the theory and the reasoning for having hidden spaces in your home, but at the same times opens your mind with his examples of hidden doors, panels, and spaces so much so that you can use his ideas or as he recommends, come up with your own using his examples as a starting point.

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Secret Rooms Secret Compartments: How You Can Design Them to Protect Your Valuables by Jerry Dzindzeleta. Secret-compartment jewelry box - Storage pieces with secret compartments are. Learn more about wood and glass crafts from Home & Garden Television.

Hidden Storage Tactics - a faux bookcase (all the books are cut to take up only inches) revealing a flight of stairs to an upper floor, maybe an attic, playroom or den. SECRET DOOR – Psst! 5 Hidden Storage Tactics That No One Ever Saw Coming.

Secret Rooms, Secret Compartments, by Jerry Dzindzeleta (Plastic comb binding, self-published, 1990. Dzindzeleta gives detailed plans for secret places and spaces that are better than any others I have ever come across. If you are about to remodel or build, and you are plan to include a secret room, then this is the manual to have on hand.

If you have to keep in it your home, read the book Secret Rooms Secret Compartments by Jerry Dzindzeleta. Though it just dawned on me that you may be talking about in the actual interrogation room and not on the street. December 30, 2014 Kristophr. In courts the I assert my 5th Amendment rights after every question (a recent horror to our legal nightmare) was added a year or two ago. My go to lines

A design manual 80 pages of text and 45 drawings on how to design secret rooms and secret compartments to protect valuables in any home or place of business. If a thief cannot find your valuables he cannot steal them.A secret room is a superior defense against burglary because even a professional thief is placed at great disadvantage. It tricks his eye. It fools his mind. A secret compartment causes your valuables to become invisible. A safe or locked cabinet screams for a burglars attention, but a hidden compartment renders him helpless. It gives him no target, no hinge or hasp to pry off, no lock to drill into.It provides him with nothing at all, and that is the beauty of it.


Very impressed by the content of this book. There are many design ideas for concealed spaces and secret rooms with access through disguised doors that the eye does not recognize, and the ideas are innovative and more creative than I have ever seen published before. Ideas I would never have thought of myself. Like a closet that reveals the secret room by rolling into it. Another existing closet that becomes the secret space when a wardrobe is built in front of it. Secret compartments in pillars, kitchen cabinets and room dividers. A false wall with rolling shelving within it and many more designs that the author shows in 45 detailed drawings along with well written descriptions. Unique to this book the author explains how to look at your home with new insight to find the best possible location for a secret room or compartment...and use multi directional thinking because the entrance to secret room may be through a wall, through a ceiling, or down through the floor. The author stresses that his design ideas are not meant to be the final perfect solution for any of his readers, but may be a step to perfecting their own perfect end result. I am ready to start building my own secret room now, and this book has changed the direction I will go.
Not fancy with lots of colored pictures but author did a good job illustrating and providing instructions. Instructions are hard to come by. I would definitely buy it again and recommend. Not a lot of fluff and provided what we were looking for.
The book does appear to be self-published at Kinko's, so it is easy to dismiss it without looking inside.

However, if you're looking for practical advice on how secret rooms and compartments work, this is it. After looking through all the books on the library shelf which describe general ideas, you'll eventually find yourself ready to actually build a secret place. That's where this book comes in. The real "tricks of the trade" are in here if you're handy enough to do it yourself ... and, I expect, if you're in the business of carpentry or cabinetry and want to expand the services you provide.
Mr. Dzindzeleta belabors the theory and the reasoning for having hidden spaces in your home, but at the same times opens your mind with his examples of hidden doors, panels, and spaces so much so that you can use his ideas or as he recommends, come up with your own using his examples as a starting point. This pamphlet does not give you measured drawing for sure, but it is a great resource for how to conceal in plain sight.
This book gives great directions, including pretty detailed drawings, on how to turn usual and unusual spaces in your house into secret spaces of varying sizes. If you are imaginative, you will think of other spaces you can use. Great book...and his caveat of a secret shared is well taken. If you have something you want kept secret...and that you want to still have after a and use this book!
Secret Rooms is a practical blueprint for building hidden rooms and compartments. Although meant to bamboozle thieves, these designs are clever enough to be used to hide things from anyone, including the IRS! If you are looking for a definitive book on the subject, this is it.

It is a 5+ star book and the 1 and 2 star reviews are entirely based on the idea that to make these secret compartments would take a lot of work to make, and the look of the book is not sophisticated. These reasons are irrelevant to the knowledge contained in this book which is absolutely invaluable. For more details, refer to the balanced and useful review by R. A. Ward.
I have been frustrated with this type of book in the past.
I am carpentry challenged, but I actually want to build a secret room and/or compartment in my home by myself to preserve secrecy. Unfortunately, most of the hiding books I own do not tell you how to actually build anything. They are really just lists of hiding places, with a few hand-drawn type illustrations to give you vague ideas on how to construct them. This includes all of the major ones out there: "How to Hide Anything," "The Big Book of Secret Hiding Places," and ironically enough even "The Construction of Secret Hiding Places" is very short on actual building instructions and illustrations. Even worse, a couple are simply retreads of others!
This book is totally different and does not reference any other books, and in fact exceeds them in quality in every way as far as content. It appears to be self-published, and the author has obviously spent years thinking about this subject and building the projects he discusses. This is uncoventional carpentry, folks; Mr. Dzindzeleta realizes this and wrote to show you *how to build* this stuff, without getting locked into "example" projects that are too dependent on certain sizes/materials to apply to you.
The strengths of "Secret Rooms, Secret Compartments":
It is chock full of quality illustrations that detail the actual working mechanisms for locks, glides, rollers, sliding panels, the operation of hidden doors, and even a special hinge I have not seen before.
Even better, the author has the text and the illustrations completely cross-referenced, so you can hold one finger on the page with the illustration and go back again and again as he discusses each design idea or variation.
Dzindzeleta also gives ideas for supplies that you will probably need for each project. However, please note that he does not give specific brands or models, because he realizes that every secret room/compartment is totally custom and will be different. He does give you a general idea of materials, and it will get you started.
Another strong characteristic is the introduction. Not only does he go into detail about "how to think" multidirectionally to best locate and most easily build your secret room/compartment, he also goes into how incredibly important secrecy is, and gives very good, *detailed* instructions on doing a tour of your home or business to figure out where the "wasted" space behind the walls is or where the best place to "shorten" a room is. He even gets into plumbing, heating ducts, etc.
If all of this isn't enough, the design ideas themselves are innovative. Dzindzeleta has ideas in here that I have not seen before, and what's more they are usually a lot better than the other books as well. This includes a unique under-the-stair design, column compartments, a secret elevator, a closet in a closet, box-beam drawers, room divider to mask a secret entrance, floor-access room or compartment, and the obligatory bookcase projects.
Other than some (admittedly annoying) typos that do not affect its usefulness, this is simply the best "build your own hiding place" book I have ever read. I do recommend that if you want "all" the possible hiding place ideas for your home, that you purchase "How to Hide Anything" by Michael Connor in addition to "Secret Rooms, Secret Compartments." Connor's book is the one that the retreads always copy, and was obviously the standard "good" hiding book back in the 1980s, when most of the hiding books were written.

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