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by Donald Kieso

Download Intermediate Accounting fb2, epub

ISBN: 0471448966
Author: Donald Kieso
Language: English
Publisher: John Wiley and Sons (WIE); 11 edition (2003)
Subcategory: No category
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 791
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Size ePub: 1622 kb
Size Djvu: 1236 kb
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Donald E. Kieso, P.

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54 Am J1st Trusts § 51. allentine's law dictionary.

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Excellent resource


I adore Accounting, yet was struggling with a few concepts. I purchased this Survival Guide to assist with my struggles while studying the main Wiley Book. My instructor is often unavailable, and there are no dependable student resource center at my college. The main Wiley Book was sometimes confusing and its' illustrations were too simple when compared to the complex and often advanced Problem Questions. I was desperate. I had expected this Survival Guide to hold the answers to the Problem Questions in the main Wiley Book. This was most definitely not a Solution Manual.
However, I wasn't looking for a Solution Manual, I was seeking an Instruction Manual. This fits perfectly. This Survival Guide provided its' own Problem Questions, and then, supplied the answer. Each page is packed with information, flows continuously. It offers brief introduction to concepts, provides tips, lists the Problem Questions and quickly provides the solution, the solution is often accompanied with concept training, decision making, and math detail. And as a plus, each chapter has a practice test with MC questions with immediate answers.
This is an excellent source for the person who isn't just after the grade, but truly desires a practical understanding of Accounting concepts and practical math skills to obtain the results.
Every student rightfully complains about publishers coming out with a new edition of a textbook more often than seems reasonable (or possible). Taking Intermediate Accounting this semester and had to purchase the access code for WileyPlus, which comes with the e-textbook. Great. I don't have to buy one. But.... there is no search or index feature in the e-textbook AND they don't make it easy to flip back and forth between pages/sections. In what they call the "frontal material" there is a list of changes in this new and improved edition. Soooo, buy the previous edition for a fraction of the price and you'll have substantially the information in the new edition! Use as a companion for the e-textbook and you've got it all.

Now, a word of warning... these authors assume a level of prior knowledge and clairvoyance which you may or may not possess. This book is filled with information, but does not get high marks for speaking plainly. How to get through the classes? Buy or rent a print copy of the textbook, buy or rent the study guides and the problem solving survival guides. Until you know this stuff cold, you're just doing bookkeeping.
All accounting and survival non-accounting majors: this book is a perfect accompaniment to main textbook. It is an instructional manual on how to solve simple and increasingly complex problems. It gives line by line instruction on how to solve acctg questions. I call this book a must!! Especially in the common absence of good education/instructors, in which only simple scenarios provided, and no q&a time provided. Education must be had though, and self-study, patient review in a quiet room will serve you well. Will prove 100% effective in training for CPA exams well, and most definitely improve your confidence/grade/skill.
The textbooks by Kieso,, Kimmel, and Weygandt are filled with information. The problem is they assume students have a level of prior knowledge and some clairvoyant ability which, for me, has gone dormant while carrying a 20-unit course load. If you're instructor is using WileyPlus to have you submit work online, don't expect to find a search tool or textbook index on WileyPlus. Moreover, don't expect to find detailed explanations of how they arrived at the solutions to the exercises. They aren't there. This book does not duplicate the exercises (check out the Problem Solving Survival Guide for that), but it does give you 1) a brief synopsis of principles, concepts, definitions, and other 'gotta remember that' stuff, as well as lots of practice questions/exercises and, not just the answers, but the thought process and methodology to get those answers. If you can resist the temptation to scribble in the book, check above to see if Amazon/Apex Media has rentals available. :D
Love the loose leaf style of this book. It makes it so much easier to work with than the bound text. You can just take the chapters with you that your are currently studying and leave the rest at home for reference later. Only warning I can give (and it has nothing to do with the seller, they were great to work with) is that the self tests on the publisher's website contain errors. Some of them do not have a correct answer to the question (they are true/false and multiple choice). A couple of them had a correct answer to choose from, but when the test was corrected on-line you were marked as incorrect, but the answer that they listed was the answer that you had indicated. Good Luck with your accounting classes.
This book was clearly written by someone who wanted to show you how smart they are, not teach you. The chapters include pages of redundant information, mixed in with good information that is written in such a confusing way it is nearly impossible to understand. The author forgot he was supposed to be teaching the material, not showing off his convoluted method of communication and knowledge of the english language. If your teacher assigned you this book, get the study guide and find a good youtube channel to help you. The problems on the Wiley homework are not even covered in the book. Get ready for a frustrating class.
I actually really enjoyed using this textbook during my Intermediate I and II accounting classes. Yes, chapter lectures are pretty dense and complicated but are accurate and will give you a true taste of financial accounting. What I really found helpful were the practice questions (brief exercises, exercises and problems) which, when used along with the answer key, ensured that I was practiced and ready for all of my intermediate financial accounting exams. FYI, I got A's for both of my financial accounting classes :)

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