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by George Pelecanos

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ISBN: 1409109674
Author: George Pelecanos
Language: English
Publisher: Orion (an Imprint of The Orion Publishing Group Ltd ); paperback / softback edition (2012)
Subcategory: No category
Rating: 4.3
Votes: 474
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Home George Pelecanos The Cu. Lucas got the man’s contact information, thanked him, and made a note in his book regarding the pronunciation of Odin’s name.

Home George Pelecanos The Cut. Home. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25. Begin Reading. He left the store and took multiple photographs of the alley from the point of view of the empty parking spot. He framed these so that the fire hydrant was in the foreground of the shots.

George P. Pelecanos (born 18 Feb 1957) is an American author. Many of his 20 books are in the genre of detective fiction and set primarily in his hometown of Washington, . He is also a film and television producer and a television writer. On television, he frequently collaborates with David Simon, writing multiple episodes of Simon's HBO series The Wire and Treme, and is also the co-creator (with Simon) of the HBO series The Deuce. Pelecanos, a Greek American, was born in Washington, .

Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. The Cut. (Spero Lucas #1).

In The Martini Shot, featuring seven short stories and a novella, George Pelecanos covers his usual milieu but dips into the television world as well.

This is the official George Pelecanos fan page run by his publisher Little, Brown. In The Martini Shot, featuring seven short stories and a novella, George Pelecanos covers his usual milieu but dips into the television world as well.

Crime fiction writer George Pelecanos introduces Spero Lucas, an anti-hero making his place in the world one battle at a time. Includes a bonus work of short fiction focusing on Spero's early life. Spero Lucas has a new line of work. Since he returned home to Washington.

The crime novelist and screenwriter George Pelecanos, whose new book is The Man Who Came Uptown, would want Gladys Knight to write his life story: Music heads will get that one. What books are on your nightstand? A Lucky Man, an extraordinary short story collection by Jamel Brinkley. What books are on your nightstand? A Lucky Man, an extraordinary short story collection by Jamel Brinkley; The Lonely Witness, by William Boyle; and Memphis Rent Party, by Robert Gordon.

George Pelecanos’ The Cut is a crime novel that is sure to please readers who prefer a literary as opposed to commercial approach to. .Hell to Pay and Soul Circus were awarded the 2003 and 2004 Los Angeles Times Book Prizes.

George Pelecanos’ The Cut is a crime novel that is sure to please readers who prefer a literary as opposed to commercial approach to fiction. His approach reminds me of Kate Atkinson’s Jackson. The Turnaround won the Hammett Prize for literary excellence in the field of crime writing. His fiction has appeared in Playboy, Esquire, and the collections Unusual Suspects, Best American Mystery Stories of 1997, Measures of Poison, Best American Mystery Stories of 2002, Men From Boys, and Murder at the Foul Line.

Spero Lucas is George Pelecanos's greatest creation, a young man making his place in the world one battle and one mission at a time. The first in a new series of thrillers featuring Spero Lucas, The Cut is the latest confirmation of why George Pelecanos is perhaps America's greatest living crime writer. Attn: Author/Narrator If you have any queries please contact me at info19782 @ gmail.

His cut is 40%. A high-profile crime boss who has heard of Lucas's speciality hires him to find out who has been stealing from his operation

His cut is 40%. A high-profile crime boss who has heard of Lucas's speciality hires him to find out who has been stealing from his operation. It's the biggest job Lucas has ever been offered, and he quickly gets a sense of what's going on. But before he can close in he tangles with a world of men whose amorality and violence leave him reeling. Is any cut worth your family, your lover, your life?

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George Pelecanos is one of the best crime writers around today. A native of the Washington, DC area, all of his books take place in the area, and tend to explore the thin line between good and evil, and how easy it can be to cross that line. (This is a theme that Pelecanos also explored as one of the main writers of the television series The Wire.) His newest book, The Cut, is one of his best.

Spero Lucas returned from the Iraqi war ready to do something. He finds a job doing special investigations for a defense attorney, and also does freelance work for other people, returning stolen property. He is good at what he does and commands a healthy 40 percent cut of the findings for his work. When a noted drug kingpin asks Spero to find out who has been stealing drug shipments from him, he jumps into the investigation full bore, but finds far more than he bargained for. As he tries to keep control of the situation, using all of his physical and intellectual strength, he wonders how much a successful job really is worth to his life, his future, and the love of those around him.

When George Pelecanos is at his best, he creates complex characters who are far more than what they seem at first glance. Spero Lucas is a terrific creation; you think he's a cocky former soldier who gets by on his intellect, good looks and physical strength, but he is far more complicated than that, and the depth Pelecanos gives him makes him tremendously appealing. The action in this book crackles, and while you may see some of the plot twists coming even quicker than Spero does, the pacing of the book and Pelecanos' storytelling ability will make you want to race through the book as quickly as possible. It's so good to have Pelecanos back at the top of his game, and I can only hope his next book will feature Lucas again.

Do yourself a favor. If you're a fan of crime novels and you've never read any George Pelecanos, pick up The Cut or nearly any one of his other books, and you won't be disappointed. You'll wonder where you've been all his life.
This was an excellent crime novel in the sense that none of the characters are law enforcement except one, who is pretty comfortable outside the law. Spero Lucas is hired to find out who has been stealing marijuana packages from an imprisoned drug lord. Lucas, an ex-Marine, works privately for himself and takes on the case where several twists and turns occur along and this one will keep you guessing.

Included at the end of the book is a short story about Spero's younger life, centered around his father, Vann Lucas. It is not an action story, but rather one that gives you a look into Spero's early life, the parents that raised him and is quite touching.

I definitely recommend this to any crime fiction fan.
When an imprisoned drug dealer hires Spero Lucas to find out who's been stealing his product, Spero takes the case. Can Spero recover the stolen weed and collect his forty percent?

The Cut is a breezy crime tale that reads as smoothly as an Elmore Leonard. Pelecanos makes Washington DC as much of a character as Leonard does with Detroit and Miami. Spero Lucas is a compelling lead, an ex-marine who works as an investigator. The drug case he's taken quickly spirals out of control. However, the case wasn't as interesting to me as Spero himself.

Spero's a complicated man and no one understands him but his woman. Or maybe I'm thinking of someone else. At any rate, I liked the idea of an Iraq war veteran who's having trouble adjusting to normal life. His tastes in food and Jamaican music further endeared him to me. The guys he goes up against are pretty well drawn as well, particularly the Holley family. Pelecanos' bad guys have relatively reasonable motivations and come off as real people rather than caricatures.

One thing I really liked was that Spero's brother is an English teacher and has his students read crime books, like Richard Stark's The Hunter and Unknown Man #89 by Elmore Leonard. That's a class I would have loved taking back in the day. Spero listening to Ernest Ranglin and King Tubby also sweetened the deal the for me.

That's about all I have to say. If I had to complain about something, it would be that I wanted the book to be about twice as long. I'll be reading more Pelecanos in the near future.
I understand that this book is the first in a series featuring the author's latest creation, Spero Lucas. He is a young man of nearly 30, an Iraq war veteran, an adopted son of Greek parents, and a person who works as an investigator for a D.C. defense attorney.

Lucas also takes jobs on the side, and it's one of those jobs that is the crux of the plot in this well-written book. The work involves some unsavory characters, and a subject which is not strictly within the law, but Lucas receives a 40% cut of the value of whatever it is he recovers, so he feels the work is worth the chances he might be taking. That's really enough of the plot to relate.

There are some well-drawn characters, particularly Lucas' brother, a black teacher who was also adopted and, like Lucas, considers himself Greek. Lucas' attorney employer shows up infrequently, but plays an important part in the plot. Several of Lucas' friends from Iraq also become involved, and there are many killings before the book ends.

Mr. Pelecanos obviously knows and loves D.C. for we get, in the pages of the book, a kind of mini-travelogue of the streets and sights of the city, and also quite a few restaurants and bars. A little less of this might have been better, but it doesn't hold up the plot to any important degree. I liked the book, and its of a length that it can be read in one long sitting, if you so choose. I spread it out over a few days, the better to savor the flavor and enjoy the ride upon which Mr. Pelecanos takes us.

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