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by Ernest W Kent

Download Brains of Men and Machines fb2, epub

ISBN: 0700341234
Author: Ernest W Kent
Publisher: Mcgraw-hill Inc
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Rating: 4.2
Votes: 950
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The Brains of Men and Machines. Comparison of regional serotonin levels and turnover in the brain of naturally high and low aggressive rats. Jorge H. Daruna, Ernest W. Kent. Evidence is presented which supports the hypothesis that mesencephalic reticular neurons which show an increase in rate on presentation of arousing sensory stimuli are inhibited by topical adrenergic stimulation, and that cholinergic effects on these neurons are variable according to local geography, perhaps representing functional groups.

30-дневный возврат товаров - Покупатель оплачивает обратную доставку товара. Title: Minds, Brains and Machines (Mind matters series) Item Condition: used item in a very good condition. Books will be free of page markings.

Main Author: Kent, Ernest W. Format: Book. Modeling brain function : the world of attractor neural networks, by: Amit, D. 1938- Published: (1992). Published: Peterborough, . Byte/McGraw Hill, c1981. Subjects: Artificial intelligence. The brain, by: Restak, Richard . 1942- Published: (1984). The brain, Published: (2009). The amazing brain, by: Ornstein, Robert E.

The Brains of Men and Machines Kent, Ernest Hardcover Collectible - Acceptable. EVOLVING BRAINS John Allman Genetics Science History Behavior Medicine Medical. Ships in a business day with tracking.

Ernest Kent (born January 22, 1955) is an American college basketball coach. He is the former head men's basketball coach at Washington State University. Prior to Washington State, he served as the head men's basketball coach at the University of Oregon and at Saint Mary's (CA). Kent was previously an assistant at Stanford University and also coached abroad in Saudi Arabia.


The quality and delivery of this product was superb. I would readily buy from this supplier again.
Great for browsing and fishing for ideas. Wildly obsolete now, but it wasn't meant (even at the time) to be a source of cutting edge neuroscience research. What it does is describe the basic workings of neurons, neural tissue, the brain, and how sensory and motor data might be encoded in neural systems, all explained in terms that make sense to physicists and electronics engineers, and accessible to hobbyists, students. It's more of a "gee, look at how this works" kind of book, not a scholarly work.

It was a thrill to read in the early 1980s, but naturally will contains some seriously dated 8-bit=based facts and speculations as seen by the 64-bit multi-core super-GHz standards of 2011 (when I write this). Nonetheless, it has great descriptions of how neurons are organized by feedback loops, and feed-forward, how some types of neurons regulate the operation of others for improved speed or stability.

I'd like to see a new book, based on 2000+ knowledge, to serve a similar purpose today. Perhaps there are such books already; I haven't looked very hard.

Another book covering the topic of how neurons are organized to accomplish great things, with more real neuroscience and biochemistry, is one by Gerd Sommerhoff. Unfortunately I cannot find the right title at the moment - possibly "Logic of the Living Brain". It may be interesting to engineers and geeks but isn't written for them, and is a few years out of date too.

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