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by Karin Lidbeck,Matt Christopher

Download The Winning Stroke fb2, epub

ISBN: 0316142328
Author: Karin Lidbeck,Matt Christopher
Language: English
Publisher: Little Brown & Co (1994)
Pages: 168
Subcategory: No category
Rating: 4.1
Votes: 917
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Matt Christopher (Author), Karin Lidbeck (Illustrator). The Winning Stroke is about a boy named Jerry Grayson. He absolutely loves baseball and thinks he'll never stop playing

Matt Christopher (Author), Karin Lidbeck (Illustrator). Book 1 of 4 in the American Gold Swimmers Series. He absolutely loves baseball and thinks he'll never stop playing. Then, one day, he hurt his leg and his doctor told him that if he wanted to play baseball again, he had to do aquatic therapy.

by. Christopher, Matt, 1917-1997; Lidbeck, Karin. Little Brown and Company.

By Monday, he realized he had to learn to do everything-and he had to learn to do it well. He worked out a schedule of private training in addition to team practice and showed it to the coach included an extra half hour of . . He worked out a schedule of private training in addition to team practice and showed it to the coach included an extra half hour of laps after regular practice. He knew the coach did paperwork in his office each day after the team had left, so he figured he could use the pool without any trouble. When Coach Fulton approved the plan, after making some changes, Jerry posted it on his bedroom door. It was the first thing he saw in the morning and the last thing at night.

The Winning Stroke book. Humility and diligence are the main themes of this book by kids sports writer, Matt Christopher. They are good themes, even good reminders for an adult reader. These themes carry the book, even when the touchingly friendly and encouraging group of middle schoolers seem far too idyllically Walton family or the moments that make it abundantly clear the author has limited experience with competitive swimming himself (.

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By (author) ILT Karin Lidbeck Matt Christopher. Format Book 125 pages. Dimensions 127 x 19. x 1. mm. Publication date 18 Apr 2008.

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When Jerry Grayson turns to the swimming pool to help his baseball injury, he never suspets that he will become interested in the sport of competitive swimming.


Kept my interest and could not wait to read the next chapter. Great for kids 9 and older, especially if the love swimming .
I think this book is a good one for swimmers. It is a good story. I suggest it to any swimmer!
This is a story about a kid named Jerry Grayson. Jerry loves baseball. In the beginning he is playing baseball and gets hurt. He got a base hit and he thought he could make it to second base. When he did, the big second baseman fell on his leg and Jerry was hurt. Jerry went to the hospital, and the doctor said he would need therapy. The swimming coach said he could do exercises at the pool for his leg. The first day he went to the pool he met some classmates that he knew. After some days the coach asked Jerry if he wanted to practice with the team for his leg to get better. The coach told him he had a natural stroke. In the end he decides to try out for the team. He was inspired by his friend. At the first meet he swam for a kid that was sick. In another meet he asked to swim the 500 yard freestyle, and then later he swam the 50 yard freestyle race. The person that was supposed to do the relay race had sprained his ankle so the coach asked Jerry to swim for him. After that event the kids said he had the winning stroke. I liked this book because even though he wanted to play baseball, he never gave up in swimming and he tried as hard as he could. By Kevin
The fun loveable Kristy Adams has entered Jr. High. When her friend Rosa wants her to try out for the swim team just to keep her company she reluctantly agrees.
On the day of the six grade try outs for the team she realizes how much she really loves to swim! It helps even more when in the afternoon she finds out she has made the "A" team, made up of the best swimmers.
At her first meet Kristy swimming 100 backstroke, (not her best stroke) runs into the wall, hits her head, and doesn't finish the reace, she deciedd she doesn't want to be on the team.
Kristy changes her mind many more times but ends up sticking with it. This is a good book but not as good as 3 and 4. Everyone should read it even if you have a higher reading level then 3rd or 4th grade!
Jerry is a kid who loves baseball. While he is playing, he hurts his leg. The doctor tells him to do therapy at the pool, and he reluctantly says yes. After thinking about it, he decides to swim on the team. He ends up being a great swimmer, and he keeps on swimming. I am a kid who loves swimming, so I really liked it. This is a great book filled with fun and and hardworking kids. I like this book.
Jerry is a 12 year old boy who is injured on a baseball play at one of his games. He needs to go into theropy after he is told he sereously injured his leg. His thereopist suggests swiming. He reluctently decides to try it. After Jerry's leg heals he has to make a hard decision- keep swiming or play ball. To see what Jerry decides to do read the book!
I really liked this book. It reminds me of when I swim at my meets. You really do get butterflies in your stomach.

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