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by Christian Cameron

Download Winedark Sea fb2, epub

ISBN: 1409114120
Author: Christian Cameron
Language: English
Publisher: Orion (2012)
Subcategory: No category
Rating: 4.4
Votes: 747
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The Wine-Dark Sea - Christiane-Rita Moodie. The Wine-Dark Sea. He hesitated such a long time at the door that the stewardess gave him a gentle push.

The Wine-Dark Sea - Christiane-Rita Moodie. By. Christiane-Rita Moodie. Published by Christian-Yves Georges. He was the last one down the wobbly steps.

In Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea, his fourth volume to explore 'the hinges of history,' Thomas Cahill escorts the reader on another entertaining-and historically thorugh the landmarks of art and bloodshed that defined Greek culture nearly three millennia ago. In th. . In the city-states of Athens and Sparta and throughout the Greek islands, honors could be won in making love and war, and lives were rife with contradictions

Исторические приключения. Tyrant - Cameron Christian. It is much the same at sea, Lord. You can feel your way along a coast to a certain point, but when Poseidon wills it, you must chance to the wine-dark sea and ride the waves or perish.

Исторические приключения. In the last light, the king’s smile was grim. My meaning was a little different, Kineas.

Slaves brought wine and dates and other sweets while she held court, dispensing wisdom and even justice to her household. Cameron Christian - King of the Bosphorus - скачать книгу. Nihmu, a Sakje woman from the sea of grass, had four quivers of arrows and she stood at one end of the courtyard shooting bronze-barbed shafts into a target hidden in the shadow of the colonnade. Unlike Sappho, who ran her husband's affairs, Nihmu had virtually no interest in the trade that drove her husband. шрифт: 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 32. Times New Roman Georgia Courier New Serif Arial Tahoma Helvetica Menlo Consolas monospace Monaco.

King of the Bosphorus ( Tyrant - 4 ) Christian Cameron Christian . King of the Bosphorus. The year before, he had taken the Black Falcon in a sea fight off the coast of the Levant in a rising storm.

King of the Bosphorus ( Tyrant - 4 ) Christian Cameron Christian Cameron King of the Bosphorus 311 BC Eumeles sat at a plain table on a stool made of forged iron, his long. Falcon was lighter and smaller and far less robust than Leon's Golden Lotus or the other four triemioliai of Leon's squadron – all his own ships, for Leon the Numidian was one of the richest men in Alexandria, one of the richest cities on the curve of the world.

Sailing the wine-dark sea : why the Greeks matter, Thomas Cahill. Acclaim for Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea. The Hinges of History. Other Books by This Author. 1st ed. p. c. (Hinges of history ; v. 4). Includes bibliographical references and index. 2. Civilization, Western-Greek influences. Demeter’s hair was yellow as the ripe corn of which she was mistress, for she was the Harvest Spirit, goddess of farmed fields and growing grain. The threshing floor was her sacred space.

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Читать бесплатно Rhodes Christian Cameron. Текст этой книги доступен онлайн: the Lord’s Prayer and the Ave Maria. The bandages came off, and Fra Tommaso and Fra John came to take him to the English Langue. Peter came with clothes. Swan was so far from himself.

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Mobile version (beta). If you did not find the book or it was closed, try to find it on the site: GO. Exact matches. How to Be a Christian in a Brave New World. Joni Eareckson Tada, Nigel M. de S. Cameron.

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An epic novel from the master of historical fiction, author of ALEXANDER: GOD OF WAR 'Brilliantly evoked' Sunday TimesArimnestos of Plataea is a man who has seen and done things that most men only dream about. Sold into slavery as a boy, he fought his way to freedom - and then to everlasting fame: standing alongside the Athenians at the Battle of Marathon where the Greeks crushed the invading Persians. Sometimes, however, a man's greatest triumph is followed by his greatest sorrow. Returning to his farm, Arimnestos finds that his wife Euphoria has died in childbirth, and in an instant his laurels turn to dust. But the gods are not finished with Arimnestos yet. With nothing left to live for, he throws himself from a cliff into the sea, only to be pulled by strong arms from death's embrace. When he awakes, he finds himself chained to an oar in a Phoenician trireme.And so begins an epic journey that will take Arimnestos and a motley crew of fellow galley slaves to the limits of their courage, and beyond the edge of the known world, in a quest for freedom, revenge - and a cargo so precious it's worth dying for.


After Marathon, Arimnestos goes out of his mind in grief over the loss of wife and child and thus begins a journey of extreme pain and degradation. His struggle to survive the torments and the subsequent saga of returning home makes for an entertaining tale as the author fills in the historical gap between Marathon and Xerxes' invasion at Thermopylae. Meticulous research and well rounded characters are once again hallmarks of this author; it's like reading Patrick O'Brian, only for ancient mariners. The seafaring portions are detailed; the navigation of those days is just plain scary and that my friends is what this book is, a scary and exciting story of survival and revenge. Arimnestos, in the end is once again becoming a killer of men. 4.3 stars...bring it on, Xerxes :-)
When I read the 1st book in this series, Killer of Men, I was impressed. It was one of the best historical fiction books I have ever read. Then I read the 2nd book, Marathon, and was even more impressed. Usually, after a couple of books, the writer kind of tests on his laurels, and phones in any subsequent books. Not so with Poseidon's Spear. Everything about this book- the action, the character development, the plot, was fantastic. Mr. Cameron has earned a fan, here. And I eagerly anticipate his next masterpiece.
happy light
This was a great book. It should however had a map on the web site.

I am very puzzled about the sea route to the I.O.W.
The ships appear to end up in the channel islands before going north to the I.O.W.
They landed on the north coast of Spain , OK so far so good , then sailed north and missing Britteny.( Not easy missing Brittany )
Coming back they sailed from the I.O.W to Le-have and down the Seine. This again is funny route.
The short land route to the med is , sail to Bordeaux over land west across Aquitaine to Marseille.
The route nowdays is Barge :- Bordeaux - Toulouse -Canel Du Midi - Naroner into the med
I've read quite a few novels of the Greco/ Persian wars and this series ranks among the top, if not the best one I have read. The author includes the politics of the times, the divide in the Greek world about whether they should even fight against the Persians and other minutiae that was happening and if ignored could bring Greek civilization down without the Persians doing it. Even though the author included all these different things that were going on, he didn't get mired down in it as some authors do and let events ruin the book to the point, or at least I do, of getting bored and frutrated, putting the book down and not picking it back up.
Looking forward to reading this authors take on Thermopylae and Salamis. Excellent read!
Abandoned Electrical
Christian (Myles) Cameron continues the saga of Arimnestos the Plateaen, post Marathon, with a trip to the west, even to Britain. The more he writes of Arimnestos, the more of a real person he becomes as Cameron's writing continues to improve (not that it was 'bad' in the first place!)
A 'filler' to take up to the time it took the Great King of Persia to mount his attack of Greece, it is a wonderful journey to the western Med and north out of the Gates of Hercules in pursuit of tin.
The scene that stayed with me was when the main protagionist was press ganged as a galley slave...I could almost smell the foetid air,and feel the filth swirl around my feet..a rollicking yarn that agreeably whiles away the time so much so that you are swept up into the narrative....I enjoyed it...although somehow the concept of a bibulous,garrulous old man recounting heroic deeds did not seem to sit...I would have imagined the hero would have been a grim,silent character rather than a raffish racounteur in his old age
Good and entertaining continuation of the series. This book tells of Arimnestos' story this time as a sea captain sailing the high seas :-)
Well researched and with good historical details it really opens your eyes to the rich culture and civilization of the time and also the incredible trade routes/networks existing back then.
A very enjoyable read!
I really enjoy Cameron's historical novels. He bases his stories on Herodotus and others, but creates a plausible web of adventure around the source material. He is an enthusiaster historical re-creator, and makes the battles come alive because he understands the details.

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