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by Anneke Jacob

Download As She's Told fb2, epub

ISBN: 1934349992
Author: Anneke Jacob
Language: English
Publisher: Pink Flamingo Publications; First Thus Used edition (December 17, 2008)
Pages: 442
Subcategory: No category
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 650
Size Fb2: 1688 kb
Size ePub: 1254 kb
Size Djvu: 1284 kb
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Bottomline: Anneke Jacob is an excellent storyteller. As She's Told is at once a fascinating and disturbing glimpse into what becomes an absolute, one-sided, total power exchange. I would read other books from her, but without the animal kink (just my preference). I found the book wholly captivating and, despite it's length, had a really hard time putting it down. I truly felt for Maia.

Graphic BDSM content. A Pink Flamingo Ebook Publication. For information contact

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Winner of the 2008 National Leather Association's Pauline Reage Novel Award.

Winner of the 2008 National Leather Association's Pauline Reage Novel Award. Winner of the 2008 National Leather Association's Pauline Reage Novel Award.

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ISBN 10: 1934349992 ISBN 13: 9781934349991. Publisher: Pink Flamingo Publications, 2008.

Winner of the 2008 National Leather Association's Pauline Reage Novel Award. Erotic BDSM fiction.

Take two caring, thoughtful individuals with some highly unusual sexuality, let their paths cross, and watch how far their obsession takes them. That's the essence of this story about an intense bdsm relationship: extreme, loving, creative, steeped in imagination, embedded in the real world. What emerges is a passionate, private sexual reality, in which the balance of power tips only one way.

Maia and Anders want nothing less than total power exchange, without games, negotiations or safewords. Any pretence is out of the question; for both of them the power relationship has to be as genuine as it is absolute, but Anders is more than aware of the risks to inexperienced Maia if she should be wrong about what she can handle. Early on, he steers a careful line between games and gobbling her up. His ownership is established step by step through conditioning, painful consequences, humiliation and constant bondage, and before long, Maia finds walking away has become inconceivable.

Anders keeps his slave increasingly 'like an animal on a very short tether' something to which she struggles to adjust, in a continuous state of terror and joy His love of technology takes some interesting turns, particularly around orgasm control, teasing and denial. The intensification of Maia's enslavement is balanced by the pair's affection, sense of humour and intelligent conversation, and by the real world of work and friends. Some of these friends become integrated into the meage one way and another, and help Anders create the setting in which Maia's uttermost submission can flower. Graphic BDSM content.


one life
I've been wondering how I was going to review this book since about midway through it. I'm still not sure what will end up flowing from my keyboard to this big empty page.

I enjoy BDSM fiction... the taboo of it all. And this book started out feeding what i enjoy. Then it made a right turn into UnbelievableVille and it didn't slow down until it ran right out of the other side of town.

As I said, i enjoy BDSM Fiction, but it has to be plausible... and towards the end of this book plausible was removed from the dictionary.

I understand kinks and fetishes, nothing wrong with them in the least, but, please.. keep is at least a tiny bit real.

The Labia Majora Ring scene. Umm. I understand the power exchange.. or the power flow being all one way. But a little warning for Maia, a tiny heads up, something, would have been nice. "Hey sweetheart, got a friend dropping by to throw 6 10-gauge locking rings through your labia. And to make it fun, you'll be strapped down and gagged.. and panicky, but don't worry, i won't give you anything in the way of comfort. Oh and as an added bonus, how about a nice hole through the septum! What fun! Oh, i'll give in and stroke your hair through that one. But that's it.

After that's done, He is generous enough to get her a drink of water for all her hard work. No, no, not Maia! I mean what did she do other than lay there, right? No the woman that *did* all the work actually *doing* the piercings!

Ahhh, and lets visit the ladies room. Pretty little powder room, and Maia can even reach it while she's chained up. Isn't that nice. And ohh! It beats the chamber pot in the front room by leaps and bounds! Right? Ahhh, hold those pretty little labia rings Maia.. Master has a nice surprise for you! What's this behind door number one?! *pause and re-read... 3 times* A litter box? Really? Oh. Okay then. Lets see how *that* works. Back in, squat, pee. Easy peasy! "Cover it". Cover it? Oh yes, cover it with kitty litter, and is instructed to do that even if her hands are tied behind her back. Yeeaahh. Okay.

I think this book lost me an the trip to the farm. The pony play was taken to such an extreme that I didn't believe it anymore. Not that pony play bothers me, that's not the case at all.. but I want to to at least be plausible. The last bit while they were there when Val and Ria were "riding Maia"... was just utterly ridiculous. No, no.. not because it isn't something that is an actual fetish and I'm sure does happen, but because Maia is described throughout the book, in great detail, of being this tiny little thing. 5'1 or something, and here she has these 2 women putting their full weight on her, riding her, whipping her, and she never crumbles under the weight. She stumbles, but never crumbles. Kinda like a weeble wobble.. she weebled and she wobbled but she never fell down.

She's used to plow a garden spot. Really, little tiny Maia in all her harnesses, weights, etc. She's going to pull a plow through unbroken ground, over and over.

A large Maple slab of wood, made to fit across her back, to help her be a better coffee table.. tiny Maia.

Yes, the farm.. that is where i started skimming. A lot. This book felt like the never ending story, it was ohh so long for a book that page wise wasn't really overly so. It was filled with, well.. a lot of filler.

I didn't give 2 labia rings and a litterbox about some of the over descriptive ramblings that went on in this story. It could have been much shorter and the same book without some of the over descriptiveness.. such as Anders on a job site, measuring, making another cut, etc. Not to mention the conversations he was having with these other people, sometimes you knew who he was talking to, sometimes you didn't and the format of them using > and sometimes >> it was a guessing game, and it was unnecessary usually.

I didn't feel engaged with the other characters. Val & Ria, the whole story could have been improved by running these 2 characters off a cliff early on. Didn't much care for either of these characters, and when it comes down to it, they were just bullies, not Dommes or whatever it was they were suppose to be.

So, you may ask.. was there anything i *did* like about this book? Well yes! Yes, there was!

I enjoyed the beginning when they met and were starting the journey, some of the middle as Anders took more and more control of Maia, this is where descriptive came in quite handy! And quite frankly the end, because it finally ended.

It's a stretch giving this a 3 star review.
This was the most disturbing and unnerving book I have read to date. This is more than Total Power Exchange, this is Wow. A very well written story about Maia and Anders who have the kink of all kink, an owner/slave relationship that also includes role playing as an animal, in real-time. I have to admit, I wanted to dislike Anders, but I just couldn't. He was being himself throughout the relationship, was very honest and up front on his wants and needs, gave her opportunity to express her views and he gave Maia exactly what she wanted and needed. How can you not like him for it? It just so happens that Maia was also into some strange kink and she was the perfect match for Anders. I kept thinking, if they break up, both of them could never be happy because they would NEVER find their sexual match again. How could they go back to vanilla or a role playing lifestyle after this.

This was a very long story...very long. I kept waiting for the standard drama on when the end would be coming. Each humiliation, I kept thinking, she's going to end it. A very emotionally charged book that will stay on your mind for a while as you ponder about extreme TPE.

At times it was a difficult read. When Anders was emailing, I had a hard time following who he was chatting with and the random topics they were chatting about. Some of it did not seem relevant to the story or scene. Also, some of the songs, things specific to being Danish, Canada...some of it was challenging to read.

Bottomline: Anneke Jacob is an excellent storyteller. I would read other books from her, but without the animal kink (just my preference).
Truthfully, I wasn't sure how I wanted to rate this book. I have also read Owned and Owner by Anneke Jacob and I found allot of similarities. Both are written intellectually, in the first person and both books are very disturbing on so many levels. I chose the rating based on keeping me captivated from beginning to end.

Be forewarned. This book is very a very graphic depiction of an intense BDSM relationship. As other viewers have written, both Anders and Maia found what they needed in each other. Anders need to own another human being as his slave and Maia's need to be owned. Maia expresses to Anders that she needs to be in a relationship where her choice is to have no choice at all. She wants to give him her total autonomy, completely submitting to his will. In this way she feels safe. Anders seems to understand this need. He locks her up in bondage gear while she goes to work in order to make her feel safe and connected to him and then in a crate at night, or chains to a stairwell. He even goes so far to program a GPS tracking device on her, as well as install webcams in the house. Thus, another way to control her behavior and not get outside his reach. He literally keeps her on a short leash.

What is interesting is that both Maia and Anders have discussions on how they are proceeding in their relationship. It is a slow development, to make her his fine tuned instrument. He would ask her feelings and then do whatever he wanted to with her anyway. That arrogance really annoyed me. He shared her with his close relatives and friends and made her wear a chastity belt, only allowing them the use of her mouth. She didn't want to perform for women but had no objections to the men.

Anders, as sadistic and perverse that he is did have concerns about STD's and other things that could harm his slave. What a paradox. On the one hand, his character was so anal (no pun intended) in his methodical pursuit of cleanliness and on the other hand, he left her unable to clean herself properly after using the litter box, while in a chastity belt. I still shudder and cringe at that one.....Yikes!!!!

While some others have felt this was a relationship based on love, I cannot believe that anyone would really want to give up their free will to become an object of someone else's affections. I am sarcastically using the word affection here. I don't define this as love. Anders wanted Maia in a state of lust. He wanted to make her whole life wondering if she would ever get to climax because he told her his needs were what was important and to keep her in a hyper sexual state kept her juicy for him. Lust is not love.

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