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by Daniel Schorr

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ISBN: 042503903X
Author: Daniel Schorr
Language: English
Publisher: Berkley (October 1, 1978)
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Rating: 4.7
Votes: 163
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Berkley (1978), Paperback, 367 pages. Daniel Schorr, former reporter for CBS, recounts his stormy past- -facing down the house ethics committee with his refusal, on First Amendment grounds, to reveal a confidential source.

Berkley (1978), Paperback, 367 pages. JournalistsUnited StatesBiography. Schorr, Daniel, 1916-. Similar in this library.

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A berkley medallion book. Published by. Berkley publishing corporation. Published by arrangement with the author’s agent. Berkley medallion books ® tm 757,375. The shuttle-boat pilot had not been helpful. He knew nothing about who was to meet Bill, he had said.

Daniel Louis Schorr, American broadcast journalist, author, lecturer ) Clearing The Air (Berkley medallion book ; TM 757,375). Clearing The Air, by Schorr, Daniel).

Daniel Louis Schorr, American broadcast journalist, author, lecturer. With United States Army, 1943-1946, 47. Member American Academy Arts and Sciences (elected), Council on Foreign Relations New York City, National Press Club ) Clearing The Air (Berkley medallion book ; TM 757,375). By Daniel Schorr - Clearing the Air (1977-10-16) Hardcover. Staying Tuned: A Life in Journalism By Schorr, Daniel ( Author ) Paperback 2002. Staying Tuned: A Life in Journalism.

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Clearing The Air, Montgomery, Alabama.


I just finished reading Clearing the Air By Daniel Schorr, Long time reporter for CBS News. It gave me a whole new perspective on the news industry. Being only in high school during this time frame, (mid 70's), I didn't start reading about "Watergate" and "Nixon" until later in life. This book opened my eyes about how (we thought) powerful the news media was, when in reality they knuckled under to a few local affiliates. In the long run I think viewers and then listeners won with Daniel working for NPR, National Public Radio.
I am a bit surprised from the outset that this book appears to have not been rated or commented on. I have small snippets of television memories where Schorr reported on a lot of subjects including Watergate, the protests against the Vietnam War and the release of the Pike Report. This book is more memoir than anything else. His writing style is very clear, inviting, open, non-judgmental, colorful and above all else, insightful, intelligent and balanced.

There are several stories that constitute the main ballast of the book. The first is from the overwhelming impact of the Watergate scandal. Much the same way that Woodward and Bernstein really did not initially know how big or important the break-in at the Watergate complex was; this took time to emerge. Schorr was part of a team of very engaged journalists who committed themselves fully to uncovering what became the greatest scandal to hit the White House since the first great one, the assassination of Lincoln. Schorr worked the story into almost nightly reports tacked on to Walter Cronkite's evening news report. Woodward and Bernstein worked the print medium at the Washington Post. Having just read their really exciting book about Watergate, I was ready to read Schorr's perspective from a wider angle. Schorr and his colleagues applied their journalistic arts with the vigorous techniques one sees in a pack of hungry sharks. The deeper they went into the story the more toxic it grew, the more they all knew that this was a game changing story. Schorr, in particular, became so agile in his work that he, almost above all other television reporters, earned the resentment, hatred and vilification of Richard Nixon. So much so, that Schorr appeared on a Nixon enemies list. Schorr ended up finding his name on this list as he read it live on television.

A second theme emerges in what appears to be a backlash against CBS corporation. This is attached in a direct way to the third theme which I will touch on in a moment: the aftermath of leaking the Pike Report. What Schorr presents is a fairly convincing depiction of a Nixon White House applying thinly veiled threats to CBS if it didn't bring Schorr under tighter control. The threats were in the form of influence they said they could bring to bear on the FCC, a large governing body that administers licenses to public broadcasters. CBS had many affiliate stations spread out across the United States and their licenses came up for renewal from time to time. The notion that the White House could somehow make it harder for CBS to manage its media empire was something the other Presidents surely would have dreamed of; Nixon's actually could have put that type of Executive Action into play. The Chairman of CBS, William Paley, had to answer to his board of directors and eventually to the many share holders of CBS stock. If Schorr was to become a dangerous source for the company, bringing down upon its head an open fight with the White House, then we were talking First Amendment Rights at the very least. CBS was not the only media empire that was paying its reporters and journalists money to hunt down the Watergate story. But, they were the biggest. Much was at stake. Schorr, like others, was also on the prowl to uncover CIA actions that the nation knew nothing about. The CIA dirt was finally going to be exposed; they and the White House were not pleased.
It was at this time that journalists were starting to reconsider the JFK assassination, the role of the CIA against Castro was emerging and chaos in Washington was a rising factor. Eventually Schorr is suspended from further broadcasts on television. Forced to sign a convoluted resignation letter, held in abeyance, his future unclear and his colleagues in shock. The leak of the Pike Commission report gave the Senate an opportunity to lash out and attack a very public person who was caught in an act they considered treasonous. He disagreed and from this came a nail biting appearance he gave before a Senate commission. He and CBS did not know if he would be found in contempt by Congress; he could go to jail and possibly for a long time. He had a young family and a long career behind him. The senate voted to not censure him and the storm clouds blew over. Although he escaped jail he did not escape a final breach from CBS. In words that leave me with no doubt, it appears that CBS could no longer accept the risk of corporate problems with the government (FCC) if they were connected to the work of Daniel Schorr. So, their connection was severed. Schorr officially resigned but under enormous pressure from upper management which had let it be known that he was too much trouble for the company.

After his resignation and the Pike Committee was behind him, he began a series of interviews with all the main actors of the Watergate story. The only person who would not talk to him was Richard Nixon. One can only imagine the places he would like to consign Schorr, Woodward and Bernstein. The Quaker who resigned from the Presidency had ample capacity to hate his enemies. Mercy was something he talked about but was something that never touched the core of his "enemies list". Schorr went on to continue his career and died at the age of 94.

This is such a fine and important book, one that should be read alongside "All the President's Men". The last chapter of the book is a meditation, a looking back and summarizing. It is both wise, sad and self conscious of the way media had changed the way government functioned. While he did not quote Marshall McLuhan, one is mindful of how media was as much under public scrutiny as the message itself. The public scrutiny came about because of the way the Nixon White House lashed out at the journalists who basically destroyed the Nixon regime.

Another thing we have to consider is the role of those who leak secrets. Woodward and Bernstein had "Deep Throat". Schorr never revealed who supplied him with the Pike Commission report. In this age of Snowden and what he released to the media and how deep an impact it has had in shaping government secrecy policies, one senses that the issues brought forward by Daniel Schorr live with us now and will continue to echo on for a long time to come. Who decides what is to be secret? If the public is being shielded from information that embarrasses the government and exposes it to a shocked public, is this something that journalists should seek to publish?

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