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by Ian Rankin

Download Fleshmarket Alley.: An Inspector Rebus Novel. fb2, epub

ISBN: 0316010324
Author: Ian Rankin
Language: English
Publisher: Back Bay Books (2005)
Subcategory: No category
Rating: 4.5
Votes: 314
Size Fb2: 1532 kb
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Ian Rankin is now the United Kingdom's bestselling crime writer. His 15 police procedurals featuring the dour Scottish Detective Inspector John Rebus are beginning, at last, to attract a devoted-and deserved-following in this country.

History & Fiction. Ian Rankin is now the United Kingdom's bestselling crime writer. St. Martin's has just published this, Rankin's 1992 collection of short stories, and I can't think of a better way to be introduced to John Rebus and his creator. Dubbed "Tartan Noir" by James Ellroy, Rankin's tales are set in Edinburgh.

The Inspector Rebus books are a series of detective novels by the Scottish author Ian Rankin. The novels, centred on Detective Inspector John Rebus, are mostly based in and around Edinburgh. The books are written in third person limited omniscient mode, focusing on Rebus, with the point of view sometimes shifting to colleagues, petty criminals or suspects. The stories belong to the genre of police procedural detective fiction, with a hardboiled aspect that has led to them being dubbed 'Tartan Noir'.

Ian Rankin is a international bestselling author. Ian Rankin books involving Rebus are a pleasurable read and having recently spent time in Scotland one can visualize the scenery and the places involved in the stories. Winner of an Edgar Award and the recipient of a Gold Dagger for fiction and the Chandler-Fulbright Award, he lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, with his wife and their two sons. May Rebus never grow older.

Fleshmarket Alley book . American title for Fleshmarket Close. international bestseller Ian Rankin sends Inspector John Rebus into the dark streets of Edinburgh's flesh trade when a shocking murder exposes an even more sinister underworld. In this aptly titled novel, Rankin's cranky detective, John Rebus, and sometime partner Siobhan Clark, delve into the business of human trafficking.

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item 6 Fleshmarket Alley (Inspector Rebus Mysteries), Rankin, Ian, Used; Good Book -Fleshmarket Alley (Inspector . Ian Rankin is a international bestselling author

item 6 Fleshmarket Alley (Inspector Rebus Mysteries), Rankin, Ian, Used; Good Book -Fleshmarket Alley (Inspector Rebus Mysteries), Rankin, Ian, Used; Good Book. item 7 Rankin New York Times Best-Selling Author, Ian, Fleshmarket Alley: An Inspector -Rankin New York Times Best-Selling Author, Ian, Fleshmarket Alley: An Inspector. Ian Rankin is a international bestselling author. Country of Publication.

Best Answer: Inspector Rebus novels I absolutely love Ian Rankin's Rebus books, I was very sad to see them end. Happy reading!

Best Answer: Inspector Rebus novels. The Naming of the Dead (2006) Exit Music (2007).

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Love only grows by sharing. You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others.

Rankin at his best. Another surefire bestseller for Britain's #1 crime writer. His best novel yet and that is saying something.


If you are a Rankin fan then this won't disappoint. Rebus is in semi-retirement and I wonder just how much longer Ranking will be able to conjure up reasons for the Scottish police to keep him around. There is an up to date aspect to the story line in that the murder victim is a refugee from the fighting in the Middle East and one detects nuances of repressed racism and antagonism to immigration which was one of the main reasons the UK voted to leave the EU. A lot of the usual characters and suspects re-appear in this novel. The Rebus novels are not so much about the criminology but the interface between Rebus and his colleagues and occasionally his family and his devil may care approach to life as evidenced by his heavy drinking. Very readable.
"Fleshmarket Alley" captures the Scotland not found in post cards or tourist guides. In his latest effort, the accomplished Ian Rankin takes on a host of contemporary issues: illegal immigration, racism, bureaucratic corruption, the slave trade, and more. Strangely, despite the title, the prostitution plays only a background role in this complex and intelligent whodunit. Back is curmudgeon Detective Inspector John Rebus, prowling the pubs of Edinburgh and environs while unraveling the mysteries of the murder of an unidentified immigrant in a run down housing project. Rebus-partner Siobhan Clarke as a favor is investigating a runaway - the sister of a rape victim whose case Siobhan had previously dispatched. Meanwhile, the skeletal remains of a woman and child are dug up in the basement of a "Fleshmarket Alley" watering hole. Predictably, these seemingly disparate threads intertwine, while Rankin, in no hurry to satisfy the reader's curiosity, tediously layers plot upon subplot until all the dots finally connect. For a less talented author, the slow pace and convoluted collection of races, places, and faces could prove frustrating, but Rankin's Rebus is a strong enough character to carry the load of an overly burdened plot, and interesting supporting players, richly drawn settings, and witty and gritty Scottish dialogue hasten the pace. The obvious sexual tension between Rebus and Clarke provides some amusing distraction as Rankin dissects with the subtlety of a chain saw some very serious social issues. In short, a complicated tale skillfully told, confirming Rankin's entitlement to the awards he's won. A highly recommended read.
This is an angry book . . .sad, too, but mostly angry. And rightfully,and righteously, so given Rankin's focus and purpose. Yes, there is a "mystery" - two murders. But they are tertiary - not even secondary - to the basic story, which is about bigotry and man's inability to deal with people different from them on both a personal as well as community level.. Someone noted somewhere that Rankin is becoming the Dickens of Scotland, and this book is the cornerstone of that placement. It may not be every reader's mug of tea (which Rankin's characters drink almost as much as Laphraoig) - as one can read from the comments herein - but this is a good read, and a five-star read. And if it upsets you and gets you to think, well, that adds another star to the total . . . rhb
Steamy Ibis
Ian Rankin knows how to create a layered mystery and he knows how to present his city in that gritty, real, street-level way that Raymond Chandler did with LA back in the classic age of noir. Rebus has grown over the years and become a much deeper character, though sometimes I selfishly wish he wasn't so self destructive. But what has to be the best feature of the later novels in this series is the development of Siobhan into a fully-fleshed character of her own.These really aren't just Rebus's books anymore, and the are the better for it.
I have always been a great fan of Ian Rankin. His books are well crafted and he creates the atmosphere of the seedier sides of Glasgow and Edinburgh. This book is about a festival of hippies young and old taking place in Edinburgh ad at the same time as a meeting of Heads of State at Edinburgh Castle. The inevitable murder takes place on the Castle grounds where a man falls to his death.

As I say I always enjoy Ian Rankin but I think his earlier books are better. He has now grown to old and grump but try for yourself
Well written. I didn't get the Edinburgh I remembered but maybe this is more the underside. Very interesting the way the author makes you think about racism. The solicitor guy says " we are all racist; it depends on what we do about it". When you read it you will be aware "we are all tribal; it depends on how we handle it". The immigration officer is black and a "Londoner", another label. Another scoundrel is Irish, a rapist is Scottish and on it goes. There are good bad and ugly in all races. This is my first encounter with Rebus, the detective, and that is a disadvantage. I think I would enjoy him much more had I been familiar with his other novels. This is my fourth or fifth book set in "northern countries" Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Scotland. They are not unique and they point out that the "migration problem" must be faced. Keeping people in holding centres as described in this novel is not the way. Our society needs to be educated to get along together.
Started these to kill time. I think what pointed me to this series is seeing the author talking up with Craig Ferguson on Craig's show. I'm not sure Ian is from Scotland but he is from somewhere in the British Isles so when he and Craig got going it was a very interesting show. Good books with good character building and interesting, ongoing plot lines along with the recurrent characters.
Good news that Rankin brought REBUS back from retirement (I read about the his new book). Rebus is one of the best finde siecle detectives, in this book he deals with immigration / assimilation problems: no apologies, no solutions to one of the most complex political issues that emerged during the 20th century. His spatial descriptions are incredible vivid and lucid. Besides being a good entertainement, Ian Rankin has lot to teach to anthorpologists, social workers and urban planners. As usual.

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