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by Lisa A Slater

Download The rape of Berlin fb2, epub

ISBN: 0818103000
Author: Lisa A Slater
Language: English
Publisher: Pageant-Poseidon; 1st edition (1972)
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Rating: 4.5
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By Lucy Ash BBC News, Berlin. They were sent by the NKVD, the secret police, to their boss, Lavrentiy Beria, in late 1944. These were passed on to Stalin," says Beevor.

As Allied troops entered and occupied German territory during the later stages of World War II, mass rapes of women took place both in connection with combat operations and during the subsequent occupation. Most Western scholars agree that the majority of the rapes were committed by Soviet servicemen, while some Russian historians maintain that these crimes were not widespread. The wartime rapes had been surrounded by decades of silence.

The alleged rape of a 13-year-old Russian-speaking girl in Berlin, supposedly by asylum-seekers, has fuelled . But German police say that after questioning and examination it was clear that Lisa F was not abducted and not raped. Sexual contact was not forced, say officers

The alleged rape of a 13-year-old Russian-speaking girl in Berlin, supposedly by asylum-seekers, has fuelled anti-migrant protests from Germany's large Russian community. But the outrage was sparked by Russia's media propaganda machine. Sexual contact was not forced, say officers. Because the girl is only 13 years old prosecutors are investigating two men for child abuse.

Slaterlife, Lisa Slater Author. Best author I have come across in a very long time n the middle of the story allowing you to experience it from within. I recommend anyone looking for a great down to earth, suck you into the story type of read. Lisa is the author for you. I will continue to be a fan for a very long time. Thank you for sharing your talent.

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Lately I've been trying to find books about World War II and the Holocaust from the position of an "ordinary" German -- that is, not a member of any of the oppressed groups, not part of any anti-government groups and not stationed high in the Nazi hierarchy. This book, "The Rape of Berlin," was written by such a person: a perfectly ordinary German gentile who lost her husband and her brother to the Soviets. Her brother was literally lost: he disappeared in the Battle of Stalingrad and at the time of writing, Slater still didn't know what had become of him. Her online obituary (she died just a few months ago, age 93) says she finally found out his fate in 2012, nearly seventy years after the fact. He had died of war wounds in early 1943.

I don't think the book was very well-written. Slater didn't describe the personalities of any of the characters, or even name them: they're just "my sister," "my husband," "my aunt," etc. If she wanted to protect their privacy she should have just used made-up names for them. The book is just a dry recitation of the facts, with no details. For instance, she didn't say how and when and under what circumstances she met her husband, or what their courtship was like, or describe her reaction after he, too, disappeared shortly after the war. (Per the aforementioned obituary, he predeceased her, but it doesn't say that in the book and I wonder if she knew this or not at the time of writing. This is another example of the lack of detail: no information about her search for him or speculation as to what had happened to him.)

The author's animosity towards the Soviets is totally understandable: they conquered Germany, trashed Berlin, raped and pillaged and plundered, and they took her brother and her husband from her. (She claimed she didn't get raped, but only because she was heavily pregnant.) However, her statements about the Nazi atrocities are pretty hard to swallow, especially given that the book was published in 1971 and she had been living in America for fifteen years by then. She said she had nothing against Jews, and neither did anyone else she knew, and she had thought concentration camps were just secure prisons for criminals, and she had no idea that Jews were being killed, and that she was "almost certain," even now, that Hitler did not authorize the genocide.

I don't know if she was delusional, defensive or simply lying.

I don't have a whole lot else to say about this book except I don't think it has any value, on either the literary side or the historical side.
I love Mercedes
This book was written by our mother Mrs Lisa Slater Owens. She is now 91. I have intimate knowledge of this book. We were not aware there were other copies out there. The publisher went bankrupt. My mother got nothing. My sisters and brother have their originals. Mine went missing over 20 years ago.

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