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Moonlight Books is focussing on children, health and fiction books for all genre. It dazzles us with the stories of creation, and how the will of Lord Brahma manifests

Moonlight Books is focussing on children, health and fiction books for all genre. It dazzles us with the stories of creation, and how the will of Lord Brahma manifests ell as the various planes of existence. Then, follow life on earth, the creation of Manu; first the aquatic life, the animals as well asthe human beings. We read about the continuous war between the divine and the evil forces to govern this creation.

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Not too impressed with it. Could not finish it but might go back to it in the future
It was a gift
Moonlight is a bit more obscure than Pinter's other plays. No matter what happens or what seems to be in the offing, the characters remain comparatively indifferent, untroubled, devoid of feeling, good or bad, and pretty well immune to pain, insult and fearful prospects. They take disconcerting confusion, misunderstanding, and absurd situations without strong protest. Yes, occasionally someone hints at depression, gives off a muted and short-lived flash of anger, or manifests patently absurd pride. But the over-riding tone of the play is a flat and unhurried lack of affect.

This seems especially odd because there are certainly things going on that, in the everyday circumstances of most of us, would provoke strong emotions, even if calls to action were pointless. After all, one of the main characters is dying from an unspecified but undeniably lethal condition. He speculates about the hereafter, which he seems sure exists, and judges that it's more likely to be bathed in moonlight than to be pitch black. He objects to the notion that it's pitch black because "...if it's pitch black forever what would have been the point of going through all these enervating charades in the first place." Clearly, he thinks his unsatisfying life has a purpose beyond an existential performance of no lasting consequence. His wife assures him that he's right, but she does so tepidly, a wifely duty performed without love or enthusiasm, but still an obligation. She goes through the motions.

The dying man, as best we can determine, spent his working life as a civil servant of modest rank, someone who could follow rules, insist that others did the same, and who lacked the intellectual wherewithal to see any farther. He spoke plainly, simply, and profanely, all of which makes his use of the relatively uncommon word "enervating" a bit of a surprise. Perhaps he has to reach into the alien linguistic world of those more cultivated to give voice to the unfathomable set of circumstances in which he finds himself.

The dying man and his indifferent wife off-handedly acknowledge that each had a previously undisclosed affair. Ironically, the affairs were with the same woman, now married to a retired football referee whose merits depend on when he enters the conversation. Before the dying man know of the affair, the referee was one who kept the world in order simply by the nature of his presence. A rule-keeper after his own heart. After the revelation, the referee was an abysmal failure. A bit of spleen vented, uncharacteristically emotional for the impassive characters of Moonlight. Otherwise, in spite of the affairs, equanimity is unchallenged.

The couple has three children, two sons in their late twenties and a daughter in her late teens. The sons, presumably looking back over their lives with an ineffectual and disappointing father, avoid him in his last days. The young woman occupies a place of her own, accessible to the sons for banal exchanges of familial history and information, but otherwise, in the here and now, disconnected from the family. Unwittingly, she seems to be the one who bears witness to the fundamental ambiguity and uncertainty of life.

"... if it's pitch black forever, what would have been the point of going through all these enervating charades in the first place." Perhaps the daughter's confused presence on a moonlit night is an answer to this.

Moonlight is an interesting play that muddies whatever distinction may separate the existential from the absurd. It's not Pinter's best play, but it's a good one.
I reckon that MOONLIGHT is Harold Pinter's modern update of James Joyce's classic tale, THE DEAD. Andy, the old pig reprobate who lies dying while his wife watches, apparently devoted to him but inwardly nursing a whole different set of feelings, -- Andy is a lot like Andy Sipowicz of the USA network cop show NYPD Blue. Ian Holm played the part in the premiere ten years ago and I imagine he was very good. Or you can picture Marlon Brando playing in MOONLIGHT along the lines of his part in LAST TANGO IN PARIS. Alas, those days are far behind us now. The wife is very secretive and you know she hasn't had a happy life having to put up with Andy's incessant vulgarity and prejudice, not to mention the way he arranged their family life so that their two sons are at each other's throats. The wife, Bel, bides her time and drops her bombshell just at the appropriate moment -- I don't want to give away any spoilers, but if you know Joyce's story "The Dead" you already know what kind of secret a wife can keep for many years. MOONLIGHT is a wonderful play and a good one for college productions too, though I wouldn't recommend it for high school due to the rough language and the advanced themes of aging, disintegration, and death. However many a young ingenue will thrill to be given the part of "Bridget," a real Audrey Hepburn "Ondine" role if ever there was one. A part Pinter is said to have based on the crazy mad Lucia Joyce.

"Once someone said to me-I think it was my mother or my father--anyway, they said to me--We've been invited to a party. You've been invited too. But you'll have to come by yourself, alone. You won't have to dress up. You just have to wait until the moon is down." Thus begins Bridget's climactic speech, one of the greatest monologues in the modern theater. Audiences eat it up like it was cotton candy.
Being a long time Pinter fan I read Moonlight several times a while back with a view to staging it. The fact of someone dying in an unpeaceful, bitter way makes for a fairly gloomy canvas but Pinter succeeds in giving his dark protagonist a meaningful depth which hints at possible redemption, if not for himself then perhaps for his family. This pathos is offset brilliantly throughoutof the play by the subtley hilarious, sardonic repartee that characterises Pinter at his best. Andy, who is ill, lies in bed for most of the play and bickers nastily with his long suffering wife about their misremembered past and estranged children. The sons, in separate scenes on the other side of the stage attempt to unravel the meaning of their own dysfunctional lives and rivalry, thereby mirroring their parents while the daughter, in cameo appearances, is the vessel for all that is potentially good and redeemable in the family. I read somewhere that the play works on stage very well in its evocation of death and has the audience silently gripped during the denouement if done well.

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