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by William J Weatherby

Download Conversations with Marilyn fb2, epub

ISBN: 088405148X
Author: William J Weatherby
Language: English
Publisher: Mason/Charter (1976)
Pages: 229
Category: True Crime
Subcategory: Biography
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 105
Size Fb2: 1777 kb
Size ePub: 1859 kb
Size Djvu: 1274 kb
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Conversations with Marilyn book. Weatherby, was a British journalist and novelist. Books by William J. Weatherby

by William J. Weatherby.

by William J. I walked out with Mr. Weatherby's book, and I'm so glad I did. I read it very quickly over two mornings, and was astonished at how factual and real it seemed to be. After being hired by The London Observer to cover the making of "The Misfits", W. J. Weatherby strikes up an unlikely acquaintance with Marilyn.

item 1 Conversations with Marilyn: Portrait of Marilyn. item 2 Conversations with Marilyn: Portrait of Marilyn Monroe, Weatherby, . Used; A -Conversations with Marilyn: Portrait of Marilyn Monroe, Weatherby, .

In 1960, Mr. W. Weatherby observed Marilyn Monroe on location for her last movie The Misfits and then had some conversations with her in a dark bar on Eighth Avenue in New York. This book records a bit about the movie, their conversation, and Mr. Weatherby's reactions. Unsurprisingly, their conversations are similar to a lifechanging encounter myself had with Bob Dylan in a Village hangout years ago. Like Weatherby. 229 pp. New York: Mason/Charter.

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In Tierney was commissioned by William Travilla's estate to create a book dedicated to the famed designer's costumes for Marilyn Monroe. Fascinated by Marilyn since I ever have memory. Conversations with Marilyn by W J Weatherby, 1989. Marilyn Monroe Books Norma Jean Marilyn Monroe Zinn Lancaster Bob Hope Julie Andrews John Wayne Judy Garland Superstar.

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Conversations with Marilyn


Mr. Weatherby was a fine writer of very clear and concise prose; and while his book contains many interesting and keen observations about Marilyn, I have a difficult time accepting everything he claims she confided. For a woman who had grown to distrust just about everyone outside her already small and ever shrinking circle of friends, she was very forthcoming with a man she knew absolutely nothing about. But then, he promised to safeguard all of Marilyn Monroe's secrets until she retired from cinema and he said she trusted him to do just that. Okeedoke.

Here are a "few problems" I have with the book. Nothing can be collaborated. Nothing is dated. I doubt if any person could recall verbatim conversations just a week old much less ones over ten years old, with or without notes, whether a trained journalistic mentalist or not; and some of Marilyn's responses to his questions are rather lengthy soliloquies about complex and complicated topics. So belief boils down to faith and I am a doubter by nature.

After Marilyn's tragic death, he claims he decided never to publish his conversations with her; and he only began to consider publishing a book, he admits, after Marilyn experienced a renaissance of interest about a decade after her death, generally coinciding with Norman Mailer's 1973 faux biography and Robert Slatzer's 1974 curious and discredited book, The Life and Curious Death of Marilyn Monroe. Mailer and Slatzer, along with an equally discredited Jeanne Carmen, built on the Kennedy rumors that were actually started by gossip columnists, some say Dorothy Kilgallen. It's noteworthy that Mr. Weatherby's book was published in 1976 and he was obviously influenced by Mailer and Slatzer, both of whom he references in his final chapter—and that's where he lost me. I don't blame him for referencing apocrypha: at that time he could not have known the works of Mailer and Slazter were apocryphal. However, the entire conversation during which Marilyn admits to an affair with a famous married politician, one who promised wedding bells, simply sounds like too many often sounded false notes.

However, if you want a unique view of a Marilyn revealed by Weatherby's alleged conversations with her—which may or may not have even taken place in a neighborhood bar in New York City—this is the book for you. I will say this—the book makes one thing crystal clear: if we give Mr. Weatherby the benefit of the doubt about its veracity, Marilyn was not a dumb blonde. But then I knew that already; and again, since I'm a doubter by nature, I do not totally believe Mr. Weatherby's book.
Freaky Hook
This was an interesting read. As most, or at least I, in pursuit of learning, who this person was, attempt to plod along and learn a piece here and a piece of info there. The book is written by a journalist who, was apparently writing for a reputable news paper and had occasion to be introduced to M. M. and over the course of time (several later years) "off the record" interviewed/talked with her casually several times. This was with out "dead line" pressure and his opinions were reserved for after the fact and appeared to be unbiased at the time.
I just finished this book and have always wanted to get my hands on it and read about the conversations of Marilyn with someone that she to a very large extent trusted with casual encounters and conversations of the things going on in her life and in the countr at the time. It was heart warming and reassuring to know that beneth the movie star was a sensitive, sweet, angry, moody woman, in other words a real human being. As her make up artist Whitey once said of her, "She was the only one of them that was human." And after reading this she really was, it makes me wonder just what she could have done had she lived on.
This is a great addition to anyone that is as big a fan as i am to your Monroe Library.
I've read quite a few books about Marilyn Monroe, and this was not as great as others. The "conversations" do not even start until somewhere about page 50. A lot of emphasis on Arthur Miller, her third husband. It just seemed to go on and on and it couldn't keep my interest. Some nice things said, but if you read the book "Goddess", most of the things Weatherby is quoted as saying in that book are the few conversations that he had with her. Not all bad, being that I bought it used for a really low price. Not worth much more though. Just another addition to my Marilyn collection.
Book was a birthday gift, by request of the birthday girl. She loves it and has read it several times in the last few weeks.
This book was for a Christmas Gift for my daughter's boyfriend. It arrived in condition as described on Amazon ad.
First, let me say that I am not a die-hard Marilyn Monroe fan. I have scanned over the other reviews (all rated 5-stars), and I have to disclose that I have not read a lot about her. So coming from that perspective, I do not have the breadth of comparisons that other reviewers seem to have about Monroe related volumes.

In and of itself, I found "Conversations With Marilyn" to be a curious, sometimes odd, and slightly meandering volume. Weatherby met Monroe while covering the filming of "The Misfits" and they had several extensive conversations following the film's shooting, with the understanding that Weatherby would not use the material at the present time. Before the in-depth interactions with Monroe actually begin in the second half of the book, Weatherby discusses conversations he had with Clark Gable (Monroe's co-star in "The Misfits"), Arthur Miller (Monroe's husband and "Misfits" screenwriter), Lee Strasberg, Paula Strasberg, and Clifford Odets.

Monroe's conversations with Weatherby range from literature to the civil rights movement. The main underpinnings of the conversations are Monroe's efforts to find herself, to reconcile her dramatic ambitions with that of her movie star/sex symbol realities. Monroe emerges as a likable, intelligent, and multi-faceted individual. The book sheds no new light on her reported connections with the Kennedys, but only underscores the mysteries that comprised the last year of her life, and the unanswered questions about her death.

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