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by Cornelia Meigs

Download Invincible Louisa fb2, epub

ISBN: 0833519824
Author: Cornelia Meigs
Language: English
Publisher: Tandem Library (July 1988)
Category: Arts & Literature
Subcategory: Biography
Rating: 4.8
Votes: 418
Size Fb2: 1309 kb
Size ePub: 1722 kb
Size Djvu: 1231 kb
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I'm a big fan of Louisa May Alcott and her writings, her most notable novel being Little Women, among many other great books and stories. Needless to say, I've wanted to read this particular biography on Miss Alcott for many years, and finally got to read it this summer.

I think by reading this book and learning more about the Alcott family's history, you're diving deeper into Little Women at the same time. You get to learn more about the characters of Amy, Jo, Meg, and Beth, and find out what they truly were like in real life. Most importantly I found out a lot more about Miss Jo March herself, Louisa May Alcott. I'm starting to pick up now on hints of true events from her life inside of her writings. I feel more well-informed on the Alcotts as I continue to make my way through more of Louisa's books.

Louisa was always running off for a new adventure; this is true both in childhood and adulthood, in different ways. She was up for something fresh and thrilling to the senses, and was courageous to the core; this is one of the big elements I picked up on by reading her biography. Plus the reader gets to see insight in other topics that greatly affected Louisa: death, slavery, transcendentalism, education, Quaker culture, poverty. Life wasn't always peachy for her, as she had troubles all her own – but enough sweetness to keep her well-rounded. Just like in her writings.

Cons? This isn't really a negative point, but my opinion in one area differs from Cornelia Meigs' version. I think the author had a different perspective on Bronson Alcott than what we have of him today, if one reads up on the subject. In this book, Meigs glowingly builds up his character and reputation, which somehow seems skewed from what history tells us. Of course, he was a dreamer, and he attempted to do many different things in his life, but I personally don't think it was as glamorous as this book portrays.

One of the reasons this biography is particularly interesting to me is that it's not a modern day researcher who wrote it. It was written back in the 1930's, and clearly is written in a vintage style (which I completely adored, seeing as I am an avid vintage book reader). Additionally, I felt like the biographer truly knew Louisa as a friend, not just how a researcher or journalist might see her. I liked the effect that the amiable writing style gave to the atmosphere of the biography, and it made it much more amusing to read than a dry, textbook biography.
It was an interesting story I never would have chosen if not for the good price. There were definitely some slower pages and I thought should I try to read this again after a different book? I picked it up a couple of times a day became increasingly interested in the story of her life, the characters were popping out of the woodwork. Characters that played a role in the begining of our country, and wrote infamous books. I am glad I stuck with it. The timeline at the end a huge help for perspective.
Before reading this book you need to know that it was written in 1933, for children, and it shows. The language is of course old-fashioned and of its era, and can be enjoyed for that flavour, but if you want a serious and non-hagiographic biography written for adults you will need to look elsewhere. There is so much of interest in Louisa's early life - her dreamer father, her girlhood acquaintance with Emerson and Thoreau, her family's attempt at a commune - but none of it is adequately covered here, of course, as Cornelia Meigs was writing for children. The author also makes the amateur biographer's cardinal mistake of novelizing, painting scenes at which she not present and can have had no knowledge of. I couldn't finish it but at least it made me look around for a serious biography, of which there are several including one by Susan Cheever,
It was exciting to read about the actual life of the Creator of Little Women & Little Men. I was not disappointed in the details of Louis Mae Alcott's life & they reminded me a great deal of Jo, one of the main characters in her books. As a matter of fact the books were based & modeled on many of the events & daily life of her family. Just as she brought joy to many readers she also brought great joy to her family & large numbers of people she knew during her lifetime.
Quite an old book written in 1930s but this means she's closer to the people in the history, with some family members still living in the houses mentioned. Shows Louisa as a very likeable, hardworking character. She had a tough time growing up despite being loved by her parents. Almost made me cry a couple of times!
I loved this book. A very gentle read, but what a surprise to find out the challenges the Alcotts and Louisa faced for so many difficult years. If course it is fascinating to draw parallels between Little Women and her own life, which are numerous. A great book for anyone, young or old, who loves Louisa May Alcott's books or just reading about a nineteenth century woman who grew up in a very important time and place in American history.
wonderful biography. i was on the verge of tears often ... alcott my favorite author from my youth -- we would renact portions of it in the field next to the widdowson's back yard ... i had dibs on jo ... meigs did a wonderful job on capturing the alcotts ... all four sisters, mother abigail and father bronson -- loved it
Being the first and only biography I have read about Louisa May Alcott, I was naturally very interested in all of it. I am among the millions who have loved her stories, but never looked beyond them. This author wrote in the general style of those times, thereby exposing more of the sense and underlying culture. Over all, it was pleasant, interesting, and easy to read.

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