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by Jermaine Jackson

Download You Are Not Alone: Michael: Through a Brother's Eyes fb2, epub

ISBN: 0007435673
Author: Jermaine Jackson
Language: English
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers (September 1, 2011)
Category: Arts & Literature
Subcategory: Biography
Rating: 4.3
Votes: 666
Size Fb2: 1289 kb
Size ePub: 1587 kb
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Home Jermaine Jackson You Are Not Alone Michael, Through a Brother’s Eyes. MICHAEL JACKSON 1,000% INNOCENT’, I read again.

Home Jermaine Jackson You Are Not Alone Michael, Through a Brother’s Eyes. You Are Not Alone Michael, Through a Brother’s Eyes, . I continue to stare at the top left corner of the mirror, watching the smiley-face start to run. Transfixed, I flash back to Michael’s bathroom at the Hayvenhurst estate in Encino, outside Los Angeles – his home prior to Neverland – and know that I am mimicking in 2005 what he did in 1982.

The Michael he started out with in a tiny house at 2300 Jackson Street in Gary, Indiana. The brother, the son, the father, the complexthe unknown Michael. Jermaine will not flinch from tackling the tough issues.

Jermaine Jackson-older than Michael by four .

Filled with keen insight, rich in anecdotes and behind-the-scenes detail, You Are Not Alone is the book for any true Michael Jackson fan and for anyone trying to make sense of the artist whose death was so premature.

Michael lifts his eyes from the floor. He looks the saddest I have ever seen him, but I can tell he just wants to talk. The judge is not happy that Michael is late, and if he’s not in court within the hour, his bail will be revoked. Up until now, he has rarely released his emotions in front of us. He has been controlled and resolute, speaking about his faith, how he trusts the judge of God, not the judge in a robe. But his controlled demeanour is now undone, no doubt triggered by yesterday’s testimony, and compounded by the frustration of this back injury. It’s all becoming too much.

You are Not Alone book.


Jermaine's book was like Latoya's first one.An unflinching look into the brotherhood and dynamics of the Jackson family.I'm always pleasantly surprised when I read books about Michael and plp tell the truth about certain situations. Prob because Mike wasn't Always so forthcoming with anything but I have to remember,those were his issues.Like I never thought Jermaine would go into detail on the Word to the Badd situation and MJ's kids paternity,I'm soooo glad he didnt just chalk it up to 'Well he raised them,so they're his' and actually stated reasons as to them being his biological kids.I became a real Jermaine fan if anything after this book.
I read this book and it's a fascinating read. I somehow felt Jermaine wanted to be like Michael and we can see that he also looked up to him as a superstar . It's sad the way Michael's life turned out in the end. It's painful to know that he had no one who truly cared for his well being and he had no one that he could trust. It's heart wrenching and painfully sad to learn how Michael suffered all through his life . He is God's own child and his talent was a pure gift from God. he was incredibly handsome and it's sad that he didn't believe that and transformed his face to something beyond unrecognisable . I love his music and I am huge fan of his work . This book gave a glimpse of the Jackson 5 brothers life and the hardships they endured . I cried when I read the last two chapters and the last days of his life ripped my heart . Wish he looked after himself and had the right people around him . Still can't get over the fact that he is no more ... but his music lives on ...
What a wonderful account of a brother through a brother's eyes!! There is something dynamic about a brother's love and caring and I could feel the torture Jermaine felt at opting out of the group which was the catalyst for Michael to go off on his own. Without this the world may not have known the gifts that Michael had to offer. We got to see the Jackson magic and how they represent to us how we can realize our dreams if we dare to go after them. I appreciate the insight into the blood, sweat and tears necessary to be the best. It's not for the weak of heart.
There seems to be a lot of books written about Michael but none is quite as up close and personal as this one. I laughed especially at the "creamy legs" part and cried at the anguish Jermaine felt when Michael died. I felt he really wanted to be there for Mike. One thing I know for sure is that we all have to leave our body sooner or later. I'm contented to know that Mike got to realize most of his dreams and be a "Daddy" even though it was cut short. He went out with a bang and will be remembered for a long time.
Thanks for letting me get a closeup of a dynamic and wonderful family who are human beings struggling to make it and struggle with the aftermath of success and money and fame. You showed us it is not easy but it is important to stick together for family is family.
I have a natural curiosity about people and with the sad 5th anniversary of Michael's passing, I was interested to read a book that told the truth. There were dozens of books to choose from, so I decided who better to write a book about Michael Jackson than his very own brother, who lived those years with him. It was a delightful choice. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I am sad that the world lost such a once in a lifetime entertainer, and that he had so many things that tortured him while on this earth. However, it appeared to me that he was most happiest, of course, when doing what he does best, creating and entertaining, but also, from watching videos, he was clearly happy when married to Lisa Marie Presley, and I have no doubt, he took great delight in his children. So I comfort myself with the fact that, in his final years, he had his children to fulfill his life.
Germaine's writing of this book; Honestly, I have never read such an eloquently and poignantly written book. My take is that he tells nothing but and all of the truth. He lovingly tells of the details of every stage of their lives, yet, with Michael's point of view at the forefront; growing up and performing from a young age, becoming musical sensations, then Michael's going off on his own to become the biggest entertainer & artist of all time, the horror of the child molestation accusations, yet without the sensationalized or lurid details, then Michael's abandoning of Neverland and the U.S., his imposed isolation, then, sadly, the details of what happened at the end to cause his death. The scenes he paints are well written, you feel as if you lived it with them. I have to admit that I was never a fan of MJ's music due to all the crotch grabbing, but that was simply his stage persona and part of his performance. But the man was truly the greatest entertainer ever. I am re-listening to and enjoying some of his music all over again though. If you wish to read the REAL story about Michael Jackson, then this is the book for you. And if you wish a first hand account of what his life was like with his children, and another truthful book, read the book by Bill Whitfield & Javon Beard, "Remembering the Time: Protecting Michael Jackson in His Final Days". I believe these two books together give the entire life story of Michael. My only confusion was the isolation Michael kept from his family. That was something that Germaine never really explained, other than, the "gatekeepers" of people around MJ kept them from him. They wouldn't even relay phone messages. At times, I believe it was mostly to keep the family from influencing the managers and money people around him in order to make sure their money kept flowing. But it doesn't explain why Michael stopped keeping in touch with his family himself. Kind of puzzling. Only other explanation was, again, the self imposed isolation he put on himself. The bottom line; Michael Jackson was a sensitive, kind & compassionate man who was simply a child at heart. I think that if given the chance, he would have never grown up, but the money machine around him destroyed him. I absolutely do not believe he ever hurt a child and the second go round of accusations certainly had an interesting twist of a reason for why that happened. You'll have to read the book to find out what that was! I blame the media for blowing things all out of proportion and people for believing the lies. Some day, someone is going to have to make the media responsible for ruining people's lives. I'm very glad I read these books and in my own mind, understand a little bit of what a wonderful man Michael Jackson was. Thanks, Germaine, for giving us an inside look into your lives and for setting out the truth for all to see. God bless!
Its a very good book. He played and stayed on their childhood, which I appreciate. I resisted purchasing even though Im a huge MJ fan. I felt he probably had nothing to offer in terms of honesty, or anything thats not already been written. I'm in the early chapters, but its clear to me, Jermain was not a solo writer in this work. Writing style can make or break even the best and the juciest of information. The writing style is rather nice, with anecdotes, and analogies that are poignant and thoughtful. Clearly he had a ghost writer, or Schuster provided a tag team for this book. With the profound exception of Michael, the Jackson Brother's, have never been known to be great speakers nor for their intelligence. Nonetheless, thus far its a decent read.

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