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by Karen Kingsbury

Download Where Yesterday Lives fb2, epub

ISBN: 1576732851
Author: Karen Kingsbury
Language: English
Publisher: Multnomah (June 30, 1998)
Pages: 416
Category: Literature & Fiction
Subcategory: Bibles
Rating: 4.8
Votes: 146
Size Fb2: 1429 kb
Size ePub: 1301 kb
Size Djvu: 1117 kb
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At thirty-one, Ellen Barrett has already won a Pulitzer prize. Sadly, though, her skill as a journalist far surpasses her ability to sort out her troubled past, so she's less than eager to return to picturesque Petoskey, Michigan, for her beloved father's funeral. When she most needs comfort, her husband is distant and her siblings antagonistic -- and the solace an old sweetheart offers is almost too much to resist. In the end, going home to the shores of Little Traverse Bay is an emotional and spiritual journey for Ellen -- a rediscovery of what is truly important and eternal in her life.


I have read a number of Karen Kingsbury’s books and liked them, but this one I nearly stopped reading several times.... but I had to see how she pulled things together. 5 siblings came back together for the funeral of their father who died suddenly. Others outside the family thought their family was close and that their Father was wonderful. But the week they are back together the sibling relationships are downright vitriolic. Scathing comments to each other over and over! At the end things suddenly fall together and they understand the pain each has faced and why they have blamed each other for it. Really quite unbelievable.
This is another great book written by Karen Kingman. The story keeps you reading and guessing how Jade will cope with trials in her life. The 2nd book of the series continues with the same characters. Karen is a wonderful Christian author. I would recommend this series for anyone who enjoys Christian books. Karen makes the characters real and it is difficult to stop reading when you begin the book.
When you read this book, be sure to have a box of tissues handy! At first was some what disappointed in the story, because of all the family conflict. It helped me to understand that all siblings do not agree with each other all the time. This is really necessary in the story. I really enjoyed the book and characters because I have five children too.
This book was awesome. So many families go through death & family discord. I was happy Ellen held on to her faith & did not cheat on her husband. I loved the ending when Jane & Ellen resolved their issues & showed their love for each other. I felt very connected to this story because I had a similar experience when my mother died. There were so many similar moments in the book that I thought I felt exactly the same way as Jane & Ellen. People should say their "I Love You" now instead of waiting like Aaron did with his father. Karen Kingsbury did it again with this book, all of her books bring me to tears in an eye opening way.
When we leave our family home we all change. All of this family had made changes, some good and some not so good.

A great story which at times brought me up short thinking of my own relationships with my siblings. I enjoyed the interaction
as it played out and it just underscored the fact that you can't really go home again. I loved how each of the characters were
portrayed and how they resolved the issues they had. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone enjoying a feel good
story. Don't forget to keep the tissues handy.
At first this book drew my attention because of the location. Petoskey, MI is a beautiful place. But Kingsbury quickly drew me in with the storyline of losing a parent. We all have childhood memories, both good and bad. We all were born into a family timeline of which we had no control. Are you the oldest sibling, the middle child or the youngest? You will relate to something in this book. I did!
This book is highly recommended for a delightful read by Kingsbury, but also, it may help you remember and even, rethink, your childhood.
I'm a loyal Kingsbury fan. In this one, however, the main character, Ellen, made me a little tired. In fact I wanted to pinch her head off a couple of times! (lol) Because I've read so many of her books, I knew everybody was going to do the right thing in the last chapter or two, so I kept on till I finished. I was rewarded in spite of my impatience! I would recommend it, especially to her fans.
I think this was a great read. It shows the struggles of what could be a real family going through a difficult time and how their lack of communication thru the years caused unnecessary conflict in their lives. I felt sad for what they were going through. It really makes you think... We all need to remember that by definition, your family is the group of people that are the closest to you and the one that make difficult time easier manage. How great would it be if we all put down our electronic msg devices and pick up a phone or take a drive and knock on the door of a family member or friend. Face to face or voice to voice can really keep relationships open. Loosing a loved one like this family did, is such a difficult thing to go through. A little bit of every day open communucation with family can really help reduce stress in our lives especially during difficult times.

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