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by Peter Lamborn Wilson,Ian Folke Svenonius,Glen E. Friedman

Download Recognize fb2, epub

ISBN: 0964191660
Author: Peter Lamborn Wilson,Ian Folke Svenonius,Glen E. Friedman
Language: English
Publisher: Burning Flags Press (September 28, 2005)
Pages: 56
Category: Photography & Video
Subcategory: Art
Rating: 4.1
Votes: 744
Size Fb2: 1104 kb
Size ePub: 1231 kb
Size Djvu: 1714 kb
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Follow Glen E. Friedman and explore their bibliography fromĀ . Peters, and Stacy Peralta, among others. by Glen E. Friedman, Peter Lamborn Wilson, Ian Folke Svenonius.

com's Glen E. Friedman Author Page. Many of his photographs are recognized as the subjects' definitive portraits. His graphic documents of the movement in culture reveal the science of defiance upon which all are based.

Peter Lamborn Wilson. Any more audio? I'd really like to hear some more. If there are more recordings of Peter Lamborn Wilson, I'd definitely like to hear them.

Personal Name: Wilson, Peter Lamborn. Personal Name: Svenonius, Ian Folke. Rubrics: Photography, Artistic. ISBN: 0813534534 (hardcover) ISBN: 0813534542 (pb.

Peter Lamborn Wilson (Hakim Bey; born 1945) is an American anarchist author, primarily known for his concept of temporary autonomous zones. He is a controversial figure in anarchist circles due to his pedophilia advocacy. While undertaking a classics major at Columbia University, Wilson met Warren Tartaglia, then introducing Islam to students as the leader of a group called the Noble Moors.

A Peter Lamborn Wilson and Lawrence Ferlinghetti reading with Wilson discussing Harry Smith in a talk he calls, "Praying in darkness. A Peter Lamborn Wilson lecture on utopian communities in America, including a 17th century community of mystics founded by Johannes Kelpius and known as The Society of the Woman in the Wilderness.

Glen E. Friedman (born 1962) is an American photographer and artist. Books with significant Friedman contributions (partial listing). Friedman's photographic work has been seen in International publications for more than thirty years, on record covers for over twenty five years, and has been exhibited in art galleries and museums worldwide for over ten years.

Peter Lamborn Wilson (pseudonym Hakim Bey; born 1945) is an American anarchist author, primarily known for advocating the concept of Temporary Autonomous Zones. To say that art is commodified is to say that a mediation, or standing-in-between, has occurred, & that this betweenness amounts to a split, & that this split amounts to "alienation".

Ian F Svenonius (born June 1, 1968) is an American musician and singer of various Washington, . Svenonius wrote an afterword for Glen E. Friedman's 2005 photography book Recognize

Ian F Svenonius (born June 1, 1968) is an American musician and singer of various Washington, . based bands including Nation of Ulysses, The Make-Up, Weird War, XYZ, Escape-ism, and Chain and The Gang. Between his numerous projects, Svenonius has released more than 19 full-length albums and more. Friedman's 2005 photography book Recognize. ISBN 641916-6-0), as well as the introduction to Friedman's 2007 book Keep Your Eyes Open.

This incredible book is the first of all of Glen E. Friedman's books to not use anything from his past archives of infamous iconic images. It is based solely upon his most recent artistic studies and ambition. This new book, RECOGNIZE has far reaching implications on the world of modern art.As quoted from the books preface and afterward:"Glen E. Friedman's mission with RECOGNIZE is no less than 're-aligning the aesthetic' or demolishing and then re-making the rules by which we view and understand art... The re-introduction of sight into art-making and art-seeing, away from purely conceptual in-jokes and toward formal problems of light, composition and beauty. Just as Renaissance artists re-introduced the classical world's honesty and discipline to art-making, Friedman restores picture-taking to its primary and vital function: composition of the natural world, combined with a sense of wonder at the magnificence of what is all around us."- Ian Folke Svenonius, 2005"With access to a decent shelf of art books one could easily align Glen E. Friedman's work with a golden chain of initiatic transmission in Western art. This sublime aesthetic incorporates, say, Correggio at one end and Turner at the other; perhaps also in a sense the late Monet of the lily ponds...These photos are more pleasurable than one might expect because they are secretly more painful. They hide an aesthetic shock behind what first appears to be more picturesque nebulosity. They sneak up on you, gradually becoming more and more sexual, more uncomfortable. It's customary nowadays to claim we "distrust beauty" because it has betrayed us. In fact the reverse is true: our culture betrays beauty and then blames it for its lack of depth. On this edge Glen's work is dancing - hence its vertiginousness, its touch of vertigo. Real beauty is always serious."- Peter Lamborn Wilson, 2005


I bought this book not as a Glen Friedman fan, but as a confirmed cloudlover; the idea of a large format book dedicated entirely to cloud photography held irresistible appeal, and helped me overcome my initial reluctance given the prohobitive pricetag of this slim volume. The pretentious, arty blurbs mean little to me (apart from making me smile) - in the end this book essentially delivers what I hoped for, large photos of clouds, mostly taken from airplane windows. Quietly thumbing through this book is a peculiar, peaceful experience (much as gazing out of an airplane window can be). Yet I find little in any of the photographs that sets them apart; I would go as far as to say that I shot cloud images myself that, with a little compositional cropping, would not look incongruous in this collection. It is, I suppose, impossible to make something truly personal out of a subject so objective and ubiquitous, which is why the highflying artistic pretentions of 'Recognize' could not but fall flat. That leaves the images themselves, and ultimately I find rather a lot of them somewhat disappointing. For one, I missed the detail other reviewers have commented on; most of the images are coarse-grained, some looking almost like watercolors. Unlike the cover image, half of the photographs are almost abstract, mere grainy washes of color. Then, the quality of the prints is occasionally less than optimal: on this large scale images invite close scrutiny, and the printing blemishes that appear in several of them, how ever small, stand out like sore thumbs. Furthermore, it was particularly galling to find two pages stuck together, and both damaged after I peeled them apart, even though the book came straight from its shrink-wrap. All in all, a mixed bag. This may be of interest for those dedicated to Friedman, but cloudlovers might want to consider John Day's 'Book of Clouds', which at a quarter of the price gives you many more cloud photographs than Friedman, without the artistic pretensions (and on a smaller scale), but often equally compelling (if, unfortunately, as often equally grainy too).
When I ordered this book, I thought I was ordering a book like Glen Friedman's other books... About bands, skaters, etc. I did not expect the book to be pictures of clouds. Don't get me wrong, these are amazing pictures. But it's a whole book on clouds. Not what I was expecting... And before buying it, I even tried to look on the Internet to see what the contents of this book were. But I only found descriptions of the photographer and his 'usual' subjects. If you like clouds (like the picture on the cover) then this book will look great on your coffee table.
I bought this book based on the reviews, flipped through it once, and though I thought the pictures were good, I didn't at first find them particularly remarkable.

But in the weeks following my purchase of the book, I've changed. I've gone from adding up numbers on license plates while driving to leaning out the window, gawking at clouds. I carry a digital camera with me now. Sometimes I just stand in the driveway capturing shot after shot of the light moving through the clouds. I watch the weather forecast for "Partly Cloudy" days. I surf the 'Net looking for cloud-watching sites.

Before I got this book, I didn't really notice clouds. I've never had a photography book affect me the way this one did.
I was led to this book via a review from another cloud book. I was expecting a book with beautiful images of clouds, but was disappointed. Most of the images are grainy. Was going to give as a gift, but I am returning.
Powerful, peaceful and miraculous and yet so god-darned every day simple as to portray a universal beauty in this world. Recognize chalks up to be way more than somebody's banal pictures of clouds. When I heard that sub-culture photographer and F--- You Hero Glen E. Friedman was self-publishing another book I got the itch real bad to see it, but when I heard it was clouds I had to wonder...really? For such an off-topic subject, Friedman really touches something here - spending five years seeing through the camera, out the window of every single flight he boarded - he produced a gorgeously slick monograph. The otherworldly atmospheric spaces are filled with Renaissance perspective but nothing at all to ground you. Made with a Pentax K1000, not some large format crap, these pictures are all at once swirly, rich, dense, soft, sexy and disappearing in an ether in front of you - Joseph Turner, Ansel Adams and Alfred Stieglitz would get in a jealous fight if they saw the symbiotic spreads in this book. There is a great and tumultuous calm reflected in these pages which you may recognize within the features of this earth and within your own being at once. Take me away.

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