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Download Photoshop CS5 Digital Classroom, (Book and Video Training) fb2, epub

by Jennifer Smith

Download Photoshop CS5 Digital Classroom, (Book and Video Training) fb2, epub

ISBN: 0470607777
Author: Jennifer Smith
Language: English
Publisher: Wiley; 1 edition (May 24, 2010)
Pages: 416
Category: Photography & Video
Subcategory: Art
Rating: 4.1
Votes: 615
Size Fb2: 1468 kb
Size ePub: 1137 kb
Size Djvu: 1871 kb
Other formats: mbr azw docx lrf

Photoshop CS5 is included with the Creative Suite 5.5 bundle. This book covers the version of Photoshop that ships with both Creative Suite 5 and Creative Suite 5.5. Photoshop is the world’s most popular image-editing software, with more than four million users worldwide. This full-color book with video tutorials works together to create an entire Photoshop training which photographers, Web designers, and graphic designers can complete at their own pace. Fourteen lessons cover the features and capabilities of the newest version of Photoshop while teaching all the essential skills. Photoshop is the image-editing software preferred by professional photographers and designers around the world; the latest version includes new functionality and enhanced tools


I really like this book and accompanying disk they are very informative and if you wish to learn ps cs5 this and the book Adobe Photoshop CS5 Classroom in a Book is the way to do it. they are the 2 best books in my opinion. I knew nothing about photoshop at all. After reading and doing some of the exercises in these two book I can now retouch a photo basic in under 5 mins advanced in around 15 mins. If you are trying to learn the ps cs5 these 2 books are the way to go.
This was my first Photoshop book and I sure am glad I went through this book first! I worked through each of the videos, working along in Photoshop. I highly recommend this book to work through some of the basic concepts in Photoshop. I also purchased one of the Scott Kelby books for Photoshop and love it too...well, I also got the Martin Evening book, and it is a great reference book - extremely details, but not a beginner type book.
Always an avid graphic design fan, I took it upon myself to venture into the realm of graphic design recently and began taking coursework in the field of PhotoShop and other image manipulation software applications. Having used PhotoShop CS3 prior to enrolling in class, I figured it wouldn't be difficult to transition into PhotoShop CS5. To an extent, I was indeed correct, having prior understanding of the basics behind CS3 was a good backbone for the course, but thanks to the "PhotoShop CS5 Digital Classroom" I was able to not only transition to the new version, but also pick up a few things as I went along. The class requested students to purchase this textbook for course content, and I was surprised as to what I learned.

The book is very easy to follow along with. Step by step instructions help assist newcomers and veterans alike locate the various necessary tools and features quickly with relative ease. The step by step details instruct users how to come to the same end result as the author of the book, all while providing in depth directions and knowledge behind the lessons within each section. Each step that occurs within a given lesson not only provides screenshots of what the image should look like, but it also tends to capture the specific settings needed for various tools that will be used. For example, if a lesson asks the user to use the eraser tool, the book will show the reader what settings to apply to the eraser tool to make their image look like the one within the book. This level of explanation goes a long way in teaching newcomers the ropes of PhotoShop in a user friendly manner that takes the guess work out of figuring out the necessary settings to apply to the images used within the book.

By utilizing the included disc, it is possible to follow along with the lessons quite easily. The author also includes a copy of the final result on disc, in order to help users understand where they may have made a mistake along the way. Comparing the final result with that of their own work allows readers/students of the book to identify flaws within their image, without the excess frustration of guessing what went wrong, something that some books tend to do. The book begins with simple topics, such as layers, and moves to more advanced subject matters along the way, such as spot healing and touch-ups.

So, whether one is a student looking for a good book to learn PhotoShop CS5 from, or a user with previous experience, the "Digital Classroom" is a great book to help guide you along the way. The images and details within the instructions makes sure that even the first time users of PhotoShop don't get lost or confused along the way. If you have prior knowledge and experience with previous iterations of PhotoShop, the "Digital Classroom" is a great way to learn the newer release of the software application. The transition from older software versions to more recent and updated releases can sometimes be daunting for some users. Even if you understand earlier released iterations of the software, newer released tend to add features and reorganize the interface in ways that may be difficult to adjust to, but with the "Digital Classroom" by your side, the transition would be smooth as silk. An overall excellent book that taught me a lot of new skills.
This is a good intro to the basics of Photoshop CS5. The only problem I have with the product is that it si geared more towards a PC environment than a Mac one. The commands are similar, but it takes a bit more time to find the commands in the Mac envirionment since the "instructor" uses the PC
I am a true beginner with Photoshop and don't feel this book really defines functions like I would like to see. It is OK as it does go through some functions but there aren't explanations about some of the things you are asked to do and I like to understand what happens when I select certain buttons. This way I feel I can really grasp the understanding of how each funtion/process works. I will be looking for another Photoshop book that addresses these things in more clarity and detail.
I need step-by-step instructions and this certainly does that! I have not gotten very far into the book but so far I am extremely pleased with the way the instructions are laid out. The video is also a very important adjunct. The authors of this book/video certainly understand how to teach. I highly recommend this to beginners who may be totally intimidated by Photoshop. If I can get it, anyone can!
I have been lucky enough to be able to buy the Education versions of Adobe Software Suites. I've had CS3 and now CS5. I know wonderful things can be accomplished with this software, but I have always just gotten frustrated and stopped most of my projects or taken them to the easier to handle free software available on the internet. I've only gone over chapters 2, 3 and 4, but I no longer feel like a chipmunk trying to fly a 747 when I open Photoshop. The chapters are easy to understand and even a non-artist like me can work with the projects and make them look good. I'm so excited that I will finally be able to use this software! The only thing that I would have liked added was a pop-out listing of the keyboard shortcuts. That would have made it perfect.
The videos help me to understand photoshop a lot better than reading a book.
They are clear and easy to follow. Having the DVD allows me to use them for reference while I'm working on a project.

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