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by Sally Mann

Download What Remains fb2, epub

ISBN: 0821228439
Author: Sally Mann
Language: English
Publisher: Bulfinch; 1st edition (September 23, 2003)
Pages: 132
Category: Photography & Video
Subcategory: Art
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 311
Size Fb2: 1284 kb
Size ePub: 1255 kb
Size Djvu: 1321 kb
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Sally Mann (born in Lexington, Virginia, 1951) is one of America’s most renowned photographers.

Sally Mann (born in Lexington, Virginia, 1951) is one of America’s most renowned photographers. She has received numerous awards, including NEA, NEH, and Guggenheim Foundation grants, and her work is held by major institutions internationally. Her many books include At Twelve (1988), Immediate Family (1992), Still Time (1994), What Remains (2003), Deep South (2005), Proud Flesh (2009), The Flesh and the Spirit (2010), Remembered Light (2016) and Sally Mann: A Thousand Crossings (2018). In 2001 Mann was named America’s Best Photographer by Time magazine.

By PhotoCULT · Updated about 5 years ago. Альбом What Remains американской художницы Салли Манн вышел в 2003 году. Смелая серия работ стала новым этапом прощупывания смыслов с помощью фотографии: автор решила показать разные грани окружающего нас мира. Таинственные пейзажи, крупные планы детских лиц, полуразложившиеся трупы. Смерть могущественна, и лучше всего ее воспринимать как точку, с которой можно увидеть жизнь более полно. Вот почему мой проект заканчивается снимками живых людей, моих собственных детей, – говорит Салли Манн о своем проекте.

Photographer Sally Mann's book Hold Still is one of the great portraits of the American South. Reading the book generates the same feeling of hearing her speak, especially in the documentary "What remains", we recognize the lucid artist, who selects with wisdom and quickly discards. Written in her pitch perfect prose style, it is a textbook of illumination and desire for anyone who hears the siren call of art beckoning to them. It's southern to the bone, hell on wheels. But what the book can show us, and which largely escapes orality, is the critical ability that Sally has, culturally critical, and the clarity of concepts.

What Remains: The Life and Work of Sally Mann is a 2005 film directed and produced by Steven Cantor, which documents the photography and story of photographer Sally Mann at her Virginia farm home. The film documents the photographer's progression from a child to a mother, and the struggles Mann faces through her public and private life. Blood Ties: The Life and Work of Sally Mann.

In WHAT REMAINS, director Steven Cantor follows the creation of Mann's same-named series - on the myriad . As one of the world's preeminent photographers, Sally Mann creates artwork that challenges viewers' values and moral attitudes

In WHAT REMAINS, director Steven Cantor follows the creation of Mann's same-named series - on the myriad aspects of death and decay. Never one to compromise, Mann reflects on her own personal feelings toward mortality as she continues to examine the boundaries of contemporary photography. As one of the world's preeminent photographers, Sally Mann creates artwork that challenges viewers' values and moral attitudes. Described by Time magazine as "America's greatest photographer," she first came to international prominence in 1992 with Immediate Family, a series of complex and enigmatic pictures of her own children.

Sally Mann approached this book very differently from all the others. She openly noted that she wasn’t going to be blind sighted to these de. La série What Remains photographiant les morts. What Remains : The Life and Work of Sally Mann. fans of sally mann: Photo

Sally Mann approached this book very differently from all the others. fans of sally mann: Photo. This tumblr is dedicated to the photographer Sally Mann. Time Magazine named her America's Best Photographer in 2001, writing: "Mann recorded a combination of spontaneous and carefully arranged moments of childhood repose and s ive play.

I am a big fan of Sally Mann, but not of this book. I love reading and looking at death.

Sally Mann - Self Portrait For a portion of her What Remains book, Sally Mann ventured out to a Body Farm in which . Sally Mann photographs the U of Tenn. Sally Mann megrázó képei a Tennessee Egyetem tetemkertjéből.

Sally Mann - Self Portrait For a portion of her What Remains book, Sally Mann ventured out to a Body Farm in which dead bodies are left ou. Forensic Photography History Of Photography Film Photography Sally Mann Photography Body Farm Annie Leibovitz Jessie Larry All My Friends Are Dead. A few of the photos of dead bodies taken by Sally Mann (famous photographer).

Будучи одним из выдающихся мировых фотографов, Салли Манн создает произведения искусства, бросающие вызов зрительским ценностям и мироощущениям. Охарактеризованная журналом Тайм как "Величайший фотограф Америки", она впервые получила международную известность в 1992 со сложной и покрытой тайной серией фоторабот Immediate Family, изображающей троих ее детей.

Internationally acclaimed photographer Sally Mann offers a five-part meditation on mortality.


I don't even remember how I discovered this book, but I somehow came to have it in my possession. How did I recieve it again? How would one even give this book? It would surely be a strange, if not macabre gift...perhaps only for a devoted Sally Mann fan or during an explorative photographic mission...or as a lovely token from you local village shaman...It's journey to me is unknown, but its presence with me is very much memorable. I remember passing it around to my close relatives, letting them hold it and make painful contortions with their mouths, and I remember the infrequent stumble-upon-moment of browsing at my bookshelf that I would become totally entranced within it, eyes wide, eyes like a giant liquid bubble...what is the healthy way to own this book? It is much too disturbing upon a coffee table (unless that is you are trying to trigger your guests into producing a spasmic array of disgust, pitty, gloom, anger, and haunting whistfulness?) This book mines the human unconscience; it is a sacred text of wordless images; tuck it deep within your library; cherish it privately.
This is the first time I was actually disappointed by the results of an Artist's works.
I had high hopes from all the hype about Mann's work with dead things. I got the book and was saddened by the overall blah of the images. I feel that some of the prints were too dark to allow for any detail analysis or comprehension. The best aspect of this book was the section at the end with the faces of people and the random absence of expressions and facial features. The value of the book is overrated and for the amount I paid I am not too happy with the product.
Being a photographer myself it is a must to study Sally Mann's work. No doubt, here reputation is not coincident and definitely not only because she took a couple of photos of children without cloth. Her photos tell stories and portrait those children in a very strong and real way.

I was very impressed with her work and it still inspires me today.

I was very happy when this book arrived at my door and couldn't wait to open it. The photos of the decaying bodies is clearly not every's taste, but captured on in an extremely impressive and strong way. She treated her negatives is a way that matches the rotten look of the bodies. She carefully chose a style that gives you just enough distance to still feel comfortable but at the same time getting close enough to recognize what we see.

I had to look through these photos a couple of times to adjust myself to it and become open to what I saw. Looking at human being this way is something we have damned from our everyday life. It is not something I would put on my wall, but it is an experience I don't want to miss either.

The big disappointment comes after those photos. The other 2/3 of the book shows photos that are hardly worth the paper they are printed on. I consider myself open to a wide range of artisitc expression but not the lack of it. What we see on the following pages is like the title suggests the remains of Sally Mann's drawers where she probably found decade old films that she forgot to process. As much as I tried to like it and find something "talking" to me I simply ended up flipping through the pages more and more quickly hoping to get to the next chapter. But it never came.

No I don't think it is a waste of money, and yes I still like Sally Mann's work. I just don't have to like this book (except for the first part).

If you like her previous work, her style and extremely impressive and artistic portraits you might be very disappointed with this book as it is not remotely similar to what you might expect.
The book looks like it is brand new
I read this / looked at it after watching the documentary by the same name. The documentary tells about Mann's past and leading up to creating the body of work that was a part of her show "What Remains". In the documentary there is important backstory about the idea to explore death and once one series began how the next series evolved. To read the book after was great as I got to see the images that were in this show up close since not every one was shown in the documentary. However if you look at this book without knowing anything about the show and the meanings behind it, it may not make much sense. There was a lot of thought and processing about death, what it means to die, does the body still contain the soul afterwards, what affect does the land have upon it if a human dies on that spot, and how nature reclaims dead bodies. I advise to first watch the documentary then savor the book afterwards so you can know the intention and questions behind these images. The book is large and printed on high quality paper and is appropriate for her large format photographs. Rating 5 stars = Love It.
WHAT REMAINS is an apt title to this extraordinary photographic portfolio by the sensitive, ever inquisitive, gentle spirit of Sally Mann. Though often criticized for her 'audacity' of material she elects to photograph, Mann is never less than creative and challenging.

This well designed book is divided into sections that explore life and especially death in its many guises - accidental, violent, natural - and the remains of the deed, matter with which we the living must deal. There is the death of a family greyhound shown with grief and simplicity, the violent death of a criminal killed on Mann's property and the gore of that event and aftermath, a series of views of dead bodies in a morgue, and dark landscape survey of Antietam (a battlefield fro the Civil War) that is haunting and all too reminiscent of ongoing battlefields we still create, and finally some views of her own children's faces.

The camera techniques include ambrotypes and modes of developing that are both difficult and rewarding. One is left with the impact of the fine line between life and death and that vacuum that exists when one becomes the other. Some may find this particular portfolio difficult to see, but perhaps those people will gain the most from Sally Mann's meditations on life and death. Grady Harp, January 2004

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